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Welcome Tests since they are meant for your spiritual progress!

Updated on March 17, 2015

Suffering is necessary in spiritual path!

Even incarnations underwent many sufferings!

Many people who follow spiritual disciplines are constrained by the fact that sufferings continue to haunt them in spite of their adherence to spiritual discipline. First of all, God is not a tyrant to subject us to continuous suffering and enjoy our discomfiture! He is the most compassionate, ever-loving and ever helping support of all the people whether they take his name or not. He has not placed strict conditions on our path. He wants Faith and Patience, the essential requirement of any devotee of God.

We might have read about the life story of many a saints and sages, many prophets and avatars. None of the above category led their life in comforts or Joy. In fact, the troubles and trivial are tests imposed by God to assess our progress in spirituality. House holders, who want to hang a family photo on the wall, drive a nail first. Afterwards, he tries to pull the nail either way only to see that it is strongly embedded inside the wall and a photo can be hung safely. This kind of testing the nail is being adopted by God to check whether we are strong in our faith. This can be tested only by subjecting us to troubles and sufferings. A man who holds implicit faith on God will never come to harm though there may be problems around.

Our children attend schools and colleges. Do they complain to the authorities about the frequent tests and home works, the teacher gives? This is part of a curriculum. Every boy or girl has to prove to the teacher that he or she has attained required grade of proficiency to move to the next higher class! In a similar manner, in spirituality, there are many numbers of steps to climb to reach the peak or summit, where one dissolves himself (ego) completely in God and achieve permanent merger. The many steps are worship, rituals, devotional singings, treating every one as one’s own, developing love and compassion towards all creations, abhorring violence both in thoughts, feelings and actions. Many people think that violence means physical. NO. People are easily hurt by harsh words and talks. Hence one should avoid hurting others by any means.

Truth, Love, honesty, righteousness and Peace must become a part of our conscious. We should develop detachment to mundane things of the world as well as physical relationships. Treat everyone as God and do your duty as you will do towards God. In this manner, we can avoid hate, jealousy, greed, lust and anger to a great extent. The basic human values are Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Selfless Love and Non-violence! One need not be spiritual to practice all these noble qualities. He needs to be human being! But many people today exhibit animal qualities and cruel nature and they behave in beastly manner with one and all. They don’t understand the unity behind the diversity. In the name of religion and cults, they harm the society to a great extent. Nature will tolerate our atrocities to certain extent. When our behavior become contrary to laws of nature, there will be calamities in the form of Floods and earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunami and hurricane.

One fine quality, God has blessed the human is discrimination. But in today’s world, we seldom find the application by not only ordinary people but also by powerful leaders. The situation that exists in today’s world in various countries is really pathetic. The selfishness of many people and big ego in dealing with others has brought immense sufferings to the innocent, poor and downtrodden people. While big powers spend in billions to protect their territory from others, they spend only a minuscule for alleviating the poverty of ordinary citizens. Slowly big corporate houses are finding the need for social responsibility for ordinary citizens. Hence we find today, Ford, Bill Gates, Tata and Birla have earmarked a part of their profits for social welfare programs in health, education and other essential needs of the society.

Even Avatars had undergone lot of sufferings at the hands of common people. Jesus was the Son of God but he endured tortures at the hand of selfish money minded priests. But he selflessly gave himself to the common man and he blessed many indignant people to gain eyesight, and speech and hearing to deaf and dumb. He revived the dead in the case of Lazarus. He pardoned the sins of one woman who had lived a sinful life since she had faith in Christ. The miracles performed by him infuriated the authorities and they connived to put him in Cross for no fault of him. They released one criminal for this. Though the King saw no fault in Jesus, he was forced to toe the line of the priests and common public.

All incarnations like Rama, Krishna and Saibaba underwent umpteen troubles but they adhered to Truth and Righteousness throughout their earthly career. Hence they are venerated by generations of people, even long after their departure. Hence prayers will reduce the impact of sufferings to certain extent but none can avoid sufferings on earth. The world is dual and the negatives serve to glorify the positives. Because of the presence of evil in Society, good people are honored and respected. Hence we should treat troubles and sufferings as a gift of God. We should remain equal minded to both pleasure and pain. The fact is “Pleasure is the interval between two pains”


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 2 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Thank you manatita44 for such liberal comments which encourage one to venture more!

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 2 years ago from london

      A great piece on Surrender and Devotion here, even if you did not use the words. Some excellent life examples also. Great food for thought for many.

      You're improving on the paragraph structure. Are you happy with uploading pictures? You can still space it a bit more and use the pics as nice breaks in between. I take it that you're writing for others also, right? Encourage us to read your work. It is quite a significant message. Much love.