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Week 7 Born for Excellence

Updated on December 3, 2012

Weekly meditations

Nov. 26, 2012

Week 7

Born for Excellence

“But just as you excel in everything—in faith, in speech,

in knowledge, in complete earnestness and in your love for us—

see that you also excel in this grace of giving.”

- 2 Corinthians 8:9

Excellence is defined in the dictionary as a talent or quality which is unusually good and so surpasses ordinary standards. It is also use as a basis for performance. Through excellence, there arises people which we now look up to. We see these person as inspirations as they give us the motivations to continue. Through their examples, we make our play better. With their principles, we aspire for the better. By their ways, we improve not only for ourselves but also for those who may be around. The books held their name along with the contributions they have brought upon, history has a lot to say about them and there may still be witnesses of their acts during their former glory to whom we may ask of. Their footsteps have serve as the path by which aspiring individuals see it through. Their names are usually the ones on the frontline when their field are mentioned.

Such examples as we know today includes the late basketball player we all know. Considered as a legend, Michael Jordan continues to uplift a lot of people. He is seen as someone who have made an incredible job in raising the paradigm of the basketball world. The dedication he had for every one of his plays was undeniably great. By his presence, his companions held great confidence. He was like a catalyst. He was considered as the apple of the eye of those who come to see him play. Who doesn’t know his name as the greatest basketball player of all time? His performance have awed many enthusiasts even up to now as his plays are being reviewed. He is one of those that really live up to the game. The hall of fame held him up on honour not only the numbers on the score cards but also for his genuine personality.

Another one of which we can truly see as someone amazing has made his way on the boxing ring. It really is easy to guess who he is? A person of excellence as he truly is makes Manny Pacquiao just that. When the world of boxing is mentioned, it wouldn’t be a question who he is the one that will pop in their minds. The sports where two people go head with gloves on their hands may be considered as one of the most common event to anticipate today. It is apparently done as two people go on a one-on-one collision to see who gets the belt. Everytime the Philippine’s Pambansang Kamao have a fight, people from all over the world are on the screen. Missing a single moment of his fight was an act everyone aims not to do. Almost all have witnessed the journey of his career. We have seen how he knocked out his former opponents. His speed makes swift punches. His power is immense. From humble beginnings as a poor boy, he aroused to be one of the top billionaire athletes today.

We may not be as sharp as a shooter as Michael Jordan or as strong a fighter as Manny Pacquiao but God has in his desire that we may excel as well. He wants us to grow to be someone he will be well pleased of. To prosper adequately is what he delights in us to see. Eventually, small things come to the fulfilment of the bigger plan the Lord have for them. Long ago, you weren’t as handsome or as beautiful as you are now. As time goes by, you slowly become the person you are now and of course, everybody has to start cute. It is our DNA or our natural blueprint that we should inhabit the traits we possess now more likely with our physical being. A big tree was once a little seed. Nature can say a lot about excellence.

When we excel in the field we are in, it is easy for others to see the goodness God has upon us. When we go ahead of the race we become a reflection of the Lord’s love. It would be easy for us to be use for his purpose. Apparently, when we are seen as a person of excellence, people look on us for help whenever there be needed. They can easily count on us. You’ll be the one recommended for the job on related matters. Aline with one to excel, is his commitment on the field of his interest. People don’t just excel in a certain matter without doing something about it. They may have the potential but it takes a lot more. They have succeeded inside of themselves that succeeding outside just followed.

As we excel, the verse tells us that we should also excel in the grace of giving. We got to think of others as well. Not just ourselves, we got to consider our companions or anyone who might welcome our aid. It wouldn’t hurt to set aside few moments for a friend. Laying some time for someone who may be troubled by a related matter could make you win more than what there are for the skills. Giving an advice has always been a favourable thing to do. You make the person aware for him to weigh out the elements thoroughly. Little acts of kindness go further in the long run. As it is said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” A person who excels receives much and from God’s blessing on him, it would be easy for others to praise the Lord for what the gifts you give them. Now wouldn’t that make you more blessed!?


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