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What Environmental Impart Are You Making ?

Updated on May 10, 2016

A man was born to a home where his parent were so poor that they could not affort three square meal daily.

In his youthful days he learnt that by helping people around him he could engrave his name in the minds of people and in turn would make himself unforgettable and sort after whenever their is a Job oportunity.

This was the scret of how he rose to become the most favourite kid in his enviroment. he was later named "crazy helper" and was also loved for his act of helping people whenever a need arises .

Normally, people wish to be helped for free, but in his case he was favoured maybe because of the happiness,strength and manner with which he does his work and act of helping coupled with the knowledge of his poor background, everybody he worked for or helped always paid him and even give him extra to assist his parents.

In Act 9 :36-43 .It was told how Docas when she died, she was greatly missed exspecially by the widows for all her good work. this people effected their enviroment but in the bible days and in ou day.

What effect can you say you have effected in your world. remeber your impart in your home ,school church or working place can own be felt if you have passoinatly with great joy given youself to the service of orders.

So, What are you doing where you find yourseelf that is worth missing you whenever you are not around there or leave that placce for another


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