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What Happened to Those That Murdered Hussain at Karbala?

Updated on November 12, 2015

The Martyrdom of Hussein

The battle of Karbala, which was located in modern-day Iraq, is the biggest tragedy in the history of Islam. In the battle, Hussain the beloved grandson of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him), was murdered by people who also claimed to be Muslims and followers of the Prophet (PBUH).

Hussain was killed by some nonsense Muslim rulers at Karbala because of greed and pride.

But the martyrdom of Hussain has not been wasted by the Almighty. The mission for which Hussain laid down his life gained strength until the Umayyad empire finally crumbled. The tragedy of Karbala shook the foundations of the Umayyad empire, which had been built with foresight and strategy.

Deaths of Yazid, Shimar, Ibn Ziad, and Omar bin Saad

There were certain villains in the tragedy of Karbala, like Yazid, Shimar, Ibn Ziad and Omar bin Saad. However, none of the villains that took part in the holocaust of Karbala escaped divine retribution.

Yazid ruled the Umayyad empire at the time of Karbala. It is unknown exactly how Yazid died, but soon after his death, the city of Kufa fell into the hands of Mukhtar, who heavily punished its treacherous people.

The Search for Hussain's Murderers

There was a ruthless hunt for Hussain’s killers, all of whom perished.

  • The infamous Shimar, murderer of Hussain, tried to escape but he was caught and butchered. His dead body was torn to pieces by hungry dogs.
  • Omar bin Saad, commander of the forces of Yazid's army in Karbala, was slain along with his son.
  • The greatest villain of all, Ibn Ziad, the governor of Kufa at the time of Karbala, fell fighting against Mukhtar’s troops. His head lay before Mukhtar in the same place where only a few years before Hussain’s head had laid before him.

The heads of Ibn Ziad and Ibn Saad were sent to Zainul Abedin, who explained: “Glory be to Allah, who has punished my enemies on my behalf.”

Hussain’s prophetic words, uttered shortly before he was slain, proved true. His enemies were punished in a manner they had never dreamed of while he himself was exalted to a height that has become the envy of all good men. He attained this stature because he was the embodiment of the true spirit of Islam.

Though no one knows where Yazid is buried, it is believed that he is receiving severe damnation and that his grave is full of hell fire indeed.

Allah’s peace and blessings be on Muhammad and his descendants.


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    • oleleho profile image

      oleleho 5 years ago

      Excellent, bro. I wish we had lots of comments here about our Master of Paradise.

      Just a lttle correction. It's supposed to be Ibn Ziyad or Ibn Ziad, instead of Ibn Zaid.

      Again, good job. Will wait for another article.

    • profile image

      INZAMAM-UL-HAQ 5 years ago

      HI GUYZ ,


    • profile image

      Ali 5 years ago

      very nice Article about Yazeed and his Bloody Commanders.Everyone knows how they dead badly.This Called God Punishment.

    • profile image

      Muhammad saleem chishti 5 years ago

      Hussain zenda abad

      but yazid mordabad nothing etc

    • profile image

      munawar hussain 5 years ago

      Mr,Inzamam ul Haque I appriciate u for ur love with profit and his beloved family but this is not fair that u say (SALLALAHO ALIYEHE WASALLAM)u must say SALLALAHO ALIYEHE WA AALEHI WASALLAM IT IS NESESSRY

    • profile image

      niyaz ahmad quadri 5 years ago

      i m Niyaz Ahmad Quadri from Iucknow India I want to say the famous poet about IMAM E HUSSAIN (RAZIALLAHUTALAANHU)




    • profile image

      Naqi ali 5 years ago

      Hussain (a.s) Zindabad

      Yazidiat Murdabaad.

      bar dushmanane Ahlebait Lanat.

    • profile image

      Faheel Abbas 5 years ago

      Salaam ya hussain

    • profile image

      Shabir 5 years ago

      Hussain the hero of karbala hussain is the symbol of resistence against unjaustic salaam ya hussain

    • profile image

      Abbas 5 years ago

      Hussain zindabad tha ,hai aur rahega.

    • profile image

      AMBREEN 5 years ago


    • profile image 5 years ago

      Sallam, There is no comparrison between Hazrat IMAM HUSAIN and LAEEN yazid.History has seen that in the days of Laeen yazid people use to drink wine in the MOSQUE , but now people offer in the MOSQUES. Please see the difference.This is because of KARBALA.

    • profile image 4 years ago

      Assalam o alikum to all muslims no one has compared to husain because he is the real hero of islam husain kal be zinda tha woh aj be zinda ha or yazid kal be murda tha or aj be murda ha husain zindabad assalam o alikum yah husain

    • profile image

      babar hussain 4 years ago

      rashid it's not fair,,,,,,


    • profile image

      syed husain abbas. baragaon.faizabad 4 years ago

      hamare dil hardam HUSAIN hai. husain ZINDABAD husainiyat ZINDABAD

    • profile image

      Muhammad Sajjad Attari 4 years ago

      This is only For Rashid Rizvi.

      Greedy dog, ghoor se sun sale kabi apni hi kitaboun ko phar k dekh tmhein Ahlebiat or sahaba ikram mein kitni kurbat nazar aie gi niehgle blaga tmhari hi kitab ha na sale jo hazrat ali ki likhi hai. Tum konse momen ho jo hazrat ali(A.S) ka or nabi(SAW) ka kehna nahi mante. 72 shaheedoun k nam hi bta do mein tmhein man joun.

    • profile image

      Muhammad sajjad attari 4 years ago

      Rashid Sahib.

      yeh book study kro tmhein galt or drust mein farq wazhei ho jay ga.

      khulfaey rashideen se hazrat Ali (R.A) ki aqeedat.

      or is ki web site yeh hai.

    • firdousi0 profile image

      Fassee Ullah 4 years ago from Pakistan

      I have not written even a single word against Sahabah neither I could even imagine to write against Khulafai Rashideen. However, if anyone has sympathy for Yazid and his companions I cannot do anything for them as the crimes of Yazid against Islam are so severe that history would never forgive him.

    • profile image

      MUHAMMAD YASIN 4 years ago



    • profile image

      warsi 4 years ago

      hussain jidabad

    • profile image

      Syed Shahid Hussain Shah 4 years ago

      Praise and glory be to Allah(swt).Fine expression of martyrdom of

      Imam Hussain(a.s) and its consequences and you have also thrown

      light to the sad event of Karbala.Main culprits of this sad event were

      humiliated,being humiliating and would humiliate where as the man

      sacrifices deserve consideration and Hussain(a.s) is greatest Hero of

      Islam.God almighty has blessed him a distinctive rank.Hussain(a.s) is rewarded the kingdom,heaven, of all the young members and no one

      has given this distinctive status.It is all because of his great sacrifice

      against the enemies of almighty God.

    • profile image

      Ali 3 years ago

      yazeed aur us ke manenain walon pe lanettttttttttttttttttt beshmarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    • profile image

      Jiffry razick 3 years ago

      Assalamu Alaikum warah................ Allah will punish who did wrong in the day of judgement. Imam Hussain is not a cowered He was a real hero and he frighted until the last minute, before die he ask the permission to Pray and he prayed. this is what Islam

    • profile image

      Majid naqvi 3 years ago

      rashid,haider tum logon per kudha ki lanat tum log abu baker,Usman,Umer Kay baray men aisay alfaz kayh Kar pakay jahanumi ho gay ho

    • profile image

      Ing Barzanif 3 years ago

      Beside other religions, I`ve read sufficient about History of Islam and reached at this conclusion that War between grandson of Prophet and son of Ma`Wia was one among a lot of usual Buddoyans wars but after centuries it converted into a holy war .Plz think about elder brother of Hussain, (called Imam Hassan) who announced not to fought against Yazeed. Why the regime of ummi` yads expanded more and more?

    • profile image

      Md Ibrahim 3 years ago

      Thank you very much.It is a very good write up.

    • profile image

      momin 3 years ago

      Yazeed ko laanti na maan'ny walon py laant beshumaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrr

    • profile image

      Nasir Ali Bhatti 3 years ago

      Mukhtar is Really a Brave Man He took the revenge of Hazrat Imam Hussai(A.S)........Zulum jitna bhy bhar jai us kaa Khatma Aik na aik Din hona h...

    • profile image

      3 years ago

      Democracy that lead by Abu bakar Umar othman and ali can,t defeat the ignorance of politician after them.Hussyn tried to fighting the ignorance.But he lost.There is no Shiah believe a that time.Shiah came later years after they are fighting for true politic. But after that they them self gone astray when they made the caliph only available to Ali sons.The true caliph is available to whom are elected by the muslims.Muawiyah and Yazid distorted Sunnah democracy that found at the time of four fist caliph.At the same time Shiah emerged after years after the death of Hussyn rahimahullah and distorted too many Islamic believe,to achieve their goal,the politic power..Muawiyah and yazid wrong doing lead to the death of many muslims including Hussyn rahimahullah.I guess Muawiyah and yazid can be blame.If Muawiyah allow muslim elected their caliph.I guess there is no war amongst the muslims at the time .Ibnu Abbas,A Great fakih, said Hussyn not accepted his advise not fight yazid,since thy are having les of men than Yazid had..Any way this event can,t be use by Muslim to hate each others.All the killers of hussyn had bad fate in their life.All of them died weirdly.Shiah can,t blame and curse Abu bakar,uthman,Umar.They done nothing wrong and not an oppressor to the sons of Ali.Curse them will turn a good muslims being a fasiq.At the same time,all the killer of The prophet,s descendant is fasiq or bad than that.I m Syafie sunni. God know best.

    • profile image 3 years ago

      Companionship and Caliphate are neither synomous nor mutually interchangeable concepts. The first reflects association and degree of closeness with the Holy Prophet(PBH) while lateral is the outcome of the decision of a small gathering of a few Madina-based Muslims who stayed away from the funeral of the departing Prophet. Notwithstanding of the implications of the decision, we should leave the responsibility of the act with the makers of the decision. We were neither the part nor the beneficiaries of the decision. As such, we should not be defending something that we were neither a part nor will be held accountable for and leave it The God AllMighty to award its order on the same.

      We should be focusing only on the questions that we will be liable to be asked on the Big Day. The most asking that would determine the approval and otherwise of our acts in the world will be 'about our loyalty to 'Ah-lalbaet', the absence of which may melt down our lifetime 'Ebadaat and good deeds'. L

    • profile image

      mubashir Ashraf 3 years ago

      it Is Said by Our Prophet salohu Allihi walaalhi waslam. That Every muslim Should Have Respect & Love For Immae hussian Razia allahu tallaaa anhuu. So We Shoud Love & recite holy Quran On The 10th Muharram & Should Send darood Instead Of Beating Chests. Because if You Want To Show Love , Respect & emotion For This Inciident Then We Should Recite The Holy Quran , & Send daruud .

    • profile image

      bakhtawar Ali. 3 years ago

      yazeeed pe lanat in this world and also hereafter .... yazeeed ki olaad pe bhi lanat.... jo aaj kal yazeed ki himayat kar rhy hain.....

    • profile image

      HASEEB HASSAN 3 years ago


    • profile image

      Muhammad Qasim 3 years ago

      Imam Hussain A.S gave all of us the message of humanity!!!

    • firdousi0 profile image

      Fassee Ullah 3 years ago from Pakistan

      You are absolutely right Mr. MUhammad Qasim

    • firdousi0 profile image

      Fassee Ullah 3 years ago from Pakistan

      Well set Bakhtawar Ali.

    • firdousi0 profile image

      Fassee Ullah 3 years ago from Pakistan

      Hazrat Ameer Muavia could not be blamed/held responsible for the wrongs done by his son Yazid.

    • profile image

      SHAMSUDDIN AHMED 3 years ago

      mr munawar hussain not profit it's prophet

    • profile image

      Ali Hassan 3 years ago

      I am shia but shias has glorified this war and made it haq o kufar war. Actually it was a war like others just for the sake to capture the Government and nothing else.

    • profile image

      Hussain S k 3 years ago

      Yes, its owesomely wrote n said

    • firdousi0 profile image

      Fassee Ullah 3 years ago from Pakistan

      This was not a war at all. How you can say it a war when there are just 72 innocent and unarmed (both men and women) on the one hand and on the other side was an army of 18000 soldiers well equiped with weapons.

    • profile image

      MIAN IMTIAZ ALI 2 years ago

      SALAM YA HUSSAIN (AS). main un logon pr hairan hon Jo yazid (L ) ki waqalat krte hain hain jub k Qur'an o hadis main Allah ne ahle bait (as) ki shan bian ki ha khuda raa apni aqbat kharab na krain aur Allah (j) RASOOL(saww) ki LANAT ke murtaqab na bnain. ABU SUFIAN MUAWIA YAZID Te LANAT BESHUMARRRR

    • profile image

      A Muslim 2 years ago

      come on Muslims,, dusro pa unglia uthany sa phaly apny giryban ma to jhank kr dheakoo,,

      as a human thmy koi haq nahi hy kisi ko bura ya acha khny ka sub ALLAH janta hy,,

      fiqar kro to apni kro jo ic dunia sa guzar gay hy wo to guzar gay hy tum abi b dunia ma ho apnay AMAL ko bachao,,

      hum musalman firko ma bathy va hy Q??

      jub hamara NABI (SAW) ak hy hamara KHUDA ak hy to phr itny firqy q??

      time hy MUSALMANO apni Qabar bacha lo

    • profile image

      Mohibullah Soleh 2 years ago

      nice info

    • profile image

      abdemanaf 2 years ago

      Laanat laanat laanat laeen aur shemr pe

    • profile image

      YASEEN HASAN WARSI 2 years ago

      hussain zindabad

    • profile image

      Maria Shah 2 years ago

      Ali Hassan brother! how can u say it was a war and war for the power... my brother plz plz read the history of Karbala again and again.... history aur Hazrat Imam Hussain (R.Z) ka Madina sy Karbala rawana hona aur us Safar e mubarik k tamam waqiat detail sy perhain ap ko ap ki har confusion ka jawab mily ga aur har ghalat fehmi dore ho jy gi.... I'm not shiya but like every Muslim I love Our Prophit Hazrat Mohammad (S.A.W) and His Ahl e Bait... sb sy pehly to yeh k kiya humary piyary Nabi (SAW) k piyary nawasy aisa ker sakty hain k iqradar ki jang kerain... phir yeh k bachon aur aurton ko isi liya saath liya tha k Ap ka Jang kerny ka koi irada nahi tha kiya jang main biwi aur bachon k saath jaya jata ha.... Aur saathi sirf 72 thy... yeh to bilkul basic baatain hain... plz brother being a gud Muslim ap ko aisi baat nahi kerni chahya...

    • profile image

      malik 2 years ago

      Koofiyoun pe lanat

    • firdousi0 profile image

      Fassee Ullah 2 years ago from Pakistan

      Meri taraf se bhi

    • profile image

      m.asad ullah 2 years ago

      a agree with opinion of Maria Shah,

      Imam Hussain A.s and Eh lay bait zinda abad for ever and every true Muslim heart.

      yazeed and yazeed k humaity murada abad.

    • profile image

      Samee 2 years ago

      The Ideology of Imam Hussein (R.A.) Prevails !! Salute to the Resilience of I.H.R.A. May Allah give us the courage to follow his path. The Path to Martorysm, the path to Justice, the Path to End Agony & Cruelty. May Allah bless all his blessing upon Him and Sahaba and our Last Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.).

    • profile image

      subu khan 2 years ago

      Yazeed ki wahi log tareef kar sakte hain jo kahin na kahin yazeed ki sons n daughter ke blood se belong karte hon otherwise here is no comparison between badshah hussain n that yazeed bcoz wo dhool nahi hussain ke qadmo ki

    • profile image

      Bunny 2 years ago

      This article is really cool, I never knew the fate of all those people who did so much wrong to ahl-e-bait, thank you for the information. I want to know about Yazeed Laeen in detail, i have searched a lot but found nothing even on wikipedia they wrote about his politics and etc but couldn't get his wrong doings before and after Karbala, could you please share them as well or share any link, ebook or something which has details about Yazeed Laeen.

      Though I heard about him from different aalims(Shia, Sunni both) and there is a definite verdict from both side that he is a fasiq and fajir, but now I need to share about him with some of my friends who doesn't know about him much.

    • profile image

      M Aslam Rahi 2 years ago

      Very informative Shuhda e Karbla ki azeem qurbani ko salam Yazid per Lanat beshumar

    • profile image

      Adnan 2 years ago

      Slam ya Hussain a.s

    • profile image

      Adnan 2 years ago

      Slam ya Hussain a.s

    • profile image

      malik javed hayat baghoor 2 years ago

      My dear "mufti " muslims there is no comparizon between Hussain and yazeed , hussainiat is the ideology based on real Islamic concept showed by holy prophet

    • profile image

      SYED ABBAS HASNAIN 2 years ago

      We shia are born only for maulla hussain. labaik ya hussain

    • profile image

      syed hasan ali shah 2 years ago

      Nabi pak s.a.w or unkay ahle bait per hamarai janien quban.labaik ya hussain a.s yazeed dushmanan-e ahle-bait or in kay hamaytiyon per lannat bayshummaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar

    • profile image

      S zahid husain 2 years ago

      Duniya aj pechan gai karbala m kon allha ki rah p tha r kon batil k sath tha Salam ya husain

    • profile image

      lalaji 2 years ago

      karbala ki haqeeqat Allah behter jaanta hai, meri samajh may ye nahi aata k. shia hazrat abubakr ki khilafat ko kiu tasleem nahi kerte aur hazrat Omar ki bayadabi kerte hein, banawati ( fabricated) history ko belief ker k, According to Quran Nabi ke sathiyon( companion) ek doosre k saath mohabbat rakhtein hein aur kaafiron ke saamne sakht. Aysi clear Ayet k baad ye kehna k khilafat k liye ye hazraat ek doosray k doosman hogaye ye himaqat aur zidd hai, Shia hazraat ki ye galat fehmi hai ji ye samjhtay hein k hazrat abbakr nay khilafat dhoke say ya zabardasti hasil kerlithi, yaphir hazrat Omar nay hazrat e Fatima ke saath badtamizi ki thi, zara sochye k hazrat Omar hazrat fatima ke saath badtamizi ker rahay htay aur hazrat Ali jo k bahaduron k bahadoor htay sirf haath pe haath rakhe dekh rahay htay. It does not make sense at all, we all love and respect family of our prophet, but after our prophet khilafat was not reserved for family members, who ever among muslim best suit for job should be nominated thru the will of majority, At the time of nomination few people may have elected Hazrat Ali, but most have elected abu bakr. our hadiths and our riwaayaat are written long after the actual event and our historians either intentionally or un intentionaaly have passed on laots of garbage, and to clear all these trash Quran should be our criteria. when Quran says that companions of prophet( bpuh) love each other, this should be sufficient for us to believe that they did not fight or hated each other, and remember Quran Also says that you will be asked for your deeds only, you are not answerable for no one

    • profile image

      zafar mehdi 2 years ago

      Imam Hussain rescued the sinking ship of Islam-e-Mohammed by denouncing the Malookeyaat of Yazid bin Mauvia. I argued that why muslim parents do not decide the Name Yazid for their newly born baby? Because Yazid killed the Hussain the grand son, with whom Prophet Mohammed loved just like his own son. In Sahee Muslim" it was reported that Prophet Mohammed said that I can not bare that Hussain's sadness and his worry" with reference to that Hadees did profit feel happy or grieved on the Sahyadat of his grand son!! Those who killed Hussain and his followers and relatives were MUNAFIQ and Quran's verse "Munafiqoon" reveled in cursing these brutal people . Hussain is the hope and light for freedom of thought and expression and a pillar against oppression against the oppressed belong to any religion, cast , creed , nation . Hussain Aag bhee uncountable humans is Leader hey and Jawann-e-Jannat ka sardar hey. Imam Hussain is an inspiration for the people having justice and indiscriminate attitude where as Imam Hussain is not for MUNAFIQ. Assalam-o-Alaika YA HUSSAIN IBNE ALI

    • profile image

      Ali Abbas Khan Afridi Bungash 2 years ago

      Salam ya husain

    • profile image

      sumera 21 months ago

      Very nice I like it n hussainiyat zindabad yazeediyat mirdabad

    • profile image

      waheed 21 months ago

      love u imaam


    • profile image

      taufiq 19 months ago

      Rasool Allah ne maidane ghadir me ek bade majme aur sahaba ki majudgi me, Hazrat Ali ko apna janashin bana Diya tha yekahkar Ki"JISS JISS KA MAIN MAULA USUS KE ALI MAULA" I really confused that why Muslims of that time disobeyed Rasool verdict & majority of today's Muslims are hiding the said verdict.

    • profile image

      arooj 19 months ago

      lahnat ho yazeed pe... beshumar lahnat

      hussain zindabad

      hussainiyat zindabad

      i dont have words to express my love and faith for hazrat imam hussain a.s....

    • profile image

      amjad hussain 19 months ago

      Mr lala gee,

      please consult sahee bukhari,after hujaat ul wida at the place of khum Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said that Mun kun tm moula fahaza Ali un moula.After this hadeeth how can any one say that there may be a khalifa except Hazrat Ali (AS)

    • profile image

      Junior 19 months ago

      Pagans got no Idea, Munafiqeens used Yazeed son of Muawiy'ah for revenging muhammad by beheading Hussain and Shias mourn,,

      No one known clearly about karbala...

      Karl Marx right said,,

      "Religion is opium that blinds you ".... world is moving ahead and we are still stuck in streets of karabala

    • profile image

      Anwar Hussain 5 months ago

      Hussain a.s is the only personality that Our great Prophet p.b.u.h became horse.rider for him on the day of Eid and always love Hussain.

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