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What I Learned From My Psychic

Updated on May 7, 2016

Talking with a psychic is something that so many people secretly want to do, but never actually do due to suspicion and public opinion. It is also something that many people think is a pure scam. Regardless of this and my friends strong opinions, I went ahead and called a psychic after researching for an accredited company for half an hour, because, why not?

I started by writing down a list of things that I wanted to know. These questions all included the topics of relationships, marriage and kids, success, and happiness. I had a ten minute conversation with my psychic and paid $10 for my first call (which is normally over $40), and it is literally amazing how much I learned in a short period of time.

After I read her my questions, she began with the relationship question of someone I had dated on and off for the past ten months. I told her his name after she asked, and what she said next was one of the scariest things. She told me that he has very fuzzy communication and doesn’t always like to express himself. Because of this, he isn’t giving me what I need because he is stuck in an old way of his upbringing. This is so scarily spot on that my jaw dropped. She told me that my relationship with him takes a lot of energy out of me, and that she sees me completely cutting off communication with him later in the year. She told me that the forgiveness card kept reappearing, and that I needed to forgive him in order to move on. I am so happy that I asked about him because I knew that the relationship was more negative than positive. Thankfully, I have finally ended communication with him and have finally decided to forgive him and move on.

Of course, with me being a typical girl, I asked about marriage and kids. I was told that I will be married and have kids in the future. I found this as a bland answer and asked her to elaborate more, which she happily did. She told me that I hadn’t yet met my husband, but he is currently “watching my work from afar”. I took this maybe as he reads my blogs or follows me on social media, but hasn’t introduced himself to me yet. She says I will most likely meet someone in the summertime and begin dating him.

With being a college student (which I didn’t tell her), of course the work aspect would be where all my energy is currently, I was told. She told me that I am currently having happier times, which is very true, but I need to get through my work and work very hard to be where I need to be in life after graduation. She believes that I need to open myself up for success, and that my success will come from being creative and thinking out of the box.

I was told that I am learning a lot, but I will have to learn a few more very important spiritual lessons, especially before I begin my marriage. I was told that I am a loving and wonderful person with great integrity. Also, that all of my dreams and wishes will be answered, but more importantly that I need to have patience for them.

This brief ten minute conversation may sound silly to many due to the thought of psychics, but I felt very reassured. With having a hectic life with being a freshman in college, I was at a point in my life where I needed some kind of motivation to do my absolute best in order to reach my goals. I got that from my psychic. I also made an amazing decision that I should have made months ago with my relationship. I would definitely recommend that everyone and anyone calls a psychic and asks anything that has been on their mind. The Company Meet Your Psychic is very accredited and I easily found an amazing psychic that I will call in the future.

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