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Huawei Research Proves A Lot About The Subconscious Mind

Updated on December 3, 2019
myneim profile image

Myneim is a PR Marketing Strategist from Zimbabwe who loves Poetry, Hip-hop and mind stuff.

Huawei commissioned a research and found the average person is unaware of 99.68 percent of their decisions. Approximately 35,000 decisions are made per day by the human brain although, on average, respondents believe they only make around 111.

This effectively means 0.32 % of our decisions are conscious whilst we make a lot of passive decisions. To be fair some of them serve us, but some of them do not. Given Huawei is one of the market leaders with the fastest growing base that even poses a threat to the Donald trump administration. It is safe to assume that billions were spent to verify this information.

“The research shows how human intelligence works just like Artificial Intelligence, operating in the background to empower us in everything we do,” - Walter Ji, President, Huawei Western Europe Consumer Business Group.

“While revealing a significant gap between the number of decisions we believe we make every day and the actual number we make, the results also shed light on other discrepancies between how we think we spend our time, and how we actually spend it.”

With that said, I’m not here to talk about Huawei. I have no stake in it. I want to talk about “the self” because we have a stake in our own lives and are the CEO’s of our lives.

If 99.68% of average decisions are being done autonomously it means the people who research it are investing billions to influence that 99.68% using our triggers. These include our fears, tastes and desires and honestly we cannot stop them from doing that, but what we can deduce is that they do it because it most certainly works.

If it does work, why do we not do it to ourselves so that we have more control on that 99.68%.

Take for instance if you got up in the morning fired up to look for opportunities and forward CV’s but ended up watching never ending celebrity stories on Youtube or twitter. It’s your 99.68% that’s been tapped into.

The unfinished books, un-updated blogs and procrastination means there is something working autonomously within ourselves to say that our excuses are better.

The big companies know this and that’s why they don’t hesitate to renew billboards. Those gestures are meant to prime you and I with so much of a certain image that it will be easy for us to choose them when the time comes.

Likewise you can decorate your place in a fashion that primes you toward your own goals and ideals. You may call it advertising to yourself.

If Vodacom or Econet can plant over six billboards on the way to your workplace so that you see that daily and possibly take action one day. Why don’t you do the same to yourself by investing time to create and plant wallpapers, framed pictures and symbols around places you spend time in so that you are subconsciously reminded of where you’ve chosen to go with your life?

Remember these big companies, even the ones that interrupt you before you watch a Youtube video, know you are likely to skip it yet they still pay Youtube to be in front of you all year round. As profit oriented as big companies are they would not execute techniques that are not well researched.

In fact it is a researched facts that after one minute of television our brain goes into alpha state. The alpha state is a very suggestible state.

In an experiment in 1969, Herbert Krugman monitored a person through many trials and found that in less than one minute of television viewing, the person’s brainwaves switched from Beta waves – brain waves associated with active, logical thought – to primarily Alpha waves. When the subject stopped watching television and began reading a magazine, the brainwaves reverted to Beta waves.

Again you must understand that the new television is Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. We are not just scrolling past ideas we are absorbing them and for the most part the ones that tend to go viral are negative and reinforce and water limiting beliefs. How valid are theories on so called limiting beliefs.

It is proven that if you tie a baby elephant to a stake, and it fails enough times to escape from it , even after it’s old enough to escape it will not. Now elephants have one of the biggest brain sizes, they can play music instruments, learn how to paint, have language, hold funerals and are so renowned for their memory.

Elephants even meet to plan before hand when they attack humans, meaning elephants are logical creatures yet still are bound by limiting beliefs.

For humans the limiting beliefs lie in that 99.68% we are unconscious of. That is why I encourage meditation, self priming and hypnosis.

To me I’m actually dehypnotizing myself of ideas that stunted my growth curve by entering unconsciously through scolding by parents, teacher, through ideas on television, negative documentaries and misinterpreted texts in religion.

That’s why I’ve deal with my trauma’s so far as to look at how the put me in special class in grade one because of my voice. How did that make me feel?

How I was consistently called a coward for fearing dogs (and I overcame that only this year - 2019). How past break-ups or rejection from high school to present day really affected sense of desirability , how lack of support for music affects me in the family and a whole lot of stuff that I brushed off and said, “nah, I’m gee. I’m okay. I got over that.” - What about that 99.68% where it lived on?

It has to be purged.

Everyone has to ask themselves these questions based on where they come from or things that have occurred in their personal reality. No celebrity, actor, musician or Pastor has seen the world the way you have seen it.

These programs are evidently not purged by knowing what you are supposed to do, reading it or watching it. It’s purged by accessing your inner resources to change whatever keeps running in the background to sabotage that.

The people have obviously been kept away from these truths by an orchestrated system of mass hypnosis.

Here’s a fact!

You don’t stick to a morning workout routine because you’ve read how exercise is important 20 times. You don’t complete your book because you were inspired by an actor who completed theirs. Knowing consciously is simply not enough…and anyone above the age of 25 should have noticed by now. If we all stuck to habits that are good for our future… What may you be doing?

The best practice in life is to be humble enough to say, “I don’t know anything and I will learn as much”. The teacher will always step in when the student is ready and when the student is ready they will realize that they have been with the teacher all along. The lips of wisdom are closed except to the ears of understanding.”

If you made it to this point without skipping, thank you for that time. I hope it has been useful.


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