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What Are You Beholding

Updated on June 29, 2016

One of the most difficult things to do when transitioning out of homosexuality is to stop looking so much at your sin. The Bible says that by beholding we become changed, so if we only look at our sin we will remain bound in sin, because that's what we continue beholding. God said to seek the kingdom of God first and His righteousness, not seek or behold your sins.

There's a tendency to become rushed and impatient with the process of overcoming, so we try to do things our own way and fail miserably to only start over again, because we chose "our" way.

Readers, please here this, you will NEVER overcome UNTIL you surrender and submit to God and His process for your life. It is not enough to read books, attend conferences, go to church, listen to sermons, sing songs, hear testimonies, latch on to Godly people, etc. I did all of this and failed miserably! Do you know why? Because I didn't latch on to Jesus. Jesus is phenomenal! Jesus is the answer. Jesus is whom you need. Jesus is whom you must read, study, and breath. Like Jacob, you must not let Him go until He blesses you. Have balance, yes, but only Jesus is the solution to all our inner turmoil and until you seek Him you will never heal dear reader. It is crucial that we shut out distractions and seek God's face.

Be blessed Dear Reader. God is working even if you don't see it. The wind comes and goes, but you don't see that either. This is how the Holy Spirit works. You may not see Him but he's there.

Seek God's face.


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