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What Is Salvation All About?

Updated on May 16, 2016

What is Salvation?

Salvation literally means to save, to liberate, to deliever, to heal, and to set free. Christ saved us from our sins when he was crucified and died on the cross. Christ delievered the option of eternal life when he died on the cross. Christ healed our hearts by giving us salvation and the free gift of eternal life. He took away our pain from us and healed us. Christ literally set us free from sin when he was crucified. We were set free and given the gift of eternal life. Christ still continues to save, liberate, heal, deliever, and set us free to this very day.

Why Does Salvation Exsist?

Salvation exsists cause God cares about man's need. All men are captive to sin. We are dead and condemned. We are also sick, blind, and weak. God cares so much about us that he is willing to be crucified to take the pain away from us. Salvation exists because God cares about God's glory. The reason Christ came to earth was to reveal God's glory. Christ even died on the coross to reveal God's glory. The cross of Chrost reveals the power of God that surpasses greatness, the love of God that surpasses knowledge, and the grace of God that surpasses riches. Christ had a reason to die on the cross, and when he did, it revealed more then we imagine.

How Is Salvation Provided?

Salvation is provided from God's provision. The provision of God is a delieverer to captives{Hebrews 2:14-14}. The provision of Christ is a substitute for the condemned{1 Peter 2:24}. The provision of God is also a healer for the sick{Luke 4:18-19,21}. Salvation is also provided from mans response--results of salvation. The results of salvation are greatly noticed. You will see freedom instead of bondage. We will have freedom from sin's penalty, power, and presense. We will also be set free and have power instead of weakness.


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