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Welcome tests since they maintain your composure!

Updated on February 27, 2016

Saibaba teaches..

What you resist persist and hence welcome tests!

“Welcome tests since they are meant to toughen you”, said Saibaba once. I pondered over the statement and found that it requires lot of self-confidence and courage to welcome tests. But, one point stuck me deep. During school and college days, we undertook many tests and exams frequently. We never complained for the frequent tests, since it is part of the curriculum which is meant to promote us to the next higher class. But when god puts you to trials and tribulations, we start resisting the same vehemently. Saibaba himself has assured the devotees that when they willingly submit themselves to such ordeals, their spiritual progress is ensured.

How many of us have the courage to invite troubles with an open heart? No. 99 out of hundred desires for joys and pleasures instead of troubles and travails? But, on a deep contemplation, we can understand the truth behind the assertions of Saibaba. Human tendency is to resist pain and grief. None desire for pain and grief openly. They are perforce to undergo them as a part of cleaning process, and as a retribution for the past deeds. The famous poet of South India, Thiruvalluvar has penned beautiful couplets numbering to 1330 has said in one couplet, “when you confront troubles, simply smile and that is the best way to get over the trouble! In our day to day life, many times we encounter troubles due to various situations. Our immediate response will be to get away or escape from the trouble. Instead, remain calm and face the situation with ‘fortitude’. Think over deeply, how the situation has come to pass, and become wise the next time to avoid such mistakes which culminated in such misery.

Of course, all troubles cannot be wished away! There are certain ‘karmic debts’ for which one need to undergo a depressing situation. Even then, remain unperturbed relying on the providence of god. The best prayer in those intricate situations is “God, grant me the courage to face this situation calmly”. Do not get agitated over unavoidable circumstances. For instance, some quarrel erupts in the family in which you can do nothing but simply going through the ordeal. We can at best pray god inwardly that the situation is not escalated and let it remain within the limits. During bitter quarrels, I have noticed that no one will listen to our sane council, since we are part of the family.

When some member of the family become ill suddenly, our wits won’t help us since we will be disturbed mentally. Praying god, we can start with the immediate hospitalization of the member to the nearest hospital. We may have to call the ambulance, gather the necessary medical history and take sufficient money and debit cards etc. Also, we can take the medicines along with us to show the doctor the treatments so far. Of course, this requires calmness and courage to deal with such emergencies instead of becoming agitated. Nobody knows when troubles will haunt us in the most unexpected circumstances. Prayers are always effective in such circumstances. I underwent one such emergency when my wife became terribly ill suddenly without any reason or rhyme! I just felt that god alone is our refuge! Though it was a panic to me, somehow we surmounted such would be disaster after few days of intensive treatment.

Hence, remain calm and face the situation courageously and do the needful. But lamenting that such a situation has come to pass won’t help. Overall, we must be receptive to troubles at any time since “pleasure is the interval between two pains”. This composure will come after much practice and spiritual orientation. Naturally, we need to pass many such tests put up by god on our path, solely for the advancement of our selves. It may take many years of chanting and Dhyana to deal with such crisis. In these circumstances, philosophy helps us to deal with contingencies in the best way. Remember that ‘everything will pass”. Whether bad period or good one, they won’t stand for ever. They are like the passing clouds and they won’t stick to the sky forever. Hence keep your inner conscious at peace remembering that the entire show is a grand illusion created by the Maya mind and nothing is worth worrying in this world. Our only concern should be to escape from the illusory experiences of mundane life.

Endurance during tests!


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