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What Does God Want Me to Do As a Christian Artist: A Reflection of My Younger Self

Updated on October 28, 2015


There are so many things that I want to do in my life. Like becoming a Christian country artist, getting married and raise a family. I feel that sometimes I talk so much about the future and not about what is happening in my present life. So now I ask the question, what does God want me to do as a Christian artist, now.


A Reflection

Well I enjoy writing songs. Songwriting for me is an outlet, a way of expressions. It is whether I am in a good or bad mood. Whether I feel like a conquer or a weak warrior. It is a way to tell God how much he means to me. I can tell stories. I can pretend that I am anywhere in the world.

I feel that as being called as a Christian artist, God wants me to tell stories. Not just my testimony/story but, the stories of friends and family. Also, the stories of people that I just met and stories of people it seems like I have known them for a lifetime.

With these stories embedded into songs God wants me to show the people of this world that God loves them. No matter what trail or tribulation they are going through he knows where they have been. Whether they are walking through a sunny or rain day, he understands.

I also think that God wants me to grow as a Christian artist. He wants me to always lean on him. I think that as Christian artists we sometimes think that we created our gifts on our own. Whether it is the gift in composing or whether it is the gift singing. What we have to realize is that God can talk away our gifts if he wants to.

Being a Christian artist in this world is a difficult thing. It is so difficult because the world is against us. There is a tension between us and the world. Personally, I want to save the world. I want to tell people what cost Jesus Christ paid to die in the cross for us.


For my life right now, in this moment and in the present day; the thing that God wants me to do is to always trust him. He is my solid rock and the calmer of the storms. God want me to trust in him now and for the rest of my life.


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