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Weekly Horoscope May 5th to May 11th

Updated on May 5, 2019
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Welcome to Spirit's blog. The place where we find the beauty in the hidden, occult, mythologies of our world. Blessed be.

A Message to all signs

▪The lunar cycle for this week is a Waxing Crescent, this is a time to take action. It is time to put to work all the plans you made during the new moon cycle. This is an expanding energy, it may bring new things or people into your life.

▪On Saturday of this week the moon will become a First Quarter moon, this is a time to be ambitious. This is the time to push forward, and set plans in motion. The First Quarter is a quick paced energy, that allows for speeding up of projects.

▪As always do not forget to read your Sun, Moon and Ascendant (Rising) sign. This gives the best results to your horoscope.


▪This week with Venus and Mercury in your sector of self,you may find that you see the beauty in yourself. You may speak a bit kinder as well.

▪You may find a healthy change in your house of money or values. It may cause you to feel overly emotional about it, but this will pass due to the transit speed of the moon.

▪Mars in your communication sector, may cause you to speak faster, more directly and at times make rash decisions.

▪This week is a good time to expand your spiritual self. You may feel attracted to learning more about your beliefs.

▪Your public image this week will change a bit, but this will come out as responsibility.

▪Your subconscious is very active this week, and you may have some interesting dreams


▪The Moon, Sun and Uranus in your house of self denotes a positive but emotional change. This change will be unexpected.

▪With Mars in the house of money and values you may find a drive to work or increase your financial standings.

▪This week may be a very curious week for you, you may feel as though you know nothing. You will feel the need to search the unknown for answers, there also may be an increase in intuition.

▪You may find yourself a bit uninspired this week, with Pluto and Saturn in your house of philosophy or religion. This may even make you feel a little lost or confused, about your place in the world.

▪You may get along a bit better with friends this week. You may be more social due to Neptune being in your house of friendships.

▪With Mercury and Venus in your house of unconscious mind, you will find you are confident and clearly understand the person you are.


▪Mars in your house of self will make you somewhat hasty this week. You may find new ways to express yourself or just more confident.▪With Jupiter in your house of contracts you may see an increase in contacts, business relations or relationships.

▪Pluto and Saturn in your house of unknown may stifle your ideas about the deep contacts or your acceptance of the mysteries of life. There will not be much going off the beaten path this week. It is more the time to stick you what you know and are good at.

▪Be cautious this week about how much you tell others. With Neptune in your house of public image, you may be seen as a dreamer or deceptive.

▪Mercury and Venus are in your sector of friendships, this will cause plenty of social interaction this week. You may find yourself chatting it up more than usual.

▪This week you may find unexpected changes to your inner self, they will be a tad bit emotional but overall helpful.


▪Jupiter being in your sector of health and daily routines will give it an expansion. You may feel physically good. You also may spend some extra time working or taking care of necessary duties.

▪There may be a small amount of restriction to your relationships. You may not want to be as forthcoming as you usually are.▪The way others view you may take a positive turn this week, you may seem more balanced. You also may seem more willing to help others.

▪You may make a friend or come in contact with others that are like minded this week. You may find your friendships are changing, almost as if they are actually growing.

▪Mars in your sector of inner self may cause some introspection, you may try to analyze dreams or new meditative practices to get in contact with your higher self.


▪This week's major impact is to your house of public image. You may feel emotions towards the opinions of others. You also may enjoy some time in the spotlight.

▪With Mercury and Venus in the house of philosophy and higher education you may find that you are finding harmony.

▪You may be drawn to having deep conversations about inspiring things. A mundane conversation will not cut it for you this week.▪You will see an increase in creativity and leisure time.

▪There may be a very small upset in your health. You may come down with a common cold or allergies, just enough to be frustrating and then it may leave you.


▪This is a week of spiritual journey, you may ask those difficult questions. You may feel you need to know your purpose, the next step on your path or where you are headed in general.

▪Your home life may take on some growth, just avoid over doing it. Do not promise more than you can deliver.

▪With Neptune in your relationship sector, you may find your relationship reverting to a “honeymoon” phase. Both you and your partner may be a bit calmer and kinder to each other. If you are single you may find the person of your dreams.

▪You may have a real attraction to helping others this week. You may want to give to others and find the ways in which you can help the most.

▪You may feel so passionate about your beliefs this week, you may even be recognized for your achievements.


▪With Jupiter in your house of communication, you may find you are chatty this week. You also may partake in a short adventure.

▪There may be a bit of tension at home, this is a busy time on the home front for you.

▪You may take on a different approach to work, you may even find your dream job this week.

▪Mars in your spirituality sector may cause you to fight for what you believe in. You may take a stance on your beliefs that no person can deter you from.

▪Overall this is a loving week, you may find you are kinder in your relations with others, or that you have met kinder people.

▪This week is also about balance and how you would attain it.


Jupiter in the house of finances foreshadows, an increase in money, finances, or how you earn your money. Just be sure to not give away more than you can.

Unfortunately this week you may find a difficulty in speaking your mind. You may have to think before you speak, or change the way you engage with others.

Neptune in the creativity and leisure sector may cause a healthy amount of inspiration. You also may find with this placement, that you simply do not want to get out of bed.

With Venus and Mercury in your health sector, you may find yourself full of energy and stamina.

You may get overly ambitious at work as well. Just remember to rest too, it is necessary to keep your energy levels up and therefore increase your vibration.

In your relationship sector you may see an unexpected change, this is a positive change, that may be emotionally packed.


▪Jupiter is in it's ruling sign this week, so therefore you may see a spike in your self expression, or pride. You may want to be in the spotlight, but do avoid telling too much of yourself.

▪Financially this may be a rough week, with Pluto and Saturn in your house of finances. You may feel financially stuck, and need to find a way of being productive again.

▪Neptune in the house of home can go one of two ways. The first you may finally have the home of your dreams, or you may think it is so, but in reality you have been deceived.

▪In the house of creativity and leisure you may find it easier to take time to yourself or be extremely inspired. You may want to be that dirty artist that we all are inside. Due to the fact that inspiration does not come often.

▪There may be an unplanned change in your daily life, it appears positive, but nevertheless a change and an emotional one at that.

▪Mars in the house of relationships may make you be a bit more passionate, you may really remember the traits you admire most about your partner. On the flip side, you may be irrational and accidentally start arguments.


▪With Pluto and Saturn in your sector of self, you may find that you are restricting yourself. You may not be as confident as usual or as self assured.

▪Neptune in the communication arena this week may cause you to lie or be lied to. There is an air of disillusionment or trickery. On the positive note you may find an abundance of meaningful conversations.

▪This week your home is the star, you will enjoy being there, and talking to those you live with. You may feel more secure there than usual.

▪The planetary alignment in your house of creativity or leisure is very auspicious. There may be a change initiated by you that is coming to fulfillment. You may learn new activities or find hidden talents.

▪Mars in the house of health and daily routines, is generally not the greatest placement. It may indicate an illness or a desire toward perfectionism. Don't take this personally, nobody is perfect.


▪This week you may find an increase in material values, you may try new things to make money. On the downside you also may give away too much money.

▪Mercury and Venus have entered your sector of communication, learning and travel. This means you may speak gentler or find something to learn that inspires you.

▪Your home life may go through an unexpected change, it is going to be emotional but positive.

▪With Mars in the house of creativity and leisure you may find a passion for thing you enjoy. You may take time to create or to partake in favorite activities.

▪Do not expect to be able to search within this week. There may be a noticeable disconnect between your ego self and your inner self. This may cause some confusion but, you also have the power of Pluto in this configuration.


▪With Neptune being in it's ruling sign in your house of self. You may feel as though you have it all, or on the downside you could feel that you want to break away from it all.

▪Your house of finances is balanced very well this week. You may not see an increase in money but should not see a decrease in money either. Financially everything should even itself out.

▪Your house of communication is getting an emotional boost this week. You may find that there are minor changes here and there that you started and now they are coming to fruition.

▪You may experience a growth in how people perceive you. It may be subtle but, still evident.

▪Unfortunately there may be some blockages in the friendship sector, your friends may see you differently or question your motives behind things.

© 2019 Occult Spirits


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