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What I see. What do you see? The emergence of beautiful reality

Updated on February 10, 2014

The practical experience and lesson from event and the people I met while strolling along life, and readings from different works, designed to reshape and enlighten those willing to learn and grow, have left me with an optimistic lens on what the universe have in store for humanity amidst hard times. Rather than allowing ourselves to be incapacitated by pessimism, it is time to focus on the more hopeful perspective of working our way through these myriad crisis men have created due to their tendencies, limitations and unwillingness to change. Thanks to all failures and success in the past, they offer a glimpse to a world full of opportunities for the optimists and doubts for the lazy men. Through the window of this understanding, the major anomalies and misconceptions in the way people see and live life that I grasp, became mine to share. Like the observations and teachings from great minds I have always resorted to, the world we live in today is what our minds make of it and our responses to the challenges it sometimes possess, determines the reality of our fates.


The question that kept me awake even until now is- “How can humanity with all its diverse way of thinking agree to this common truth that speaks to our hearts, the truth about where we have been, where we are and of course where we are heading to. How can I be of relevant to this truth that is been unfolding?” an awareness of this reality that confronts man today should enable us to first, step backward, take a longer glance at the events that shaped the world until date, the aftermaths of these events and the way they have shaped our destinies as human. Only after such a wider range viewing of the big picture, does the reality shows up as coordinate dotted spots. These spots if possibly analyze using an objective lens, would show that- people’s minds need to be re-engineered and illuminate with divine messages, our societies need to be enlightened. More also, if the spots could be plotted on graph of rules against time, the slope would indicate that man is really out there out to control and at the same time remain slave still. Like the words of Jean Jacques Rousseau; “Man is born free; and everywhere he is in chains. One thinks himself the master of others and still remain a greater slave than they.”


We are all witnessing histories as they unfold, exposing some of the disturbing signals and gaps that exist between where people have been, where they are and where they see themselves as being and of course where they want to be. Like the many others, I have noticed some sort of misconceptions on how people perceive time and the dimensions of events; past present and future, and we are also aware of the key drivers of global change and their simulating effects on us all.

It is an inconceivable truth that time doesn’t exist. It is just our conception and frame of mind to allocate events in their order. What really exist is now and the future is what we make of now. Some events are designed by men for power and economic benefits and such event, will drive the rest people in the globe towards political, economic, religious, environmental and social crisis. The past can only repeat itself if we refuse to change ourselves, and how we see and react to circumstances. The present is ultimate and it is in our power to leverage whatever resources within our reach to build our wings even when we are threatened by “height” while giving room for the next generations to take our place.


With our limited visions and our mind being driven by fear which pervades our society today, we are compel only to seeing what’s wrong with our world, our environment, our culture, our relationships, our nations, our economy and belief systems. Pulse for a while and consider: “What’s right with our world today?” The media has played a significant role in shaping the way we think and act on a daily basis. The media and the other powerful drivers of global change have been promoting systems and potentials that await humanity if only we listen carefully, selectively and act accordingly. Therefore, it means that the media and the other mind movers in our society today have the power to influence us to choose what we believe and this could either empower us or harm us depending on the choices we make of them. It becomes necessary that what we believe is a vital force in this present time because they shape our world-view which ultimately drives our decisions and actions.

Has the idea of peace and harmonious living amidst our challenges occurred to you?

We strive toward days where there will be many terrible events, shocking the globe and at the same time a good news penetrating the hearts of those that welcome it. The difference in people will no longer be in form dimension; identities, race, status and gender but in space dimension which is unseen yet can be felt. The good news will not be forced to people or drive events but instead, people and events will tend to force it out of those that are living it. It will be spread to the far corner of the globe and many will be enlightened by its radiance. It has always been heard of but ignored. It is the news that amidst crisis and upheaval, there is hope to those who will believe that the universe Right-Hand was here on earth to lead us to the way, the truth and the light to a lasting and peaceful place we once lost but then found and crave to dwell inwardly.


“Something in us all strains for fulfillment” Joan wrote. “Some people spend their lives attempting to find it. They move eagerly from experience to experience”. They keep searching for that very experience, book or book chapter and even search and strive to get in touch with the very word, quote or statement that will unveil the thing they seek inside of them. “The missing element in life echoes like a chorus across the land” she continued; “ If only we had a car, I could …”or “If only I had gone to that school…”or “if only I had not gotten married…”. “ if only … if only…if only”. Then she advised; “We really need to understand that it wouldn’t make much difference whether we did or not. Whether we did, we would still be the same person doing it”…”none of those things tells us much about life at all”. In my understanding, it’s more about what we become than whatever experience we go through in life.

To re-align this negative and distorted way of embracing life and its challenges means to foster the search of a better way out and a mind-shift in the direction proffered by the buffer zone of what I see, and the timeless truth that it exposes. A road-map showing how we can move from our current circumstances to a more promising future that awaits us all.

Begin now to understand the kind of mindset you have and the pattern it takes. It has and will always dictate the way you think, understands things and act at any given time. Start asking yourself whether you are governed by false preconceived ideas, religious hypocrisy, past negative thoughts, illusions or wishes instead of allowing the light to shine through you to the people as you embrace and live on the truth of the gospel. The formal forces could define and dictate your thoughts and shape your destiny, landing you in an emotional catastrophe, leading to disappointment, self denial, ugly fate, e.t.c. Majority seek riches and pleasure that’s fine but be reminded once more that the world we live today is passing out swiftly like “a blazing comet across the sky” and the history of mankind compared to the Universe is just like a blink of an eye in an entire day. Allow divine knowledge and faith in an ultimate creator’s roadmap to drive your thoughts and actions, for these are the only roots that connect humanity to the understanding about the transience of all forms and materials, enabling us to lose our hold on them for they have the power to imprison us and make us look like nothing when they start vanishing with time. The real power in us emerges as we see our humanity as ultimate above things and that’s when the beauty of nature starts unfolding and the peace and happiness that no form or concept could give will arise deep within us in order to coordinate with the space-dimension that the universe’s master planner made, to accommodate the form-dimensions.


Can you grasp the emergence of goodness and happiness in the world?

See results

Look at your body now and you will agree with me that it is being controlled by an inner force field. This force field emanates from the creator Himself and you may be thinking that your thoughts and actions which are controlled by both your unconscious and conscious state of being are where you begin and end, they aren’t. It’s all about the space within the realm of the field that circumnavigates all you do. This field draws you to others when you see them needing help, it reminds you of the world as a place where you were born to rein not to ruin. It tells you to slow down on the “rat race” you have sold your heart to and calls your attention to savor little things like a smile from someone and give your heart to the people around you and to fully function on the now. It tells us to forget the past failures and treat them as lesson and to stop projecting our dreams and joy to the future but to daily live our dreams and experience joy in all we do now. It builds the resilient spirit that combines character and commitment to muster enough strengths and calmness in the face of disaster.


I see that many understand these things and are being awaken to the reality of the truth that we are heading to a better life amidst hard times. Our master once said “Let your heart not be shaken for in my father’s house, there are many mansions”. A mansion that would accommodate us all and dispense our fears and lacks, a mansion documented to have many rooms to give us rest and peace that the world could not give. The key to the mansion is just within your reach and you know it but the activities we have given our hearts to are so distractive and sometimes, appear attractive but despair in guise. Once, He declared “my people perish because of lack of knowledge”. It is the knowledge of divine understanding, the gate to the realm of infinite joy and abundance.

What do you see?



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    • GreenPrince profile imageAUTHOR

      Prince Edike 

      4 years ago from Philippines

      Thanks for dropping by Sonia. How wish many would realize how important it is to dwell only on the NOW and stop nursing the past or projecting our happiness on a distance time and place. Your work " You can expect 6th sense awakening in the New Age" is an outstanding hub of its kind.

    • Sonia Alexandria profile image

      Sonia Alexandria 

      4 years ago from Berlin, Md, USA

      There is wisdom in your words. "What really exists is now, and the future is what we make of now." & "The past can only repeat itself if we refuse to change ourselves." These are my favorites. Nice work.


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