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What Have We have Done, a must watch

Updated on November 22, 2009

I just found this website via email and this is show what President Barack Obama have not only favor Muslim over the Jews and the Christain, but he think that the United States is no longer a christain nation.

Hey Guys this takes a while to listen to.. but it is a must!!! It is crucial that you are informed If you have another e-mail address to send it to where you can listen without any interruption.. it would be better..

Get ready to be sickened! (10 minutes)

If you never watch another YouTube clip, please, please, please watch this!!! Share it - let people know just what we have done, what we have gotten ourselves into and what our future holds!!!
This will summarize, and confirm, what we have known all along; and it is all spoken directly from his mouth!


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