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What Is God Thinking About?

Updated on April 27, 2010

What is God Thinking About? Are you crazy? No, I just know some of God's thoughts. Can't believe it? Just read on.

What is God Thinking About?
What is God Thinking About?

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Does God Really Exist?

It's a silly question. Of course, God exists. While God here doesn't have to be the one mentioned in Christianity, maybe Buddhism, Islamism. While God doesn't care what religion is the right one. He's the creator of the universe.

I am a Christian. While I am absolutely not born a Christian. I was an atheist until I was 21 years old. Unbelievable? It's true.

Why God Exist?

Do you think everything around us is owing to the lifeless nature?

Who makes the Genetic Sequences of All Creatures' DNA? Lifeless Nature?

Who makes the stars and plants and make them go in order? Lifeless Nature Again?

Who makes the Atom, the slightest structural unit? The Electron? The Proton? The Neutron? The Quark? Nature?

Who defines the weight, the gravity, the light speed, the attraction between different materials?

... ...

The Nature Speaks for God.

Good Vs Evil
Good Vs Evil

Good Vs Evil

Days ago, I saw couple of webpages talking about one topic, God is Dying. What does that mean? I saw pictures there about poor people in Africa, dying children, the terror brought by endless wars... ... Some Christians think God isn't there, or God doesn't exist at all. If he does exist, why let that happen?

Actually, you don't know what God is thinking about.

What does God prefer? Good or Evil? Is that supposed to be Good? Or have to be Good?

The Holy Bible must be God's masterpiece, telling people what has happened and what is right to do. While God never expect to convert all mortals into saints. That's impossible and dangerous!

Remember the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11:1-9 )? God doesn't like all humans to collaborate. When that happens, the great civilization is coming to an end.

Good & Evil are twins, both are God's favorite.

Why we human beings has been cycling from war to peace, peace to war, for tens of thousands of years? God buried two fruits in all humans' mind, Good & Evil.

War Vs Peace
War Vs Peace

War Vs Peace

War...War never changes.

The famous quotation from my favorite Tactics Game Fallout. It has revealed some tricks that God plays for all the time.

God is a good programmer.

God is God, taking control of the ten dimension of the universe, has the power to implant something into everyone's soul.

When in peace, people are working happily, trying to figure out a way of living comfortably. The greed makes the consequence evil. To occupy, to conquer. The war begins.

After bleeding and destroying, the new order presents, the new monarch appears, the peace comes again.

That's the perfect cycle that God has programmed.

God is Watching You!
God is Watching You!

God is Watching You!

Can't believe it? It's absolutely true. I guarantee that.

Whenever I was in trouble, annoying ones, I was gonna pray in mind, God, I know you are watching me, I will succeed, right? I'm gonna do a great job, right? I'm gonna make everything in order, right?

Every time, the result turns out to be ideal. Well every time I will feel it's better than my expectation, it must be God's gift, for my positivity towards life. It at least means, God likes people to be positive, always positive, God will help you fullfil what you wanna achieve.

The thing is, God will always make everything perfectly natural, as if God's help doesn't exist at all. But I definitely sensed that. I know, God, you're watching me, helping me. I will continue living this way, positively.

Why Does God Allow So Much Suffering?
Why Does God Allow So Much Suffering?

Why Does God Allow So Much Suffering?

God has his reasons.

To make you strong, tough, adaptable.

What you have to do is overcome the difficulty you met in your life, laugh at the sufferings you are suffering. Move on fearlessly. God will reward you from time to time.

God enjoys his fair game, which is called life.

This hub is actually not a phylosophic discussion. What I wanna bring you about is not a spiritual comfort, but a real thing, the truth. Don't confuse.

Do You Believe in God's Game?

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Have God in Your Heart
Have God in Your Heart


What God likes

  • Positivity
  • Faithfulness

What God does

  • Watch you
  • Help you, or conversely
  • Bring you suffer, making you strong or collapse

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What is in your Mind?

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    • Tracy Hansen profile image

      Tracy Lynn Hansen 4 years ago

      What do you think God thinks about wARtist? Also, on a different topic, what is your favorite PC game? I have been a gamer since the days of Atari =D

    • Chef Jeff profile image

      Chef Jeff 8 years ago from Universe, Milky Way, Outer Arm, Sol, Earth, Western Hemisphere, North America, Illinois, Chicago.

      I would think one might as well ponder why the question has any relelvence. Many people believe in some form of god or gods. I have no reason to believe any such being exists other than what I am told by others.

      As a child I was sceptical about Santa Claus and I waited up to see him. He never came, and then my parents said they didn't want to hurt me by telling me he was just made up.

      I answered, why would you think I would not want to know the truth?


      Chef Jeff

    • wARtist profile image

      wARtist 8 years ago from China

      Would you like figuring out God's thought?