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What God is meant to you?

Updated on December 9, 2011

The nearness to God.

I know that this particular topic may be of interest to believers of God. From ancient time, many seekers of Truth, tried to describe God and also they made elaborate research on the term "God". Once Saibaba told the essential meaning of god as "Generation, Organization, Dissolution". It is otherwise, "Creation, Sustenance and annihilation". God is formless, subtler than the ether and fills the entire cosmos and creation as well as transcending the creation. We can not limit god within a fixed boundary as we can not fix any boundary to the space. Astronomers can understand this more than us. We are aware of only the "milky way" which comprises all the planets and stars within our galaxy. But space contains many such galaxies and even with advanced telescopes, we can peep at only a spic of the entire space. The light emitted by many stars in the galaxies have not reached our earth so far!

When the creation itself is so vast, what to talk about the creator? We are just nothing compared to the creation. But we boast our achievement. This is the act of ego based on the little body conscious. There was complete emptiness or void before the creation began. Arose mountains and sky, the earth and the oceans, all living beings. The supreme place was accorded to man who can think about God and creation. This goes on for many cycles. Yes, the entire creation, after the passage of many years (4320000 years) get dissolved or absorbed by the creator. Again, there will be a period of rest. It may be again many number of years as above. The creation commences again and all the above elements of creation happen as before.

God is loving and considerate towards His creations. But man alone has the capacity to perceive the grace and love of God. But he can not delve on the subject any further. His limited mind, can not perceive the grand term God. Hence, no one has so far understood God but they have enjoyed all the grace and love. He has created hunger in us and provided the food in the form of grains, vegetation, milk and fruits. He has given us rest in the form of sleep after a day's hard work. At the same time, God is our thickest friend, He is our Father and Mother combined into one. He is our kinsman. You can converse with him intimately in your conscious. He hears every thing. If you are keen enough and maintain inner silence, the voice of God can be heard. Our earthly relations may depart from us one day or other but God will never leave us even for a moment. Even after the death of the body, He accompanies us unnoticed. He is our life and soul. Only those who have sufficient faith and belief in God can understand the above. Prayer is our conversation with him. All religions advocate chanting of any of the names of God to keep him in perpetual memory. You may forget the world but you should never forget God. When you chant his name, his benevolent form comes to your memory. You may take any name as "Jesus, Allah or Buddha. You may chant Rama, Krishna or Sai. All names are His, all forms are his. Hence cultivate the nearness of God in your innermost conscience.

Be nearer and enjoy the grace and love!


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    • Shawn Cardin profile image

      Shawn Cardin 6 years ago from sulphur, la

      thanks for not being ashamed of your creator!!!