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What Happens After We Die? World's Biggest Mystery

Updated on November 25, 2015

The Inevitable

Sooner or later we all think about death and, every time we think about it, this scary feeling of desperation crawls all over our body and makes us feel so helpless. For thousands of years the population of planet Earth was obsessed with solving the biggest mystery out there. Is there life after death? Is death the end or the new beginning? Where do we go after we die?

The biggest problem with solving this mystery is that no one lived to tell the truth. All of the attempts to put the end to the fear of death have found no real proof and the only evidence we have is just the theory.


The definition of death states that death means the termination of biological function in a living organism. After death, the physical body begins decomposing.

When people are asked about why they are afraid to die, they usually provide two good reasons: they are scared there is nothing after death and they are also sad to leave the loved ones behind and never see them again. This is quite understandable because our lives can be difficult sometimes but we still enjoy the full benefits of living our lives and being able to experience joy, love, pleasure along with hate, jealousy, and much more. No matter how bad our lives can be at times, we'd rather suffer than die.

Can't Say They Didn't Try

Human quest to find the source of immortality goes way back to thousands of years ago. Lots of myths talk about the fountain of youth as the means of cheating death and aging. The first written account about this possible cure for death goes back to 5th century BC when Herodotus mentioned the existence of the fountain of youth in the land of Macrobians. Alexander the Great has devoted many years and many war campaigns to the restless search for the legendary source of never ending life. Later on, Spanish explorers have spent many years scouting different islands across the ocean which ultimately led to discovery of America. Rest assured that hundreds or maybe thousands of people died trying to locate the fountain of youth in the most remote corners of our planet. Have they succeeded?

There are quite few claims saying that the source of "Forever Young" has been found but, of course, the secret is safely kept from humanity by a group of secret societies and extremely wealthy people. Well, since we can't drink from the priceless fountain, and, sadly, our only option here is dying, let's examine what happens to humans after they die.

What is NDE?

At this point of time, near death experience or NDE has proven to be one of the most credible sources of information about what follows after death. People who have experienced NDE are the people who almost died from an accident, natural disaster, suicide attempt, drug or alcohol overdose, medical error during surgery and other reasons. Many doctors will confirm that a lot of times in their career they have heard the testimonials of the patients who came back from dying and have quite a story to tell. In fact, the hospital workers are so used to NDEs that they no longer question the sanity of those patients who have experienced the NDEs. They say it's a kind of normal.

So, what exactly happens to those who have died and came back? There appears to be a striking resemblance in all of the testimonials of those lucky ones who had a glimpse of forbidden reality. First of all, they describe the feeling of separation from their physical bodies. Very many people describe being able to see their physical bodies in a distance. To the great surprise, they don't feel any pain at all. On the contrary, they feel very light and happy and have not intention to return to their physical body. They a kind of observe what is happening down there, floating over the death scene totally emotionless. This is why, possibly, lots of people who died and came back were able to describe in detail what medical procedures were performed on them while they were dead or dying. Majority of them, though, were unconscious during those procedures and overwhelming majority has no clue about the standard protocol of treating people who are dying. Nevertheless, they mention the names of the drugs, names of the doctors and nurses, time they died, how their loved ones reacted and many more accurate details they could not have possibly known because they were dead or nearly dead.

The further descriptions of the experiences maybe a bit different for all the people with NDEs but they are still pretty close. Some people describe going through the tunnel and then being greeted by a God or Angel. Some people say they were welcomed by their deceased family members. The list goes on mentioning some beautiful light and heavenly music. At the same time, people from different cultures may see things differently. For example, some people meet Jesus, some other people meet Hindu Gods. It really depends on their religious believes and background which brings us to the conclusion that this part of the experiences maybe a bit questionable. Why don't all people see the same God or Angel or someone else? Do they hallucinate and this hallucination is based on what they believe would happen to them after they die? By the way, after all of the encounters, everyone describes being pushed back to their body - a lot of times against their will.

What does Quantum Physics Say About This

In my opinion, in this great age of advanced technology, we know almost nothing about death and all death related questions. The only science that may be able to cast some light on what really happens to us after we die is quantum physics.

According to quantum physics, we create our reality and we experience what we create. This may explain the fact that everyone who nearly died saw their own God and other entities from above according to their religious believes. This may also explain why those who don't believe in God don't recall seeing him. Quantum physics goes even further with the debate on death. Some scientist now state that death is not even real, we are just programmed to think that we age and die. Hopefully, the science will make some progress in the near future and we all will learn to control our reality and just stop dying period.

Past Life Regression

Interestingly, there is one more exiting tool used by hypnotherapists that can help us understand what happens after we die. This wonderful tool is called Past Life Regression and it has been around for few decades now. It started by accident when the patients were supposed to be regressed to their childhood to look for the possible causes of their bad health condition, or emotional traumas, or other mishaps in their lives. Somehow, few people started describing the experiences of their death and actually linked their current conditions to something that happened to them in the past life or even the one before. When more and more people under hypnosis started describing similar to NDEs experiences, this is how Past Life Regression was born.

Basically, during a regression session the patient would be put into deep relaxed state of mind and asked a series of questions about their death, life between lives and much more. The patients then would describe pretty much the same thing - floating over their body, trying to comfort the loved ones, going through some tunnel or just floating up and then meeting someone special. So, no doubt, the experience was the same as the one from the people with the NDEs, and, no doubt, it's too much of coincidence that so many people separated by age, race and believes say the same thing: "We really don't die after we die". In fact, the majority of people who had a sneak pick on the other side, came back to become different people. Their moral values improve, they become religious, and they acquire new skills and talents they never knew they processed.

Let's hope death is not the end but just a stepping stone into our new reincarnation. After all, humanity has always survived on hope.

Do you believe there is life after death?

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    • BeatsMe profile image


      3 years ago

      Sigh. Everyone experience death yet no one can answer the ultimate question.

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 

      3 years ago from England

      Love the quantum idea! interesting stuff, something we will never know really, well not while we are here, nell


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