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What Is A Man Worth?

Updated on December 28, 2009

Happy New Year to all. As I’m writing this, Christmas has passed for another year, and at least in the retail world, all is back to normal. We are on the cusp of a brand new year, with all its hopes and challenges. It is my hope and prayer for those who read this and my other articles that if you haven’t accepted Jesus Christ’s invitation to join the Family, you will make the decision to accept His offer.

I realize that some people believe in what the Mayan Calendar predicts about the year 2012 -- that in the Winter Solstice of that year, the world will end. I’m not a expert on the subject, but men have been trying to predict the end of the world for centuries, and have failed miserably. Being a Christian, I wholeheartedly accept what the Bible says on the subject. It is true that the world that stands now will be replaced by a new one in which righteousness reigns. It is a world in which those that are in Christ, that are God’s Children will live in peace and safety forever; but before that happens, there will come tribulation such as this world has never experienced, (Matthew 24:21). And to predict exactly when this will happen is ludicrous. Jesus says of that day, no man knows, not the angels that occupy the Throne day and night, not even Jesus himself, but God only. (See Matthew Chapter 24, specifically verse 36) Now think about this, I mean really; If God would not give this vital information to His Son, it is presumptuous to think that He would impart that information to lowly Man. However, knowing that it will occur, Jesus has given us signs to look for, and specific instruction to be ready at all times. He’s coming like a thief in the night. He could come in 2010, he could come in the next minute. But to put it in his words, when he does come, will he find faith on the Earth? (Luke 18:8) We can only answer that question as individuals, as we look within ourselves, and judge how close our walk with Christ is.

Now to the subject.

For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? Matthew 16:26.

Who or what determines the worth of an individual? What is the measure of a man? Should a person be judged worthy because he has accumulated this world’s riches and knowledge, or is he judged or should be judged by some other criteria? Is a man’s life worth more by the house he lives in, how much money he has in his wallet, the type of job he has, (or doesn’t have).

In the material world, a man’s worth is judged by these things. Mankind is divided into classes. There used to be a lower, middle, and upper class. Now it seems to be reduced to just lower and upper class - the haves and have nots. Having said that, I believe Man is judged by his fellow man in terms of achievement and wealth. I believe this is due to the fact that in the material world, the almighty dollar god is worshipped, and to be able to worship at the “feet” of this “god” , you must first achieve something in life, in order to obtain said wealth, thus being granted access into the temple. Underachievers are not admitted to this “god’s” temple. Most of us break out hearts to gain admission to this temple, but for some it will continue to be unattainable.

Thank God, that He does not judge man the way man judges his fellow man. God is more concerned with the development of a person’s character than his material wealth. Bill Gates money does not impress Him. What impresses God is the faith one has towards Him, (Hebrews 11:6). God views all men the same. He is no respecter of persons, (Acts 10:34-35). God loves the homeless, as well as one that lives in a mansion. He no more respects the person with a billion in the bank, than one whose account is zero. God created all men equal, and for one purpose -- to serve Him. Suffice it to say, to serve God is not slavery, as with men, for there are untold, and undreamed of benefits for the one who trusts in the Lord, both in this world, and in the world to come. To be a slave of man, is to be subservient, treated no less than an animal. In fact, there are some that treat their pets better than they treat their fellow man. This mindset is not just for ancient times, or as recent as the last 400 years, but is prevalent in these modern times, although it is much more subtle in this “civilized” society.

While one may not be accepted in the White House, Buckingham Palace, a celebrity’s home, or allowed access to upscale events, one can always be assured that through Jesus Christ, he is always accepted in God’s Kingdom.


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