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What Are The Results?

Updated on September 27, 2011

"Let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we fain not"
(Galatians 6:9 - KJV)

I spent about ten years of my life in the financial world. I worked for two fortune 500 companies and at one point the operation that I managed was in the top 5% of the company.

Over the door of my office I had a sign that read, "Success is not a reward, it's a result." This is true whether we are talking about achieving success in the secular world or being successful Christians.

There is one thing that everyone of us has and that everyone of us has the opportunity to give up. Whether we are wanting to do something significant for the Kingdom of God or just live a successful life there are plenty of opportunities to give up along the way.

Life is a journey and so is our Christian walk. Four times in the Word of God we are told that the just shall live by faith. Faith is a journey while a miracle is instantaneous. Of course we all like the instantaneous better than the journey, but unfortunately we don't live by miracles, we live by faith.

One of my favorite scriptures in the Bible is Proverbs 4:23, which tells us that our hearts control the issues of our life. Many live their life subject to the elements that they encounter. However, the Bible declares that it is the heart of man that controls the circumstance of our life.

While there is really no way to fully control what we will come up against, we do have full control of how we handle it. People get wearied in so many different areas. Believe me, I've encountered my share of experiences that cause me to get weary. But in truth weariness is a condition of the heart. Our attitude, our outlook, our self motivation will determine if we will stand on the Word of God no matter what or give in to the pressure that comes against us.

There have been many powerful men and women who have lived for God such as the Apostle Paul, John G Lake, Smith Wigglesworth, Watchman Nee, and Katheryn Khulman. Many look at and focus on what they accomplished without taking into consideration what they went through. The Apostle Paul was shipwrecked, beaten, and left for dead many times while Smith was a drinking fool until later in his life. Watchman spent a good portion of his life in prison and John G Lake traveled to Africa by faith without a dime in his pocket having to trust God every step of the way. Kathryn Khulman stated she was God's second choice and faced the battle of being accepted in a "man's ministry world."

Each and every successful person has had their battle because true success is the result of the life and decisions that we make. It is amazing to see how many Christians struggle with the basics of Christianity arguing over minor points that should not matter in a life dedicated to be holy unto the Lord.

There are a multitude of promises in the Word of God that deals with our families, our money, or our health. The Word tells us that God watches over His Word to make sure it accomplishes what He has established. Our success or failure is not based upon anything other than our ability to trust in, follow, and not give up on God's Word.

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    • lambservant profile image

      Lori Colbo 

      7 years ago from Pacific Northwest

      Thanks for the clarification, and I get what you are saying, and to some degree I agree. I suppose every time we follow what the Spirit leads us to do, we have succeeded in obeying God and doing his will. But still, success seems to put the credit with us. We are only able to obey Him through His power working in us. I think the word success is just a hang up for me. I prefer obedience and faithfulness. But it's all good. The important thing as you and I both agree is to keep moving forward in walk with Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit. I am enjoying your hubs very much.

    • ThePastor profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from California

      @lambservant - great question! Let's start by defining success. According to success is: the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors. a successful performance or achievement.

      So from this definition I would have to respectfully disagree with Mother Teresa because I would say that she was successful in making a difference in many peoples lives and fulfilling the call of God on her life.

      Now to the bigger question because your question obviously stems from a business definition which defines as, "the attainment of wealth, position, honors, or the like"

      Many people struggle with the term success, prosper, blessings, etc. But according to 2 Corinthians 4:7 there has been a deposit of great value placed within us that is to reveal the awesome power of God. I get confused with Christians who proclaim they serve an awesome God, but then take some kind of vow of poverty or think that just getting by is somehow humble.

      You stated that success seems to label us as having it made. I couldn't disagree with your more. Look at the term from a business standpoint. Successful people don't feel they have it made. They view themselves as having made it to the point they are and there is more to conquer. That's what makes the successful. They never stop pressing forward (Hmmm, seems like Paul said something like that). As a Christian we've made it to whatever point we are at and there is always more to conquer, more to learn about our Lord, more to grow. But that doesn't mean that we haven't been successful so far.

      We operate a drug and alcohol home through our ministry. When has a person been successful and getting clean? In my opinion, the first day is the first success. Sure there is a ways to go, but you immediately start experiencing success when you start doing things that bring success.

      Therefore, my definition of success in the realm of Christianity is a person who has made a decision to follow Christ and starts changing the areas of their life that does not line up with what Christ has taught us.

      Taken to a higher level of success is a person who, according to 2 Cor 4:7 (and other verses), fights and overcomes (manifesting the power of God) the things that are contrary to the promises of God -- freedom, prosperity (no lack), health and healing, etc.

      Hope this helps!

    • lambservant profile image

      Lori Colbo 

      7 years ago from Pacific Northwest

      Mother Theresa once said, "“God does not call us to be successful, but God calls us to be faithful.” The Christian life cannot be compared to business or achievment. That will call attention to our value and worth and importance. We follow the Lord as faithfully as we can, it is up to the Holy Spirit to bring the results.

    • lambservant profile image

      Lori Colbo 

      7 years ago from Pacific Northwest

      Could you define in detail what being a successful Christian is? I am uncomfortable with that tag for Christians. Christianity is not about living successfully. Since we are sinners, and no matter how close and obedient our life in Christ is walked, there is always room for more growth until we cross into eternity. Labeling Christianity as successful kind of says the message of "Got it made" "I have arrived" "I am ahead in the race or have won the race." Could you be more specific?


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