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Week 47 Sharpening the Axe

Updated on September 2, 2013

Weekly meditations

September 3, 2013

Week 47

Sharpening the Axe

If the ax is dull and its edge unsharpened,

more strength is needed, but skill will bring success.

- Ecclesiastes 10:10

An old tale tells about two axemen who were renowned for their skill of cutting trees. They were famous for their work as they were much better than others upon their land. The quality of their outputs by which they present themselves upon the people who required their services were so much pleasing as they were obviously the common choice. Although one have sprung up first in the field of work than the other, still they were unmatched. They have built upon reputations among themselves that would be considered whenever they were to be mentioned. It was a story of past age but one which can be noted real earnestly. Such is an example which can be sought appreciatively for the lesson it brings upon.

As the story goes, the first axeman was the first to be looked upon considerably. He was a strong person with the characteristics of a real worker. His body was tough and he fit the description of what an employer would look upon to get the job done. He would do his work fast and with efficiency. His strength provided him the endurance to go upon his day feeling great seeing the trees he have cut down. He does his work well that he no longer need to seek out people who would require his service for they would so much come to him. It was not long before he have built upon a name for himself in something he does best.

Now, there came upon another axeman who was also skilled in such filed of work. He was not so much far behind in comparison. Although the first had more fame than he does, he was slowly catching up to his state. He was not as much of a big person compared to the first. He doesn’t have the same characteristic in terms of what can be seen from the outside. Their axes may have no much difference and they may be all cutting the same kinds of trees. The first had much advantage when it comes to physical. Now, what he have upon his way of bringing trees down was his precision. He makes it a focus to chop the same spot for great results. It is by this fact that he was noticed by the people beside from the first one. Along with many was also the one who was concerned that there is also another fellow who can be compared to him. In order to settle the matter that was bothering him, he challenge the second axeman for match. It was to decide who was the best in the land. The competition was between only the two of them and in response, the second agreed.

The day came of their match up. It was this time that things between them were to be settled. The question of who was the best in the land lies upon the outcome of this event. It was to end with the one having to cut more trees than the other. The people bet to the first 20 to 1. They were witnesses of what would soon be one the way. They were to judge and count the trees. everything they do was not hidden in their sight. Now, the second axeman was a wise fellow. He knew he have no advantage when it comes to physical. The first will probably beat him in lifting things up in terms of strength. He sought after a competitive edge upon himself that before the big day, he had already determined what he would do.

When the signal was given, the two of them went fast into cutting the trees. Their swings chop the bottom part of their first tree and it was soon that another would be in such state. At the end of the day, the trees they have cut would be counted so there was not a moment to lose. Every minute counts. As cheers began to try to life them all the more to go and cut another tree, the second would pause for a while. It was something people don’t usually see. While the first was on his way into cutting trees one after the other, his competitor would occasionally stop and sharpen his axe. He makes sure to be precise in doing so that it would surely get through the tree’s layers. The people was unsure of his ways that they push the first one all the more.

Soon, it was the moment of truth. People were in anticipation. They were sincerely waiting for the results. The trees were counted. The results were made clear. The first axeman could harldly cut another while the second has still the stamina to do so. Both were drained in energy but the second has some more to give and they were feeling great upon themselves standing by the pile of logs each have made into such. There were a big awe when the announcement was made and the second fellow won. He have cut more trees.

In the same way, Christian work that is handed upon to us as believers ought to have some sharpening of the axe upon ourselves that we may be able to do them with greater results. The second fellow was wise enough to constantly sharpen his axe. He makes it part of his ways to always check its blade. He needed to be able to make it go deep in the tree to make it soon fall down. You may have in you some talents that need some sharpening and having a good church to attend to every Sunday is one way to enhance them. Apparently, each has his own characteristics when it comes to his abilities. You may be good in speaking, encouraging, leading, music or maybe singing and maybe of some which you have not yet discovered upon yourself. In doing so, have the Lord be the one to guide you; the maker of all things including the axe.


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