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Westboro Maniacs; I have a dream. It is that all respect another's opinion. Religious hate groups???? HOW

Updated on April 3, 2013

Herding people with bi-polar tendencies is sick

How far is the gap between sanity and this group
How far is the gap between sanity and this group | Source

I hope you have never dealt with mania.

This is a brutal disease. Often associated with Bi-Polar disease. It is a chemically induced state of incredible influence over the body and mind. Many great people suffered from it like probably: Ben Franklin, George Washington, Martin Luther and Martin Luther King, Jr. Juarez and Ho Chi Minh also come to mind. Hitler also was manic as it seems Castro and the whole North Korea bunch. Certainly Einstein and Bethovan suffered from it. The chemical imbalance is not necessarily drug induced in fact more probably heredity produced. Great things can be done during these period of mania and also horrible. Take a room full of people and have them hang out together for awhile. Women will start sharing minstration times and manics will excellerate. Wierd huh? And a subject for another hub.

A Charismatic is leading this group, taking advantage.

At my work I subscribe to a news service called Find Law. It gives breaking stories and case opinions of import regarding many areas of Law. But in an effort to attract it goes after sensational headlines. So I came upon this article referenced therein:

I am appalled. I got angry at first but curbed myself and came to pray for these individuals. I cannot find any love in their activities, just judgment and hate. The problem is that they associate themselves with being Christians. OK maybe they are. And in that it reminds me that Christians are just like anybody else, you cannot lump them all together.

Please speak up and make a statement against hate. Who are the children of this world? You and I. We can make a difference. Make a better day. We must start living for giving. Our choices are able to save lives and give knew life. We need to give up on the me, and starting living like we are free.

We need a child to lead us

We need leaders like this.
We need leaders like this. | Source

Do not judge me by my race or creed

Now there was a time that almost all American Black people were slaves. That leaked over into a creepy Kind of bigotry against Black people. But there was a time when the majority lumped them altogether as “less than” people. We have come a long way and Obama is a light in that progress. As were so many many others of all colors. My point here is simple. The Westboro people are different than most Christians. It would be wrong to lump us altogether into their mold.

I hope and believe that many folks who went to stop Westboro were Christian. I hope there are millions of gay people who are Christians, and that they do not feel a need to be closet Christians. I hope that my youngest grows up and into a world of tolerance and acceptance and not one of hate. But already folks have asked “what is he?” as though his mix between Caucasian and Asian makes him something else, other than a little boy. He is not a statement, a man or a race, he is too young to understand any of those labels.

I am a hypocrite -- I hate hate

Stereotypes can be fun if you let them, but when they are mean, run away.

On a fun note my wife told me the other day that she was happy to be in her forties. People have stopped looking past her as though she was a teenager too young to work. I suppose we should all be happy with our own perceived issues.

How about we all kind of re-orient and stop protesting against. We could shift from oppositions back to positions. From attacking what we do not like, to raising up what we like.

We can not fight back against hate.

We must learn to spread so much love that we overcome hate, swallow it whole. Standing together as one is a new responsibility that has come with our new found ability to communicate globally. Spreading the word and standing up and declaring our belief.


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