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What Humility Is

Updated on August 26, 2011

What do we understand or how do we exhibit humility? When I was a child, I would contrast it to being proud or loud. That's it.. But when I come across the "Prayer for Humility", many virtues and values came up to me reciting the prayer.. It opened many facets and meanings of humility.. That's when I understand how it meant to be humble..

What are the desires that contradict Humilty?

The "Prayer for Humility" states and starts that to be humble is to be meek.. But little do we know that some of our desires, if go unnoticed will deliberately become pride.. What are these personal desires that lead to pride? The desires of being esteemed, being extolled, being honored, being praised, being preferred to others, being consulted, being approved; they seem to be positive acts but sometimes they eat us up that will want us to being first all the time.. That we want to be better than others.. That we desire that we will be picked or be preferred to than others.. Although it's a bit negative not to want to be the first in everything, but it is not humility.. I have read one time that the parent don't approve or don't like their children to be praised, because they say that it will come right through the children's brains and it's not good.. Maybe they will become fools or something..

What are some of our fears/pains that will lead to Humility?

Although I think it is awkward to know that some pains in life are positive, but suffering is the way of Jesus.. Sometimes I can't take it.. Many people can't in olden times and in the present.. But I think inner peace is better than chaotic outsides.. Pains bring us strength and sanctify us.. So what are these fears/pains that will lead us to Humility? The "Prayer for Humility" says that it is better and will lead to humility if we are being humiliated, being despised, being rebuked, being neglected, being forgotten, being ridiculed, being wronged, being suspected, and being injured.

What are some graces and desires that are likely to bring Humility?

Lastly the prayer says that it is desirable to seek that others maybe esteemed more than ourselves; that others may be chosen and preferred than us; that others may be praised and holier than us.. Provided that we may become as holy as we should.. Jesus, grant us the grace to desire them.. and to know and learn the true meaning of Humility..


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