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Welcome to the New Age of Mass Stupidity or Why Human Beings Believe In Things That Don't Exist

Updated on November 15, 2016

Author Robert A. Heinlein once wrote that we should, "Never underestimate the power of human stupidity."

Stupidity is much like a virus.

A group of perfectly rational individuals can be gathered in a home, then in through comes a single stupid person. In moments, the stupid person can infect the entire room, causing a large percentage of the people there to suddenly side with the most strange ideas. The stupidity of this has been evident recently, but it was truly going to get serious now. The wasted time can become unmanageable, so instead of everyone looking out for the welfare of the individual, we choose to look out for the welfare of society. Most stupid people are unpredictable, but all stupid people are the among the most dangerous individuals throughout a lifetime.

The bigger problem is weeding out those people who are stupid, which isn't very hard either. The so-called non-stupid people always underestimate the damaging power of stupid individuals. These people are different from the ignorant, because they do not seek to better their minds or gain more knowledge. When nobody from the more intelligent sectors is interested in exchanging of ideas, for fear of loosing their credit-ability. While anyone with a mental disorder, psychological illness or other health problem, they might have discussed any problems, so they are here to stay.

After being drafted into the ranks, it is time to set the mighty ones a sword for the first time.

Types of Mass Stupidity

Phobias and Anxieties

Sometimes we have to accept things as they really are, but out mind is unprepared to do so. This causes us to experience such an emotional upheaval, one so strong that the mind reacts to the proposed reality in an irrational way. It becomes afflicted with a phobia of almost anything imaginable. Phobias are not fears of what reality show us on a daily basis, but rather we become afraid of things that are not an actual threat. Our imagination takes control of the individual, often causing them to be frightened of almost anything, sources of anxiety range from fear of flying to speaking to an audience. Phobias are often rooted in our belief systems, so they impact our entire life and can cause higher states of anxiety.

Paranoia and Delusions

Fearful feelings or intense anxiety are indicative of paranoia. Usually paranoia are related to fear of persecution, threats or conspiracy. This is associated with a number of mental disorders, but most frequently with psychotic breakdowns or personal delusions. The mind fixates on contrary evidence, the unknown or nothing at all. Paranoid individuals or groups can convince themselves what they feel or think is not true. Accepting this limited world view without anything to validate it is normal to paranoid delusions. Nothing is seen or heard that is not there like, so that paranoia seems more real than the true reality. Often causing rational lives to accept a limited world view and while living in isolation. Not all phobias need treatment, but social paranoia benefit from it greatly.

Hypoglycemia and Sleeplessness

In some cases, organic or physical problems manifest due to being hungry and tired. Even in perfect circumstances, the lack of sleeping for many leads to less self-control, but also indicates being hypoglycemic. Those minds that are significantly overworked test questions. Being tired and hungry, opens most minds to momentary lapses of reason, because moments like this are perceived as weakness. Taking proper care of all the health factors possible, allows for someone hypoglycemic to manage their moods and energy levels accordingly. Sleeplessness can only help augment the pre-existing conditions that might be finished without getting many answers and taking her to Tonka toys,

Tunnel Vision

Unlike delusions caused by wide-spread ignorance or stupidity, tunnel vision occurs when the mind is too singular in focus. Although having goals and achieving them can be important, too narrow a scope can cause humans to become ethically blinded. Tunnel vision can manifest in a variety of ways. It is generally inspired by a combination of forces putting pressure on others to be moral and equally more profitable. The need to overachiever is a motivating factor, thus causing situations to grow out of control. When executives at Enron offered up large bonuses to pacify employees, CEO's at the company forgot themselves and it ended badly for everyone involved.

Cognitive Dissonance

Recognition of inconsistency is the primary cause of dissonance, which usually leads one to seek resolution. When one acts out of character with their morality, it is possible to rationalize this often painful contradiction. In defense of potential accusations, they are inclined to defend themselves and protect myself from the pain itself. The grander levels of cognitive dissonance, the longer it lasts and finally the less immortality is felt. This leads to a number of potential areas, but this can have meant our business was just go and come as you are. Right or wrong, good, fat or ugly, the guys argue in towels coming out of the pool area.

Environmental Influences

The environment that surrounds us, it has a powerful impact on our patterns of daily living. Our wish to be recognized as part of a family, a community and a culture are strong motivating forces for our beliefs. In all cultures, there are systems that have formed societal norms and collective ideas. Our environment naturally shape our thinking, so that we are more likely to accept certain dogmas as normal. These environmental factors help from our belief systems, especially when human beings are in the younger developmental stages. This can be demonstrated in modern psychology, group counseling and twelve step programs, because these therapies attempt to externalize things within the subconscious that happened during childhood traumas.

Evolutionary Theory

The survival of the species is a primal source of inspiration, innovation and interaction for human beings. Everyone in differing ways is evolving, but we evolve most rapidly, when our survival depends on it. Evolutionary theory seems to rely on our belief in truth, but this depends on accuracy of data and frequency of reliability. Essentially, evolutionary theory predicts that all life is evolving. To bad that not everyone cares about the planet with the same relevance and authenticity, something it seems this world turns on its axis. Our evolution relies upon it, which can be a sign post for others that are evolving just as rapidly. When aligned well, this is a challenging and liberating position to find oneself in.

The Power of Fear

Living without fear is something unheard of to many people, because it is unusual for their lives to deviate from their programmed life. The motivational power of fear is what keeps the spiritual person clear about their future life goals, but can easily knock them down in an instant. Having a rational fear to reflect upon is never as bad, as having an irrational fear, but it seems that something is wrong in our family. The inability or capacity to love and the desire to be loved by others, this is one area of emotional upset, but everyone needs to face such fears head on. Fears can be literal or physical, like something exchanged for before a competition. Overall the power of fear is only as strong as the individual makes it seem.

The Power of Faith

Being blessed and directly in communication with a higher power of our understanding, those are words to put out there. It must be close to the confessional, or time for many of the world leaders to give a younger generation their chance for another way of living. In the meetings, it is our power of faith which opens the mind, until it is filled up and needs to stop moving about without anyone that has the power of faith. This is being fearless and powerless to prevent a higher power from intervening in the personal life. A person of faith never questions their kindred brought this beautiful outdoor data, when attention is being drawn in closer. If only have faith enough to believe in the higher power of their understanding, the faithful will be true to their trajectory.

The Power of Mass Stupidity

Our ability or inability to recognize truth, or our willingness to believe what is untrue. These are the factors that cause many forms of mass delusion. Sometimes we are drawn to certain circumstances and symbolism, so strongly that we are willing to live, fight or die for it. Unfortunately, there is a fine line between having great convictions and following any idea to the inevitable futility, that is caused by mass stupidity. The lemmings never think about their fates, as they dive off a dangerous cliff side. Just as the Fool card of the Tarot maybe seeking wisdom, if careless the card symbolizes the inability to see ahead clearly. Many examples of this exist in human history, but the hysteria of the Salem witch trials is a prime example.

Does Stupidity Have Any Real Purpose In Life?

Perhaps we as human beings are simply too stupid to answer this question. If stupidity has a purpose, it must be to counter balance the failures of human reasoning. In the end, it is our will to overcome being stupid, which maybe the most stupid of all human frailties.

So, is there anything else to say about it?

Oh yeah, maybe just this...

Good luck kids, and welcome to the age of mass stupidity.

© 2016 Blake Ford Hall


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    • Nadine May profile image

      Nadine May 9 months ago from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

      Yes peoples Phobias are often rooted in their belief systems and the environment that surrounds them because it has a powerful impact on our patterns of daily living. I only have to look at our African People in South Africa but...

      This following sentence did confuse me somewhat: --instead of everyone looking out for the welfare of the individual, we choose to look out for the welfare of society.

      -- it's my observation that there are several kinds of viewpoints people have.

      A personal one ( it's all about me me me)

      Then there are People who only care about immediate family members -

      You get people who care about their community ( they include family and people in their local street or village and then....

      There are global visionaries. They care about humanity while being more attracted to an evolutionary theory that all life is evolving.

      Personally I follow an idea that our reality is created by the very thoughts that occupy us the most. Change our thoughts and then our reality will change , and that can only be done individually.

      Interesting post.

    • Oztinato profile image

      Oztinato 9 months ago from Australia


      Another interesting hub. I like the way it see sawed politically. Clever.

      "The only thing we have to fear is stupidity itself"........Franklin D. Roosevelt (in another dimension of time/space)

      Any chance of increasing the hubs size if that's not a stupid suggestion?

      Maybe a section on the famously stupid or the use of stupidity in comedy? The three stooges could be the Aristotles of Stupidity etc. Perhaps a "how stupidity can lead to death".

    • cheaptrick profile image

      cheaptrick 9 months ago from the bridge of sighs

      I very much enjoyed this piece though it seemed a bit shaky at first...then you settled down and your passion came through loud and clear.

      I believe it was Einstein who said "there exist two things which are infinite;The Universe and Stupidity though I'm not so sure that the Universe is" congrats on an illuminating hub.