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What Happens When We Die

Updated on July 15, 2016

Why are there so many stories of dying people seeing their loved ones around them when no one else can? If death is imminent such as in a fatal accident, does the spirit leave the body before the trauma occurs? Do good and evil people end up with the same experiences of death? Is death the same thing as a near-death experience? Do we live more than once? Where do we go after death, and can we visit our loved ones on earth again? Do we get to decide what happens to us after we die?

Each of us experience a death-like state every time we fall asleep. Yet we welcome sleep and are refreshed by it and when we awaken we are renewed. There are two basic parts to the body – the physical body and the spirit. In sleep our spirit lifts out of our body, and we are not aware of our body functions, but we are busy with dreams and other things. But at that time we are still attached to our physical body by what looks like a silver cord, so we eventually come back to it and wake up. In death that cord is broken, and we do not come back to the body. Can that cord be broken before death? Yes, it is one of the beautiful things that Divine Love does – if the body is about to be made inhabitable through a quick death such as an explosion, fire, crushed or many other accidents, the spirit is lifted out of the body beforehand and the cord is cut by a heavenly hand. The same thing happens for animals. You’ve seen on TV a predator chase down its prey, and the deer continue to struggle and cry while in the predator’s jaws or even while being eaten. But the animal is not alive - this is just the nerves and body functions continuing on for a brief time, the spirit is already out and feeling relief from any of the physical pain and emotional fear that had built up to that moment. Even in near-death experiences, many people will have memories of hovering over their bodies but not physically feeling what was going on in the dying body, until going back into it. Then upon going back into the body is when they experience pain.

But not all deaths come quickly, what then? When a lingering of life occurs before a person dies, the person will often hear or see their loved ones in the room with them, which is to help them overcome their own fear of death. This is to ease the fear of death and to help the person understand that their spirit will continue on. This can go on for days, weeks or even much longer. However, this experience can be clouded if the person is on heavy medications, since these can make it more difficult to recognize the reality of the help offered by the other side. On drugs it can also be much harder to discern these visits from the overlapping and recalling of life memories. But the opportunity to find peace with the upcoming change and encouragement to go easily into the arms of waiting loved ones is there, and is very real, and should not be scoffed at if what is seen by the person is shared with others.

No matter how the moment of death comes, whether fast or slow, we are in charge of some big choices at the moment of death. This applies no matter what religion or culture a person is from. Because free will does not end at death, sometimes people make an incorrect choice even after letting go of the body. Ever wonder about the last part of the Hail Mary prayer? “Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee; blessed are thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.” At the hour of our death is when we are most at risk for being attacked by unHoly Angels. This is why it is so necessary that people are surrounded by love, understanding and support at their time of death. This is a crucial time. Many have entered the ghost life simply because they are simply afraid to go to God, thinking they would not be forgiven for things they have done.

The death experience is much different than a near-death experience. How so? Near-death experiences are opportunities that we can learn things from and then we come back. Often there are similarities between full death and NDEs; such as meeting with a Divine being, having a life review, and a feeling of full acceptance and love. Also, one of the most notable outcomes of a near-death experience is the noticeable changes in a person once they return, and the lack of the fear of death. However, the experience of death with the cord being cut is different from a near-death experience, and we will look at some of them now.

When death is imminent a Holy Angel appears before us, along with several loved ones who have already transitioned. This occurs to help us know that the Angel we are seeing is not a hallucination, and that we really do exist beyond our physical bodies. All Holy Angels are beautiful beings of great love and light, and what is often seen as wings is actually shimmering rays of light. They have specific duties, and the one that comes to us at this time of transition is often called an Angel of death, but is more aptly called a “homing” Angel, because he is there to take us home to God, the source of Divine Love. Homing Angels are very gentle and loving and maternal, and desire us not to be afraid of letting go of our bodies. We are given three choices at that time (1). to go to God right then, (2). or to wait until after the funeral ceremony, (3). or not go to God, which leaves us in a ghost state. But all we have to do is touch the hand of the Angel or call out to God, and our journey continues. Why are we given a choice? Because even after death we still are free will agents and will not be forced to do anything we don’t want to do.

Touching the hand of the Angel is a choice as well, for it shows our free will desire to go to God, and to choose love over fear. If we skip (3).we end up in a ghost state, a spirit separated from the body but not yet choosing to go to Love. Many have entered the ghost life simply because they are afraid to go to God, wrongly thinking they would not be forgiven for things they have done. There have been many versions of faulty teachings about God – but he is not like a prison warden, or a strict overbearing disciplinarian who would send anyone to a fiery hell of torment. He is the core of unconditional Divine Love, forgiveness and mercy. And torture and fear do not coexist with Love, it is the exact opposite. In fact, in Biblical days there was a pagan ritual of sacrificing children to false gods by burning them to death in fire, and God shows his repugnance for that by saying: “The people of Judah have done evil in my eyes…they have built the high places of Topheth…to burn their sons and daughters in the fire – something I did not command, nor did it come up into my heart.” (Jeremiah 7:30, 31) It is not in the heart of a loving God to do such a thing.

Unfortunately, sometimes a person may feel they can’t go to God until they finish something here - even though they will have so much more ability, clarity, and freedom to help change things when they do go to God first. Technically, ghosts are the life-force of people who have not yet gone to God. Spirits are the life-force of people who have gone to God and now have access to come and go as they please between this world and the next. Manipulated ghosts are the life-force of people who have not yet gone to God so are in ghost form, and have come under attack and control of fallen unHoly Angels or demons. For them, the world is a very dark place. But even then, ghosts and manipulated ghosts will be periodically visited by a homing Angel and offered the opportunity to go to Divine Love. Sometimes God will even send a human gifted with the ability to release ghosts as well, and this person’s will to help automatically calls the homing Angel for another opportunity for the one who is lost (see the article Ghosts, Spirits and Manipulated Ghosts - The Differences on

The reason we are given a choice about going to Divine love right then or waiting until after the funeral is because there is a 2-3 week debriefing time after we die. During this time we have a life review; it is a review of the facets of love learned during this life, which is the reason we are here. In a life review, what we experience is the direct cause and effect of what we have done to others. Where you have showed unkindness, you will feel how it felt to the people you were unkind to, and from them how your interaction rippled out to others – all of it you will feel coming back to you. Where you have showed love, you will feel how it felt to the people you were loving to, and how it rippled and magnified and expanded out to others – and all of that love you will feel overflowing coming back to you! And, where you did not interact when you had a choice to, you will also see, and the missed opportunities that could have been.

Truly, God does not punish us at all, for we come to God’s essence by grace – the breaking of the generational bondage we had through Adam’s sin was erased by Christ who was the karmic redemption for all of mankind, beyond religion or culture. So in the life review we only experience the ripple effects of what we ourselves have done for good or for bad, and yet we are shown that we are still fully loved, forgiven and accepted by God as his children, if only we desire it. Do you see that even those who would have a life review such as Hitler, with extreme ripple effects of pain, are not punished by God, but by themselves? Even then, God brings us to the next step, a washing and cleansing of all the events of our last life, so that we may not be overly sad, burdened or distracted by the things behind us and can continue to move further into the love ahead of us.

The washing and cleansing of our past burdens and deeds is accomplished when our spirit passes through a great circle of energy, which was not available until the redemption of mankind by Christ. This energy takes off all the darkness and impurities, and makes us clean and Holy again, and by this act we not only release all the baggage of “should have and shouldn’t haves” from our last life, but we also come into the full remembrance of who we really are, which includes the information we have learned and the facets of love that we have polished from every life we have lived. Why Christ? The ripple effect of the choices of our original parents were passed onto us like a bad gene. It is as if the misuse of free will put them in prison, so we as their kids were born in the cell with them. It became a no-win situation for us, a generational bondage that no one in our family line could heal, because they were all inside the bars too. So one of those created outside of the human family had to come to our rescue, we needed a savior with a key. The life of the one we know as Jesus Christ came and unlocked the prison.

Before him, no one could even go to the core essence of Father. That meant no matter how long we lived, nor how many times, the burden of darkness on our shoulders was too great. We kept trying to polish the basic facets of love over and over and still could not come and stay before the core Presence of Light and Love. Jesus became the karmic redemption for all of humanity, before him there was no cleansing ring of redemption.

What happens now? After walking through this redemption ring, we truly remember who we are and know who each one around us is, and who God is too. This cleanness and unity is a feeling of a raindrop falling into the sea – the raindrop does not lose his own identity, but expands out to become fully aware and connected to the entire ocean – the true Oneness. Visually, I was shown a great valley that narrowed to a wide canyon on one side, and Angels and human spirits helping thousands of the newly dead continue moving down the path into the canyon. The people seemed a bit dazed and didn’t really know what to do, and though you could see they had clothes on, each one looked see-through (like clouds) and was a different hue of brightness - some ashen colored and some more shadowy, all different. The upright circle of redemption looks like a device a thousand feet tall, strongly pulsating beautiful waves of iridescent energy within it. The canyon fits snugly around the bottom half of the ring. There are bright human spirits all around the circle of redemption, all singing of God’s love and the grace of redemption, and it encourages the people to not be fearful, but to pass through. People always have the gift of free will, so even up to this point, a person does not have to pass through – but their darkness will remain upon them and affects many future choices. But when a person passes through, their joy is immediate!

The relief and release of emotions is spontaneous, and might be likened to witnessing the joy of one’s own birth into heaven. The full awareness of each life you have held is remembered with elation, and the accomplishments and acceptance of yourself and one another is fully felt and known. The love that God has for you, and you for God, is fully revealed and treasured. All fear is gone. You now remember you know how to move easily on your own through light, thought and sound, and the original language of “Angel-speak” which uses color, sound, numbers, space and dimension to perfectly convey and receive communication. Also your uniqueness is more noticeable now than ever – for the amount of polishing on each facet of love has indented you to experiences and situations, other Angelic and human beings, and locations throughout thousands of years. Our expansion into Love never ends; God continues to magnify himself and invites us to be on the journey with him. With this in mind, there are going to be those who come through the circle of redemption who realize they are very bright indeed, for they have come to a point of having polished all the basic facets of love. This means they do not have to return to an earthly life again, unless they chose to help others as an instrument of God. When we are on earth, we are here to polish the basic facets of love, and to make our choice known in the issue of love versus fear. When we come through the cleansing, we see clearly what we have yet to do.

So at this point, we have new decisions to make about future choices. Each of us has a guardian Angel that has protected our spirit from day one - this assignment had to occur after some of the Angels misused their free will to turn against God and slander his name and try to destroy the things Love has created and stands for, thus becoming unHoly Angels or demons. Our spirit is from God and cannot die, but without the guardianship of our Angel, each time we would try to be born on earth as a human, we would not accomplish it, so Divine Love put this guardianship in place for us. Now we sit down with our guardian Angel to discuss future choices. Whether we have polished the facets of love fully or not, we can choose to take a break from earth for a while. God knows it is not easy for us, and he knows the struggles that remain until his kingdom comes upon the earth. During this break we can visit other places. Sometimes these places are even shown to us while we are still in a body on earth; in near-death experiences or through dreams or an out-of-body experience, just as a reminder of joy and favorite locations and encouragement to continue on. Some are physical locations – I was shown a garden planet where everyone is focused on that. Some are less tangible – I was shown a colored sphere that a spirit can immerse in to fully experience an emotion, such as JOY. These emotion spheres are able to be immersed in if the basic facet has been fully polished first. These spheres go beyond the basics.

If we have polished the fullness of the basics of love, we can choose to not return to earth at this time, although we may during God’s kingdom on earth, to share and teach what we have learned of God’s love, and to hear and learn what others have experienced as well. There are also many who have chosen to return to earth at this time because it is a crucial moment in history, and all the evidence is now to be revealed in the cosmic court case of Love’s rule versus fear. It is a time of great upheavals and the dark will get darker, but the light will get lighter, and Love wins. During this important time many will return and remember who they are and help others remember it too, and God will be able to use them as his instruments of signs and wonders. This means great miracles, healings, bilocations, resurrections, calming severe storms, and many other Divine and love-inspiring things.

During the debriefing time we do not visit earth. But after the debriefing we can come and go and visit our loved ones on earth freely, how long and how often depends on other choices we make about what we are doing, as referenced above. What we have decided to do is now presented to Christ for final approval. It is possible that our plans will be changed. For example, if we are planning to come right back in again we may need a longer rest and recreation time than we allowed ourselves. Or, there may be other opportunities presented that we are offered to pursue, or suggestions on how to make our plan better. If we do decide to come back in, so will our guardian Angel. But while we stay off-world, the guardian Angel is not needed to be right beside us, since there was a war in heaven that cast all the demons down to the vicinity of the earth, and the other areas are free from harm.

There is no need to fear death. We have each already experienced death many, many times before. God has not left us to a never-ending cycle of life and death, but has given us grace, purpose and fulfilling work to do no matter if we are in the body or out of it.


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    • profile image

      renz renjo 

      24 months ago

      the impact of the spirit to separate from the body is done in an immortal way. This normally happens when death is still in process by seeing a holly angel, who reviews the life experience before death.

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      does this apply to animals; my pet horse died and he and I had a deep connection as I meditated with him for at least an hour every day and he would stand calmly with me all that time

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      I lost my husband of 2 years 2 weeks ago.We were very happy together and I was the one good thing in his life after his traumatic childhood. It was a sudden death in a road accident. I was told a few days later that his soul did not want to leave and was struggling to stay. I want him to be happy. How do I convince him to be happy but at the same time be there to support me.? My mail id is

    • profile image

      Fishy Fishy 

      2 years ago

      What about before this life? And do we control our soul? And what aboutwhen yyou kill yyourself

    • profile image

      Lost without my child and husband. Not fair at all 

      2 years ago

      2014 my husband died in his sleep found him in the a,m with my 14 year old daughter had a seizure he was 35, I cried that whole year trying to figure out why I hadnt had a sign and why I couldnt feel his connection, A year later my 15 year old daughter died, my only child, was given alcohol and then was given drug that made her fall and become unresponsive, she knows she would have been in big trouble if and when she would have come home., she was pronounced at 11:15 pm september 4th 2015 my Birthday was the next hour September 5th, I cry non stop All I can ask is why, MY WHOLE FAMILY has died and im left with the dog, I pray so hard I have turned my life around for the good , I still cannot get any signs from my husband and now my daughter cannot feel anything, is she mad at me? Why cant I feel her? I beg for her to give me a sign just so I know she is ok. I miss her terribly, she was murdered they hurt her because she knew something that cojuld have got someone in trouble. so they made her drink and forced drugs into her, Sometimes I wonder if I should make the decision to go with them, would I be with them? Can they see me? Can they hear me? why arent they showing me they are ok? do they not love me? Im so lost all I want is a sign and I would feel so much bettter I can actually smile again. im so sad, I pray hard and I talk to them all the time and tell them everything as if they are listening to me, oh I forgot 4 months after my daughter died, her biological father 42 years old was found dead from heart trauma. Did she pick him to go with her? and for me to live life alone Christoper and Dakota Marie I love you both, Please someone help me and email me if so MissAmieeB@yahoo,com God Bless ALL of you

    • profile image

      reba mae owens 

      3 years ago

      my husband passed away in 2013 in our home i have to move will his spirit go with me or remain here where he passed away?

    • profile image

      Amen Steve 

      3 years ago

      Please read the Bible. Jesus is coming soon or this could be your last breath. You really don't want to miss heaven for hell. That is the only two choices!

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      How do you know with such certainty what happens to us after we die????

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      You all need to read your Bible. This article is pure heresy! Those who die immediately enter into the presence of the Lord or are separated from the Lord to await Judgment. There is no free will to roam the earth as a spirit. Read the Gospels and Paul's letters.

    • profile image

      cartel Ladson 

      4 years ago

      There have been attacks by predators when the pretty came out alive. . So why does this heavenly hand not take these individuals or the ones who die days after the attacks

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      May I ask how you know all of this in detail unless you personally have experienced it? I have yet to hear any one person who claims they can talk to the dead ask them where exactly they are, what does it look like, have they seen God, Jesus, ? Not one. That would be my questions to them. I do believe we have Angels to guide us. I experienced the numbers 11:11 since in my 20"s. I have accepted seeing the numbers at random times, or woke up to see the time many many times and realize it is a way for my guardians whomever they may be to reassure me of their divine presence. My Grandfather passed away Christmas Eve 1974. One day before he passed I visited him and my Grandmother. We were very close. I was always visiting and enjoying each others company. That day was implanted on my mind forever. My Grandma was crying while she was begging him not to leave her. My aunts and uncles and Dad were in the room. Everyone was sobbing. They were sure he was gone. He opened his eyes took grandma hand and said these very words " Helen, don't be scared to let me go. It is so beautiful there. Family is there waiting for me, I can't stay here anymore, it is too painful for me, I am too sick, too tired. Please let me go, I will be there waiting for you, I promise you." She sobbed and told him "ok Fred, I know, I love you". He smiled at her and whispered to her he loved her too. When I went to his side he told me to look after Grandma and one day he would see me and "Davey Crockett" again. ( He called my son that who was 4 at the time) I told him to have a good journey and I will help Grandma and take care of my lil boy. Kissed his cheek and said bye. I went home that night knowing in next hours he would pass. Christmas Eve the next day, he passed. Ever since then that message has given me reason to believe beyond any doubt there is life after death. Yes, I believe in Christ and His word. However sometimes our fears cause us to search for more proff of the word of God.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Before my boyfriend passed away I heard children playing and laughing in my basement,when we had no children in the home,my dog become very ill and there was a dead crow on my porch,I seen a man standing in the yard by our tree and he was the most beautiful man I've ever seen,I knew my partner was going to pass away but Nuthing would come out of my mouth,my partner was not sick before this,it was like all the signs were telling me he was going to die but for some reason it would not come out my mouth but I could hear feel smell things that all associated with death,its been 6 years and I am still puzzled to this day and wonder was I the one who was supose to die or was I the Angel to see him pass or was God preparing me for the loss of my partner,could someone please help me understand what I truly experienced

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Well id like to believe all this but there isn't any verses to back up your beliefs.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I was told on 3 separate occaisions that I had to go back, as it was not yet my time to move on.... I asked why? Why do I have to go back? I was told that I have a purpose which is yet fulfilled.. I asked the obvious.. What is my purpose, and I was told, fear Not, For That And More Shall Be revealed In It's Time!.. Then I wake Up, Like nothing happened.. no brain damage from lack of oxygen.. Even with wounds partially (more than what should be) healed! I don't ask why any more!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Where exactley does all your information come from ?, as there does not seem to be much factual evedence !. Is all this just an opinion you hold ?. I'd be very interested in more feed back.

      Thanks William

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Is it possible for the guardian angel to stay with us, even after death before we return to earth? I've made deep personal connections with my angel as well as my friends', and though my spirit may have moved to a higher plane of existence, I don't want to lose them. It... well it means a lot to me to think that I could finally see my angel as well as the others, because as of now I can only speak with them through their charges. Though my angel is mine and returns to earth with me after death, is it possible to ask my angel, and my friends' angels, to stay with us in Heaven?

      email me at please

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I am really enjoying your articles which are in great detail. There is a lot of information that have gone through my mine for years. If it is O.K., I would like to ask a question and hope that there is an answer or if there is any information that you can give me. Please do. My e-mail address is

      My grandson is eight years old now but when he was between three and four years old, he would cry so hard whenever the song "Somewhere over the Rainbow" sang by Judy Garland in the Wizard of Oz. We (his grandparents)would play the movie over to see if he had the same response. He did. Sometimes he would run and jump into my lap and cry. After three times of hearing it, even at weeks apart. We stopped because it upset him so much. Any thoughts on this. I will appreciate it. "Thank you" Joyce


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