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Week 5 Early Trainings Make Right

Updated on November 12, 2012

Weekly Meditations

Nov. 12, 2012

Week 5

Early Trainings Make Right

“Train up a child in the way he should go

And when he is old, he will not depart from it’

-Proverbs 22:6

Throughout history we have known a lot of people we now see as inspiring people. The old days have given as these icons that many aspirants now looked up to. There a lot and they each have their own unique qualities. They have excelled in their field that to notice them was only a part of the later recognitions they would have. From different places they came. From different cultures they arise. All around the world, we see these people as worthy of our respect. The recent century have passed and along with it carried these remarkable personalities. They now are remembered through the books they made and those that tell of their stories. They have fought a good fight. On their time, they had their ups and downs. They now lie in the memories of the few that serves as witnesses to them and those which continue to live up to their example. They may be now lying nowhere to be seen but still we are caught up by the contributions they have made. We are reminded by the inventions they brought. Their innovations have given us the enjoyment we now possess today and their philosophies strengthen the state we now have today.

What’s remarkable about these people is that their stories of major successes were also stories of minor failures. It amazes one to see that behind it all lies an awe of amazement. There are two sides of the coin and the other part is most pleasant to see with regard. The discovery upon digging their personal background closely will reveal what kind of a person they truly are. They weren’t apart from any other. They had no powers or any hidden attachment in their lives that sets them a mile apart from the other. We were very much like them. Some of them even had vague conditions. They were ordinary people and what makes them people of greatness can be defined thoroughly. It was their character that brought them to a whole new level. They were molded to the person of their achievements. Looking closely, we can see that they are now what they have become because of a primary action. It binds them together to see that they all have undergone training whether it be by self or by those of the circumstances brought by life.

Anyone who have undergone a good training will eventually turn out to be a good person for the job by which he trained. He will come at the point of splendid result. Eventually, he will put into good practice the things he have been putting effort to. It pays well to have one trained first before coming to the field of action. A step backward is often necessary for two steps forward or more. The best time by which almost people see it adequate for one to be trained is in his childhood. It is said that this is the point for one to be opened up to what he would be good of. Being in a pleasant condition as this makes it easier for the child to bear with desire the lessons taught. It brings upon it better results in the coming future. It’s like investing by which comes with it interest.

The Little Seed

When we plant a seed, no matter how small it may be it will turn out to be a beautiful tree. It doesn’t just sprout out suddenly. It won’t greet you in the next day with its leaves when its only a day since you plant it. You can’t expect to see it at its fullest when only a short time has been spent. It takes time. It needs the passing of the clock for it to grow. Nature has designed it to take things not in a hurry that if it were to go through the process, it would enjoy the ride. Slowly it makes itself to the tree it meants to be. Moreover years is required to have it grown maturely. The same goes for one who trains a child in his younger years. It bears much similarity as it holds not much of a difference. He is like planting a seed by which the soil is the child. Slowly the lesson made part into the growth of the plant which would eventually be bigger. The little seed shall be a tree by which anyone may seek comfort upon its shades.

Thomas Edison's Childhood

When Thomas Edison was a young child he had his fair share of training. In fact, he had it in his home. When the young inventor was just learning the basics, his teacher had found him quite annoying. Young Thomas was unlike his classmates on kindergarten. Wishing of him to suit well with the behaviour his fellow companions was what their teacher wanted. Eventually it came to a point when the teacher made a confrontation with his mother. He pointed out that young Edison just didn’t fit in the classroom with his all-around questions and hyperactivity. This resolves Thomas’ mother to teach him in their house. The young child, seeking much with books was undergoing a training upon himself by which it became much of a hobby. He continued to read and his parents became aware of their child’s intelligence. By the age of 12, he had devoured the world dictionary of science and a number of works on practical chemistry.

Clay in the Potter's Hands

Everyone knows that a beautiful vase were once a rubble of clay. We see beautiful ornaments of these decorations on malls and sometimes stop to adore them. They come in sizes and pretty as they are we often are in thought of buying them. They come best to be filled with flowers moreover roses and the paintings on them seems to match the mood we desire. The hard fragile and sometimes costly attachments to homes were once soft, rubbery and almost has no value. Then, they turn out to be a pleasant sight. They were formed by a potter. The wheel spinned and by the master’s hand it slowly takes shape. Slowly it brings delight to anyone who sees it. Same goes to a person, when he was a child he was like the clay which is soft. The Lord is the potter and we can always trust in him. As Isaiah declared it,

“Yet, O Lord, you are our Father.

We are the clay, you are the potter;

We are all the work of your hand”

-Isaiah 64:8

When I was Young

When I was young, my mother used to take us on church every sunday. She had in mind that we should be in the church premises by the day. She would always be the one to push us on our feet. She had it set as she would have us quicken our preparations for the service. She would often scold us of being too long. There we used to sing songs and get to know the characters in the bible. We were told stories and most of which I have known before during our frequent visit on our uncle’s home. It was indeed a long time but I still have it in my memory how my childhood have paid well. It was an adequate part of my life that build me closer to the Lord.


It is for the benefit of parents to train their young ones. They will not be only doing it for their children but also for themselves. Teaching them what is right in an early age is an essential part of their learning process. It must be taken to effort. It is a responsibility by which one should take privilege with for he/she shall be a building block upon the pleasing person the child would be. The years shall prove the genuine outcome of what a little discipline now could do upon the tomorrow of their children. No one wants to be comprehended but it is often necessary no matter how it hurts. Little ones young as they are must have a good foundation and we as ahead of the years must lead the way. God bless you.


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