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What Exactly is a Medium?

Updated on October 13, 2009

Are All Mediums the Same?

Just as people are individual people, so are the many facets of the gift of mediumship. People whose gifts fall under the "medium" category, may have many different variations of this gift, as well as different missions, and areas in which they are meant to help.

Some mediums help in what I call the lower realms, in the space between where spirits who have died, but not crossed to the other side, dwell. I call them the lower realms simply because the vibration level or "feel" of the energy, to me, is lower. People who are blessed in this area of the gift are the souls who can help bring resolution for spirits as these, so they may be able to cross to the other side. The ghosts may be seen, heard, felt, or received in many different ways and many different variations, by those who are mediums, and you will find them working in many different areas according to their own life paths and interests. Many are here on rescue and healing life paths or themes.

Other mediums help in a higher realm, meaning, they have the ability to connect with those who have already crossed to the other side. This gift is meant to bring healing to those who are still here through the messages that pass through the medium. A medium who works in this realm may see, hear, feel, get symbols, receive symbols, be able receive "downloads" of information to be able to validate the spirit for those the messages are intended for. The many different variations in ways the messages are received is much the same as a medium who works in the lower realms. What is different is the vibration level or the "channel".

There are also those who work in both realms, and are able to receive from both realms.

A different type of medium is one who is able to literally channel messages by means such as being a physical host to another spirit, or through automatic writing, and even by the same ways as the other two. Most who have this facet of the gift, channel higher realms such as guides, and angels.

The many different variations will vary depending on the life theme of the medium, astrology signs of the medium (personality), as well as what particular personal experiences are grown through the individuals, as will the many different facets of the gift within the medium. Whatever realm they are meant to work with others in will be evident by what the medium is drawn to, as well as what spirits come to them for help who are living here, in between, or on the other side.



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    • MonkeyShine75 profile image

      Mara Alexander 

      3 years ago from Los Angeles, California

      Several years after my mom died, she came to me one April and told me "Well Mara, I'm going home now"

      Six month's later I went to bed one night, and was very uncomfortable. I kept tossing, and turning, and on my last turn, I had an OBE, and went to a place where I talked to my mom. She gave me a message about healing a certain body part. About three years later I became ill in that body part.


      Thank you for this hub, I voted it up, and awesome :)

    • profile image

      Coreen Trost 

      8 years ago

      Very interesting and informative, Beth! I have a favorite psychic from C.P. who is a Medium as well as has other skills/gifts. She sees the people I ask about and knows how they feel and who they are in their heart and souls. She's never mentioned guides or messages from the other side, etc. Although I know she has given 'unexpected' messages to others. Very interesting, esp. because this person has the same heart and soul as me, so it doesn't matter if her 'gifts' are exactly what I need, her understanding of the real 'me' is more important in my case.

      Great post, Beth! I learn so much from you!! Thank you!!

      Blessings and Hugs,


    • Chris EastMan profile image

      Chris EastMan 

      8 years ago

      You have wonderful hubs


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