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What Is God Doing?

Updated on February 7, 2015

The title of this hub has been my biggest question for a time now.

I said to God, "Why would you take my Grandson and my wife when I have been doing my best to follow You in all things?"

I had been thinking that maybe I hadn't been doing it right. I wondered if this was for the sins I have committed throughout my years.

I have wondered if God was like us compared to ants. I mean, how many ants do we step on and kill in a days time without even knowing we are killing one of God's creatures?

Am I living a big nightmare?

Really, what is God doing?


An Answer?

I recently took a job that has had me wondering why? I am doing fundraising and I drive a long way and don't make much money.

I really thought with all that has happened, God would have something better for me.

How could God use me here, I asked? I really was wondering, what is God doing?

It seemed that I had many calls recently of people that have just lost their spouses. God gave me an answer last night.

I believe we were calling Flint or Detroit, Michigan and I spoke with a woman who had just lost her husband. I really think she was at the edge of suicide, but after our talk and telling her of the tragedies I have faced, she was in a better frame of mind when we ended the call.

God does have me there for a reason!

Key Audit Points

County Disbursements
The county did not solicit bids, retain sufficient documentation, or document emergency or sole source procurements for several items or services. Fuel records are not used to reconcile fuel purchases to fuel used, and mileage and fuel logs are not maintained by the Sheriff. Purchase orders were not always completed, signed by the preparer, and signed to document approval.

Sheriff Inmate and Commissary Procedures
The duties of receiving, recording, depositing, and disbursing monies related to the inmate trust account are not adequately segregated. The Sheriff maintains commissary commissions and phone card profits outside the county treasury and uses these monies to purchase items for the office and inmates. Commissary commissions and some phone card profits are not turned over to the County Treasurer. Monthly lists of liabilities are not prepared for the inmate trust account, and consequently, liabilities are not reconciled with cash balances. The county has not entered into a written agreement with the commissary vendor.

Prosecuting Attorney Controls and Procedures
Duties are not adequately segregated and an adequate supervisory review of accounting records is not performed. In December 2009, the Prosecuting Attorney spent $4,988 from the Prosecuting Attorney Bad Check Fees Fund for a Christmas party for county and city law enforcement personnel and their guests. Additionally, adequate supporting documentation was not maintained for meal and cellular phone reimbursement claims paid from the fund.

Sheriff Controls and Procedures
The duties of receiving, recording, depositing, and disbursing monies are not adequately segregated. Concerns were noted regarding the receipting and depositing of monies. The Sheriff's office did not maintain adequate documentation for the disbursement of seized cash from the forfeiture account, and for the disbursement of a $15,000 cashier's check received as a bond.

Lebanon, Missouri

After the killing of Jonathan, our 23 month old Grandson and no justice being served over it, I questioned Lebanon politics.

I have always thought there was dirt and corruption and I believe it is all coming to light.

The State of Missouri did an audit on Laclede county and many "dirty" truths may now come out. There are questions on the Prosecutor's handling of some money and the jail food and such. I have known of 2 Sheriff's in other areas using the jail food as a means to embezzle from the county. I wonder if that will be found in Laclede county?

I have said over and over that the dirt of Laclede county that has been swept under the rug would spill out someday and maybe that day is coming soon.

You see, I still wonder if we wouldn't have moved to Laclede county, Missouri, if Jonda, my wife, wouldn't still be alive today.

I still haven't forgot what Sheriff Deputy Price did one night, invading our home and shining his flashlight on my wife as she sat in her underwear. He scared her bad and then planted false evidence. I contacted the Sheriff asking for a lie detector test and was never answered.

Well fellas, Jonda is in Heaven now and snitching on you all to Jesus.

I must say, there are many good people in and around Lebanon and God will separate the wheat from the chaff.

I will post the link to audit results below. At the right are some key points. Do keep in mind that Angie Hemphill Wright is wife to the Assistant publisher of the only news in Lebanon in paper form.

May God's Will be done. May Jesus be glorified in all that happens!

© 2010 Greg Boudonck


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    • profile image

      revivor 6 years ago

      hi froggy - God is in control, end of!!

    • dallas93444 profile image

      Dallas W Thompson 6 years ago from Bakersfield, CA

      Life is a process...

    • b. Malin profile image

      b. Malin 6 years ago

      What is God doing?...he's watching over you Froggy as you make your way along, and alone...he knows your strengths and weakness. He sees the "small steps" that you are taking, how you are trying to help others as well. He also knows that in time you will heal...but that you will always miss the ones you lost, but one day when it's your will see them once again...Good Hub Froggy.