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What Generation Gap?

Updated on August 8, 2014

Gena Millennial Boomer with X and Y Tendencies

There has always been innovation, whether it is the invention of the TV or the iPhone. There is an awareness of Death, whether by Bomb, Asteroid, Disease, another or our own thoughts.

We may be able to get our information, sooner, more immediately....yes, the need for immediate gratification seems more intense, however, don't we all and haven't we always 'want (ed) it now'...Has that changed in 100 years? Those who needed food, past or present, needed it 'now.' Those who need protection from others who abuse, need it now.

In a sense, as a society, we have learned a lot. Now, we stand up and stop the abuse.

Please consider that many older than us came from a 'silent society', where things weren't talked about. I think, as a result, now we talk about everything. We share our bodies, our inside thoughts, what we had for breakfast and we have no idea why. That's why.

Also consider that the offspring of the silent society, our parents, started the path to breaking from this mold, but were still restricted in it. So the abuse, distrust, hiding who we really are, judgement of others and guilt continued.

We are all products of our environment, those who came before us. Those who were neglected and hurt as children, hurt others. Excepting real mental illness, which has been experienced by every generation from the beginning of time.

Each new era responds to the actions of the previous one and adapts.

Does it seem like corruption has gotten worse....well, yes, maybe on a larger financial scale and an increased doubt about a government we should be able to trust, however, I bet if we look back, money and power always has threaded politics and business. That's why 'We the People' were given power too. We also know, even with the transparency the media is providing, so much is hidden. Standing up is exhausting because this time in life, is wearing us thin.

Let's remember....We are all in this together. Whatever Generation we come from, we can see a gap or we can build a bridge. We are where we came from. We are our Elders and our young People and everything in between. We all matter.


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