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Week 8 My Rich Dad

Updated on December 3, 2012

Weekly meditations

Dec.3, 2012

Week 8

My Rich Dad

“And my God shall supply all your needs according

to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus”

- 2 Corinthians 8:9

Being an ordinary college student as I am, I have my fare share of struggles the realm of the university. The academe just has so much in stored for me and my companions that I wouldn’t bother to count them as they come. The learning field I am currently in brings much tasks as the days go by. Apparently with the many subjects you have, lot of requirements and activities would there be also. It gets me frustrated often. Weary hands have a lot to say when I have to pass pages of report on my professors with the time running as I go. Being in a tropical country, hot days are what you mostly expect and just a little sunshine would be fine especially when I walk my way to our college building from our boarding house. It gets boring in afternoons as I bet me and my classmates feel it so and the heat of the day makes us all sleepy. Looking outside of the lessons or lectures in the classroom are just a hinch what there are really when it comes to the way things are studied on what we call as the H building. We call it so because it’s shaped in the letter H. I am really no different from my fellow colleagues who have to do assignments to be done on time, quizzes to be passed and deadlines to be meet. We all feel the burden of the matter. And by this time, I haven’t finished my scrap book yet. Tomorrow is the passing of the art. Hopefully, I got to see it all nice and neat by tomorrow afternoon. The path I am in has a bunch of obstacles to be overcome which has with it the part where as they say “money matters”. Making both ends meet financially has never been out of the scene. It wouldn’t hurt if I wish I could be confident of tomorrow having the portion of my life for it secured. I can dream, can’t I? the coins I have in my pocket are not so much. When I look at some people with their dads all in the top of success, it gets inside me someway somehow. Wouldn’t it be nice if you have a rich dad who would be there for you to assist you especially when you were still learning the walk? Wouldn’t it delight you to see your dad wealthy as he is to take you to a nice vacation for those cool family quality times? Not all people has a dad who has the riches. When we look closely at it, we can see that we are by far no exception to those that have a rich dad that care for them.

I once read a book titled “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki and I consider it as one of the best books I have ever read. The book got me hooked. I was interested in it especially as you don’t see it like others who have a clear meaning to the title. You have to open its pages to know for sure. My sense of discovery was in the scene as the words got me reading one after the other. It gave me a new outlook especially with how the concepts were presented. As I read through its chapters, I came across the knowledge that the author now a millionaire and motivational speaker had once a rich dad who he also consider as his mentor. He was taught by his principles and applied it in the long run of his life. It was one of the key factors that made his success. The philosophies he had learned are now being shared through his books and seminars. Unlike Robert Kiyosaki, I don’t have a dad here on earth that is wealthy. I get no loathsome of allowance from a dad who owns a car or big businesses. My biological father is an average earner. He possess no car but the motorcycle he uses is a big help of transportation. He lives in no big house that I can have a room big enough for me to run around. He have to consider anything in its price tag if it would suit well for tomorrow. Though it is the case, I don’t have to see the reality of it to get me down. It wouldn’t be nice to let it get me unpleasantly. I may not have a dad who would drive his car for me to school, would be ready to give me assistance to buy what I want or give me a gift worth a great deal of credit card but I do have one dad who could do more. In fact, we all do though we find it hard to see it like it is sometimes.

On the book of Matthew, Jesus told us that we have a heavenly father who has great riches that we could hardly imagine. His wealth knows no limit. His power knows no bound. From the smallest to the biggest, things of which we could speak of are formed through him. His are the skies, the seas, the trees, the mountains, the world and what there are to it. Everything we see are the works of his greatness. Anything we can touch, hear or smell comes from him. The paper I used comes from a tree that grew by his word. It would get you weary to point out all he made.

God knows what we need even before we ask him. He is aware of it even before you pray it to him. Moments before you once presented a request to him, knowledge of it has already reached him. As you were just speaking of the matter in your prayer, he has taken it to account. He has full view of your situation. Your ways are before him. The struggles you face lay before him. We don’t need to say it all in details to him for he knows full well than we do. He is our great provider. He is more than capable to give us our needs. He who made the heavens and the earth has a lot in store for those who fully come to him. He has his eyes upon the humble that trusts in his word.

We have a rich and loving dad. He cares for us more than we see it. He wants what is good for us and even greater what’s best for you and me. He had showed his love for us countless of times though we haven’t seen or cannot see it. You are his child and a father wants to see his precious ones to be in prosperity with him. He displayed 2000 years ago of his deep concern and longing that we may be with him when he gave his son Jesus on the cross to save us from sin. As it is said in 2 Corinthians 8:9, “For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor, so that you through his poverty might become rich.”

By that act alone, we can see what a loving God we have. We have a heavenly father who is rich beyond our wildest dreams. His wealth is countless that it holds more than enough for anyone who would come to him. It’s beyond measure and we all ought to walk in his rich abiding word. And by his son Jesus, we can all live fully rich and happy saying thanks on what I would speak of him “my rich dad”.


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