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Week 45 With Big Faith

Updated on August 19, 2013

Weekly meditations

August 19, 2013

Week 45

With Big Faith

All those gathered here will know that it is not

by sword or spear that the Lord saves;

for the battle is the Lord’s, and

he will give all of you into our hands.

- 1 Samuel 17: 47

When I was still a kid at the point of being new to the world around me, we used to go to our uncle’s house for a visit. At the age of more or less four, we used to spend some time having fun in their place. I think me and my sister as well as my brothers have explored every corner of their home. The little bit places we used to go have come to be a part of our childhood. It was located in top of a small hill and the neighborhood were little. There were not so much people in the place as it resembles a part of being a rural area. There were other houses in the place that one would be impress of the sight. I had to admit that they picked a nice place to find some peace. The view was astonishing looking far on the horizon.

It was a nice piece of my early years to remember as there were no cellphones those times. There were no sims that one would have to buy in a nearby store and not so much with the big network towers can be seen around those days. With this scene in place, one can only imagine how we have felt when one time, we went as a family only to find them not at home. We couldn’t get in. The house was closed. Not a single person can be seen. So much for our cousins’ toys we anticipated to play with just like every time we came for a visit! With no communication, we decided to go back. Our trip didn’t turned out the way we want it to be. We couldn’t wait for them for the sky was turning black. The night was approaching and although it would have been nice to feel the breeze sweeping through the grass staying in the place, we went home. Aside from the warm welcome we received from them every time we have some bonding time as relatives, there was also one thing that I came to appreciate in those days.

There were books I have became fond of reading. There were many and it never came to my mind counting them as we were always preoccupied with what toy to play with. They had a box of it and I wonder where they may be now. Those books I have read being fascinated with the pictures and how delightful they were made were stories from the bible. It was like a collection. A series of kid friendly materials full of insights for one’s daily walk with the Lord were in front of me. Stories like Noah’s Ark, Daniel and the Lions, Jesus feeds the five thousand, The Passover of how the Israelites escape Egypt, Parables like the vine, The Lives of the Prophets and Daniel and the Lions were just some of what you can see inside of them. As a kid, I had come to familiarized each of them and certainly, one that was a delight to read was the story of David and Goliath. How David stood up against the giant was something such of a noteworthy.

The story goes something like this. David is the son of Jesse and among his brothers, he is the youngest. He has the task of tending the sheep. He was a shepherd on his early childhood. On those days, there came upon a battle that springs up with the Israelites and the Philistines. They camped facing each other and not so much of a distance away. Now, there was a Philistine who were a giant in their camps. His name was Goliath. He was a boastful fellow and on a certain day, seeing the Israelites not so far, he shouted in t them commanding them to bring forth a man he can face in battle. If he were to lose, the Philistines would submit to the Israelites, but if he wins, they shall do likewise. With this kind of act, the Israelites were terrified. The giant continued with his boasting doing it every morning and evening for forty days and forty nights. Then, David came to the camp in order of his father to check how his brothers were doing as they have enlisted for the army. When he heard of how Goliath has been cursing the army of Israel, he wasn’t going to let the Philistine go on with this way of his.

With a big faith, he faced him in battle. He wasn’t counting on size although he saw that Goliath was a giant. He was counting on the Lord. Although by traditional standard, one would be concerned with a boy who was then David up against Goliath. It was his trust in the Lord that enabled him to do it. He said, “All those gathered here will know that it is not by sword or spear that the Lord saves; for the battle is the Lord’s, and he will give all of you into our hands.” Every step of the way, the Lord was with David. He didn't let him faced Goliath alone. The Israelites won and drove the Philistines away. David had some help from above.

Those early days reading those bible stories were an important part of my early years. I was fortunate to have been inclined with such bible lessons. Although not may have had such experience, It is in the Lord’s desire that his children were to come and have faith in him. Have you got giants in your life right now? Be like David who count on the Lord and not on what he sees.


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