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What Is An Elemental

Updated on June 13, 2012

They are part of our ecosystem.You get big ones and small ones,some are small and very simple and others are very intelligent and and sophisticated.A useful analogy is that both a mouse and an elephant are both mammals and yet we instinctively know that an elephant thinks with greater clarity and depth than a mouse.(some may disagree with me on this but I can live with that)

They are not physical as we perceive life but rather you can only see them in the light frequencies that are slightly above or below the White Light Spectrum.I think that you will spot them in the infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths. If you look in" Youtube" you can find some fascinating examples of them that have been filmed by people who adjusted their night vision filters.The Elementals seem to resemble different types of sea life except that they are swimming around the air.Some spectacular videos have been filmed from the International Space Station of elementals in Low Orbit.

Based on the above mentioned footage I think that we can safely rule out the possibility that Elementals are figments of our imagination.More to the point I think that we assume that they have a measurable mass at a level that even the most sceptical modern scientist would feel compelled to examine,even if only to engage in the joys of publishing an original article in some scientific journal.

It is my contention that the only challenge for us as the dominant species of this planet is to decide what Rights these lifeforms have,particularly as some of seem to be open to human influence and can be quite confused and damaged by human tampering,both intentional and unintentional.I say this as I have come to the conclusion that Elementals are a natural part of our planets ecosystem and therefore it may be very probable that they perform vital and valuable services to the biological health of ourselves as a species and the planet as a whole.


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