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What Does God Say? Do Aliens Exist?

Updated on February 21, 2009

What Does God Say? Do Aliens Exist

© 2009 Tiffany Snow

Do other life forms exist in the universe? Yes. Do aliens exist? No. Many other beings are in our universe, but they do not visit our planet at this time. But what we consider “aliens” do NOT exist, and are a hoax presented by another kind of creature. What does this mean? Why do people have unexplained physical and emotional experiences that have no plausible reason behind them? The people who experience these supernatural phenomena are not imagining anything; it is not in their minds. It is a precise and deliberate strategy to persuade mankind that help is out there. The dominate message is “if we only open our free will to be instruments of communication, we are powerful God-like beings and can change the world.” What is wrong with that? Don’t we want the world to change? Yes, but this is not God who is calling us through these demonstrations, but the ones who actually challenged God’s rule in the very beginning: the fallen Angels, the unHoly ones of old, the spirit beings often called demons. How do we know?

All of us have heard the stories, or perhaps even experienced a few ourselves: cow mutilations; unusually shaped aircraft in the sky flying, turning and stopping at impossible speeds; strange beings with oval eyes; hearing a voice speaking by telepathic thoughts; memories of physical violation; electrical surges and outages after contact or witnessing these things. All these things and more are real occurrences orchestrated by supernatural beings. And though there are more sightings and happenings now than ever, the stories have occurred throughout history, because the ones doing them have been around for thousands of years.

Do you believe in Angels? Most people do. Yet it is interesting how many will believe in Angels, yet not in demons, which are fallen Angels. Humans were not the only life form given free will when they were created. So were the Angels - and in the beginning all the Angels were of the same unified brotherhood, and all were Holy sons of God and of light and love. Some chose to unplug from God’s love. These made themselves unHoly Angels, and the brotherhood was divided.

At that time humankind was new on the earth, and these unHoly Angels saw an opportunity to try to prove their point. What did they want to bring attention to? They wanted to be considered right in their actions and in their thoughts; that their ideas had more merit than God’s ideas; and if just given opportunity all other creation and life forms in the universe would agree with them; which would bring them fame as well. They were in an opposing stance with God and their brothers. The newly created human race would become part of the challenge. In their desire to hurt God, these demons would hurt the things God loves, such as the earth and humanity.

These newly fallen Angels brought up some questions regarding God’s right of sovereignty; of Love’s right to rule. These three questions are called the original issues, and similar to a court case, it would require irrefutable evidence to bring to a conclusion. That is why we have now had thousands of years of history-making in this important case, and the evidence has been overwhelming that Love wins. Yet the unHoly Angels continue to try to make their case, but the time for that is over. In his patience and grace, God allowed these questions to have the time to be answered, even though it put off his perfect original plan for humanity and the earth. And God could have simply destroyed the challengers and those who joined them (including Adam and Eve) but that would not have settled the question to any other beings looking on, or for any future challengers. But, in his mercy, the court case would have a time limit placed on it. And we are at the end of its time. What were these challenges?

The original issues were: (1). Man can guide his steps successfully on his own without God. (2). Man only comes to God for what he can get out of God. (3). Man will forfeit everything just to save his own skin, even to the point of cursing God. So mankind has now had thousands of years to try to rule himself successfully on his own. Every kind of government has failed. Even with all the practice we have had, we are no closer to getting it right - mankind has failed in trying to guide his own footsteps by listening to himself, whether it he has called it his “inner voice” or his “higher self.” If the answers are still being sought in his own mind instead of searching out God’s mind, he will fail. The answers to the second and third challenges have also been answered as history and present time continues to show. Many people will remain faithful and keep their integrity to God under all kinds of emotional and physical persecution; and that people will continue to come to God and praise him whether their times of suffering, illness or material lack is divinely ended or not.

Now you know the background and the agenda of the “aliens” through this look behind the scenes. So which one of the original issues is being presented through UFOs? The very first one: man can guide his own footsteps without God. The lies being presented are the same very ancient ones: follow what you think is best, because you yourself are gods, “…your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” (Genesis. 3:1-4) Another lie presented by UFOs is also that God doesn’t even exist – that we were seeded here from beings on another planet. Or that we need to give our free will to other supernatural beings, they will guide us to unity on the earth, they will be our saviors. It is all a lie, a clever deception, and you must not fall for any of it. God does exist, and his way of Love is the best way for all of us. So we need to be careful and discern just who we are giving our free will allegiance to. It is a lie for the creation to think we know more than our Creator. A funny thing I was given through stigmata – that earth is actually famous in the universe, and not really in a good way - not only are all the other life forms aware of the questions raised and appalled by it, but also that we humans are the only creation who believe they were not created!

Why don’t other beings visit us? At this time, the planet earth and surrounding area is a restricted place of travel. Like an example of a zoo; we can be observed, but no outside visitors are allowed inside until the issue that was brought up here is settled here. So no real photographs of off-world extraterrestrial beings or spacecraft exist. Also, have you ever wondered why the photos or sightings of UFOs are blurry? It’s not all because of speed, since many are seen still or hovering. It is because no tangible form or matter can be manifested by the unHoly Angels, so no definite edges will be seen. It is also why any visitations with them seem like dreams, or appearances are misty or shadowy. Want to know something else really interesting? The Holy Angels are allowed to manifest themselves a body, and also to create tangible items if they wish to. Why is this? And are all visions and supernatural experiences bad?

Remember that unHoly Angels are still Angels – and Holy visitations may also include seeing beings, hearing voices in your mind and seeing physical changes occur in real things around you, including changes with the body, and changes in electrical current, etc. But after the flood of Noah’s day (when unHoly Angels were manifesting bodies for themselves and taking human women as wives), a few limits were placed by God on these fallen ones. One of the most important is that they cannot manifest tangible form or matter anymore. This means they cannot form a body or make solid creations. And this is why not one piece of wreckage or alien material has been found nor will be. This inability to go to completion in forming matter is why some UFOs are photographed or noted on radar for short periods of time, and why some UFO’s have been seen, but not able to be photographed or noted on radar. Think of it as a raincloud trying to form in the sky; even the white fluffy cloud has some density, but as it becomes thicker it is easier to see and for satellite weather maps to pick up; but in this case, it will never be allowed to complete its formation into rain, or even sustain density for very long.

Sometimes a person will see “aliens” or UFOs right in front of them while others alongside them do not. This is a version of telepathy that both kinds of Angels utilize frequently to connect with humankind, but with different outcomes in mind. On the Holy side, one example we see is when visitations from Mary happens, where some will see her appear in front of them, and others standing beside them do not. So how does a person discern the difference between what is a supernatural experience from God, and what isn’t?

Remember the brotherhood of Angels? There was once unity between them, and with that unity under God’s love was also unity with God’s son. The one who came to be known on earth as Jesus Christ had a pre-human existence, and was the firstborn son of God. All the Angels know who he is, what responsibilities he was given, how they were fulfilled, and the expanded power and authority he has at God’s right hand. Keeping this in mind, only a simple question needs to be asked - out loud - of anything supernatural that appears before you, no matter what religion you are: “Do you love Jesus Christ now?” It is important to add “now” because at one time, all of them did, but many fell away. Any of those who are from God will answer you “yes!” immediately, and your heart may be at ease. But, any of those who skirt around the question, start making excuses or cursing, or try to scare you with altered appearances or any other manipulations around you, are not Holy Angels anymore. Remember that unHoly Angels can still appear as light and have much knowledge, they have been around a long time – you must not go just by outward appearances (2 Cor.11:14,15). Ask the question! Once you have discerned who is who, use your authority as a child of God to cast away anyone and anything not of Love, not of God, not aligned with Christ now, by calling in the Holy Angels, who will defend, guide and protect you. And it will be done.

Many other life forms exist in the universe, and new sightings of UFO’s will continue to escalate every year. And more and more people will have personal experiences with supernatural forces, both of good and God, and those not. Time is speeding up; the unHoly Angels know the time is very near for the answers to the court case to be read out loud to every galaxy, and they still want to mislead as many as possible. The primary purpose of manifesting the illusion of UFOs is to promote their agenda of ignoring Divine creation or any being’s need for God’s love as guidance for a successful outcome. Although both Holy and unHoly Angels have similarities that occur when their presence is near, there is a specific question we can ask to discern who is who. Using this discernment and following through on the answer must occur with any supernatural experience we have. Once you have discerned who is who, use your authority as a child of God to cast away anyone and anything not of Love and call in the Holy Angels to defend you. And remember that even Holy spiritual encounters seem unbelievable by the average person, and may make you seem “alien” to your own friends and family. But the information presented here is to help you have comfort to know the bigger picture, to discern which supernatural visitations are from God, and that you have the ability and responsibility to discern who is contacting you, and what to do about it. END

About the Author: Tiffany Snow carries the 5 marks of the Holy stigmata, and is a documented miracle healer, award-winning author, NDEr and public speaker. Distant healing, deliverances, classes, live teleconferences and more articles are offered. This article may be reprinted and shared in any form without permission: please list website:


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    • profile image

      Smile ^_^ 

      6 years ago

      This is great info!! Thank you so much!!!

      I was a having a bit trouble of some puzzle piecies in my brain this info helped me get a better idea!!!

    • profile image

      Ahkasha Ashton 

      7 years ago

      Your sentences do not make sense and as they make up your paragraphs they do not either.

      Your references are minimal and the only two that are there are from the Bible. Your title has nothing to do with what you are saying.

    • profile image

      nicodim yuri 

      7 years ago

      If Aliens don't exist, why did a Chinese airport shutdown due to a UFO hovering over the airport which was witnessed by thousands. Why has there been millions of accounts throughout man's history of UFO. Look

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Sorry aeons

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      That's what I have always thought ,familiar spirits they have been around for aroma and communicate with each other so have great knowldge


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