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What Are Your Dreams Telling You?

Updated on September 21, 2014

Why Are Dreams So Important?

Dreams. Such a small part of our day is devoted to having them yet they can tell us so much. In the few hours that we sleep, tonnes of information is processed by parts of our brain that are normally inactive.

The data we get from our sub-consciousness is often near impossible to interpret as many other events are intertwined together to create the one dream. This can make a dream that should be focused on losing your teeth, make you think that the fall you had, while dreaming, that caused you to wake up was the main definition of the dream. When in actual fact it was the loss of teeth that should have been called to your attention (depending on whether they're broken, shattered or completely pulled out, a different definition will be interpreted from the dream)

Yes I said it, a dream has a definition - Every dream can be thought of as a page in a dictionary. The definition of that dream (or page) has been getting decoded for thousands of years by many renowned individuals, and being recorded just as frequently. The Bible, Nostradamus, Shakespeare and many other high profile events and occurrences, are further proof that the dreams we have are more than just fantasy.

For instance, the famine of Egypt was foretold in a dream. While dreaming, a Pharoah was standing by the riverbanks of the Nile admiring the river, when seven well nourished cows rise from the water and start to graze at the grass around the Nile.

Just as quick as the first seven cows rose, seven more cows rise, each one showing horrible signs of starvation. The seven malnourished cattle then begin to eat the healthy cattle that had risen. The unhealthy cattle are all that remained on the grasslands at the end of his dream.

What was the significance of this dream? What was the definition of the dream?

7 years would pass in Egypt where livestock and food would be more than ample in supply. The next 7 years where followed by famine and death - His dream defined this, it was just still to be decoded.

Even Nostradamus, though his sleep state was artificial, requiring a mirror to focus his entire gaze upon, produced many 'dreams' that we can look throughout history and see a correlation too.

Now, as I said with Nostradamus, his dreams where aided by use of a synthetic. The main type being a hallucinogenic. Our dreams won't appear as his dreams, his where more of a vision. If a dream state is not the result of a drug, dreams are more like the Pharoahs dreams - Instances in which may seem like a small oddity, but mean something big.

Being that there are billions of people, there are also billions of dreams, each with it's very own definition. That being the case, we will only talk about the most common dreams and definitions. We will delve into dreams that can be very familiar, but have a completely different definition..


Dream Definition Boundaries

  • A dream will always be told the way your supposed to see it. Nothing you could do in the dream, no matter how great will change the true definition of the dream.
  • We are defining a dream. Many things will happen within the dream that are simply the 'fill in' portion. Therefore it is best to define the main event or occurrence and draw a definition from there.
  • The way someone approaches or talks to you can also play a significant role within the dream when it comes to relatives.

How To Understand a Dreams Definition?

A dream, in general, consists of many different interactions or occurrences. To define each and every part of a dream is not the true concept of 'dream decoding'. As with the Pharoahs dream, all that mattered was the Cows and the Nile.

The spot the Pharoah was standing, the Pharoahs interactions with his surroundings and any other extra input the Pharoah could of had, would make little impact on the dreams true definition, Other then 'living in' and 'playing his part or role' within the dream, he had no control of it.

For example, he could have fed the unhealthy cattle in copious amounts, but still, the cattle would have been guaranteed to suffer from malnourishment regardless of his help.

With this in mind, it is best to first define a dream with an important aspect to draw a dreams definition from. If you where to have a dream where you're being held captive, you see your friend or relative die then you wake up, we would call that a "Hand Cuff" dream.

Once we have uncovered the aspect of the dream to draw the definition from, we can then describe the different types/scenarios of the dream. Other scenarios or types of the one dream are all different definitions and must also be defined.

This applies to dream described above as well as dreams about parents or friends. Whether they are just going about there normal duties during the dream, signalling at you or just making general conversation will make for a different definition.

Unless you have been hypnotized to not dream, require sleeping medication, or do recreational drugs, I'm 100% certain you do have dreams. And there is one easy way to prove it.

Try recording yourself as you sleep to see if you sleep-talk. If you do, take note of what you say and try to reference it as soon as you can. If you do uncover a dreams definition, you can bet all your savings on that particular dreams definition being important and meaning something more then just an over active imagination.

Types Of Tooth Dreams

  • Severe Tooth Pain
  • Loose Teeth
  • Tooth Being Pulled
  • Teeth Being Cleaned
  • Teeth Being Made
  • Losing Teeth
  • Teeth Drop Out
  • Extra White Teeth

The Tooth or Teeth Dreams

This is a dream where you will lose your teeth. A possible dream that could relate to this is one where you're doing something, possibly talking to someone, and your teeth start falling out.

Severe Tooth Pain - A dream where you have sore or extremely sensitive teeth during a conversation can mean sickness is coming on. It can also be referred to feelings of anxiety around the person your talking to.

Loose Teeth - A loose teeth, or loose tooth dream, means that you are not fulfilling your own expectations. It can also mean to not try something as failure is a definite.

Tooth Pulled - Having a tooth pulled by anyone, even a dentist within the dream is a sign of significantly bad health. If the illness is not fatal, it will be lingering.

Tooth Cavity Being Filled - This is a sign that lost or stolen valuables that where of importance or great significance are to be returned.

Teeth Being Cleaned - Your teeth being cleaned, by you or a dentist, means you will have to endure a life draining struggle in order to get to your fortune.

Teeth Being Made - To see teeth being made or manufactured to suit your mouth denotes that you will be labelled, or marked by general society. You will overcome these labels, or marks but will have a large amount more being forced upon you before you finally succeed.

Losing Teeth - If one tooth falls out than you will hear something that you don't agree with. If two teeth fall out then you will be forced into an unhappy state by an act of someone else's negligence. If three teeth fall out then a serious accident or sickness is about to follow. If you lose all your teeth, then you will have burdens that will crush your self-esteem and affect your personal affairs.

Tooth Drop Out - If all your teeth drop out at once from decay then death is often very close for the person pulling them. If you pull your own teeth out from decay within a dream, then only you will die.

Teeth Are Complimented - If you have white, healthy teeth and gums, and other people point it out to you in the dream, then you will find the perfect job or task through the accomplishment of your personal goals or wishes.


Family Related Dreams - Mother

If you have a dream where you interact with your Mother, what happens, what she says as well as what she does all play a vital role in the dreams definition.

Mother Dreams

Appears as Though at Home - If you dream of your Mother and she is going about her usual routines in the home, this is a sure sign you will see good results from a recent undertaking.

Have a Conversation - When you're having a good conversation that lasts for a long time with your Mother, you will have good news about an issue that has caused a lot of anxiety.

Daughter Dreams Of Mother - If your a female and you dream of your Mother it signifies marital bliss or pleasantries or a significant bond with someone in life.

Mother Buried or Entombed - To see your Mother being buried or entombed portrays dishonesty or a deep sadness.

Mother Nagging You - A dream where your Mother nags or constantly calls your name, means you disregard your duties and are pursuing the wrong course of action.

Mother Cries in Pain - If you hear your Mother crying as though she is in pain, death is considered to be just around the corner. It can also mean severe misery is going to effect you.

Mother In-Law

Dream of Mother In-Law - If you dream of your Mother In-Law, and it's a pleasant dream, then many problems or issues that you have with others will soon be united and no longer be of concern.

Female Disputes With Mother In-Law - If you're a female and you dream of an argument with your Mother In-Law, this relates to an interaction with someone being stressful and uneasy.

Family Related Dream- Father

A Fathers interaction with you within a dream has just as great of an importance as the interactions with your Mother while in a dream state. Either way, the parent is considered the authoritative figure within the family (whether you acknowledge there authority or not, the dream automatically bestowed them with it).

Father Dreams

Dream of Father - If your dream is stereotypical, where you dad is just hanging around, not necessarily overly active within the dream, then it's a sign that rough times are ahead. Such a tough time is approaching that you may need to be counselled to overcome the issue.

Father is Dead - A dream where your Father is dead or unresponsive to you signifies that you have a heavy weight, most likely from your occupation. Caution should be exercised while conducting your work affairs.

Daughter Dreams of Dead Father - If a Daughter dreams of her Father and he is dead then this can mean that her lover is playing her for a fool. Filling her mind with false promises, misleading her and possibly having an affair.

Father In-Law

Dream of Father In-Law - When a Father In-Law is in your dream and he is going about his usual demeanor, this signals an upcoming heated argument with friends or relatives.

Happy Father In-Law - If he has a smile, is extremely kind or generous than you can expect to have a closer relationship with friends or family.


Animal Dreams - Dogs

Animals have always had the ability to know when there master is in trouble and respond accordingly. Dogs aren't just our best companion while we are awake, they can also be our guiding spirit while we sleep.

Vicious Dogs - To have a dream with a vicious Dog signifies misfortunes that are set in stone and cannot be changed or altered.

Dog Smells You - A dog that is fascinated by your scent shows an almost magnetic attraction towards you. People will always want to hang around you and you will have an abundance of gains in your favor.

Show Dog - A dream involving a dog of high standards, and you own it, shows great wealth that will be entirely yours.

Being Tracked By a Blood-Hound - If a blood-hound is in your dreams, and it is tracking you, you will be tempted into a trap and it will be your ultimate downfall.

Small Dogs - Small dogs in a dream signal that your thoughts are without purpose.

Dog Bite - A dog biting you denotes small issues arising in either your marriage or occupation.

Unhealthy Dog - A slim, frail and un-clean Dog shows an incoming failure in your occupation or business. It can also mean sickness among children.

Dogs Barking - To hear dogs barking signals the impending arrival of bad news. The bad news will also be very depressing in nature.

Dog Whimpering - To hear the cry of a dog, or its whimper, foretells a death or long seperation from close friends.

Points to remember...

  • Always define the dream with as narrow a term as possible
  • Dreams can consist of several factors, but only one true definition is to be sought after
  • Everything in our dreams is not just fantasy. Evidence proves the ability to foretell future while in a dream state.

A Dream Is More Than Just an Active Imagination

Remember, your dream is more than just a fantasy. Your dream is your sub-consciousness telling you something it has noticed that you haven't. Much the same way a snow dog will seek refuge well before a storm sets in, it's in it's instinct.

Your dreams are your animal instinct, or, for a better term, 'senses'. Most of our animal 'senses' have all been over powered by our ability to adapt and overcome situations of great duress. One sense that we can't keep from ourselves is our dreams.

To deny the one animal sense, that has stood beside us through the rise of all humanity, is a sure fire way to go backwards in the evolution process.

No matter what dream you have, or the definition that your dream ends up having, it is always of prime concern to keep yourself within a safe mindset.

Do You Dream?

Have you, or do you still dream?

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    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 

      4 years ago

      Great dream guide. I always pay careful attention to dreams that I remember that stay with me. Great hub.


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