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Weekly Tarot Reading - Pick a Pile

Updated on May 11, 2020

Pick a pile

Pick a Pile

Pick a pile and scroll down to reveal your reading. I hope it resonates, but if not that’s okay, you could pick another pile or wait until I post another reading. I’ll be doing more soon, so hopefully next time it will resonate for you.

Pile One

Knight of Pentacles

Five of Wands

Two of Pentacles

The Chariot

Right away with the knight of pentacles, we can see someone is coming towards you with an offer, or perhaps it is you that is offering something to someone.

It’s a slow-moving and steady energy, however. And the reason it could be taking so long is because the opinions of other people could be stopping someone from moving forward even though they want to.

It’s a person who feels very strongly about this offer. So even if there is confusion on what would be the right thing to do their feelings are strong enough to lead them in the right direction if they listen to themselves instead of other people. But they need time to figure it out.

Even though this is slow-moving energy once the person comes forward that is when things will progress quicker than expected.

It could be that someone wants to mend a connection, and something definitely needs to be fixed in this situation, so someone might need some time. Gentleness is also needed during this phase and things will be changing for the better.

Other people might get involved but it’s up to you to follow your own intuition and do what you feel is right.

Pile Two

The Empress

The Hierophant


The Devil

A very powerful pile, all the cards pulled are major arcana. These cards seem to be suggesting that growth has been abundant for you, you’ve been working hard to better yourself and heal yourself from heartbreak or disappointments that you have suffered through.

You have what it takes to clean up the mess of the past, to get past it and move forward. You’ve shed tears and finally, you’ll soon be coming to a place where you can see with clarity.

But wait, there is an offer that has come up. It’s an offer that needs to be ignored, someone wants another chance, but it may be time to cut the cords of attachment. It’s time to move away from the turmoil that someone caused, whether it be a friend, an ex, or someone from your past.

Do the initials S.A mean anything to you?

You’ve spent so much time bettering yourself and you’re at a point where you feel balanced, or maybe you feel close to finding balance in your life, so to cut off any offer from someone who has been a toxic part of your life would benefit you immensely.

Pile Three

Ten of Wands

The High Priestess

The Hierophant


It may be time to revaluate the burdens you carry with you. Stability comes when you cut out the unnecessary baggage. And you have spent far too long crying over spilled milk.

A lot of the past is coming up in this reading it seems.

Hurts of the past don’t need to follow you into your future and if you’re afraid of following your heart because you might get hurt again then you risk missing out on experiences and opportunities that can bring you happiness and abundance.

Perhaps you need time to heal, to look within and find your inner strength. But lighten the load by dropping unnecessary baggage. You’ll gain new clarity soon, and as important as it is to listen to the advice of others sometimes that can stifle your own inner wisdom. So be gentle and listen to what your heart is telling you.


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    • profile image

      sam mole 

      11 months ago

      Yes the inishal S A do mean something to me


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