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What Is The Blessing Of the Lord That Makes Rich?

Updated on February 21, 2011


In the book of Genesis chapter one and verse twenty-eight we read...and God blessed them and said be fruitful, multiply, replenish, subdue and have dominion (Paraphrase).

The blessing of the Lord is not the tangible results that come from the blessing, but it is what transpires before anything tangible ever happens. It is God's word! Notice in Genesis again where it says and God blessed them and said...and God blessed them and said...The blessing happens because of what God has said and as a person begins to read the financial or any other promises of God in the bible and obey, the blessing is possible.

The blessing equals fruitfulness

The context of Genesis speaks of fruitfulness which is child bearing, but fruitfulness also means to be productive which would be necessary for maintaining a child that has been birthed. God blessed Adam and Eve and empowered them to produce and maintain their children. A real blessing must do more than allow a person to get something, but it must also provide the empowerment to keep what has been gotten.

Fruitfulness or productivity receives and keeps a relationship, receives and keeps a home, receives and keeps a job or career, receives and keeps the flow of financial wealth and so on. This leaves a big responsibility on the part of the individual to continue to say what God has said in his word because remember the blessing that provides productivity is in what God has said.

Fruitfulness requires partnership:

And God blessed them...and said be fruitful, etc. Notice the blessing was on Adam and Eve to work together and produce. Each one needed one another and as they came together they produced Cain and Abel. God did not create mankind for them to remain isolated from one another, but to come together and receive each others gifts , talents and abilities and to bring productivity to a continual flow of new highs in ones life.

The bible has alot to say about the law of two. Amos 3:3 declares can two walk together except they be agreed? in other words destination can be reached alot more efficient if a person has someone else going in the same direction, but brings to the table a different point of view. There is more than one way to reach a destination and no one person knows everything in moving toward that destination, so productivity can be summed up with the words brainstorming, networking, etc.

Five elements of the blessing

God's spoken word is the blessing over a persons life that empowers and enables them to:

Be Fruitful: or productive

To Multiply: or have the wisdom to find out what works and put it to work over and over without trying to re-invent the wheel.

To Replenish: Everyone needs to stop and refuel because not to do so, may result in going nowhere. Refueling can include such things as proper rest, learning to receive instead of giving physically, emotionally etc until you have nothing else to give.

To Subdue: To subdue means to conquer and the first thing that should be conquered is oneself. The bible speaks of the fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5:22-23 which includes temperance or self control. Many people ruin productivity because they have not taken control of their character. The blessing along with the gifting and talent of a person will take them to unbelievable places,but if they do not take control of their character, they may fall back to the bottom because of not taking control of that character.

Dominion: To have dominion is to have control over. To maintain something is to control it and manage it, for example the owner of a brand new car has control over it, but it must be maintained or managed properly if it is going to last.


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    • retired06 profile image

      Leona J Atkinson 6 years ago from Oregon, USA

      Thank you for your Hub. In Christ, Believers are Blessed richly, abundantly! In the book of Ephesians alone I found 54 Spiritual Blessings in Christ. I have begun to post each one on my Hub Page. I invite you to check them out! Blessings!

    • mike6181 profile image

      mike6181 6 years ago

      Thanks for this meditation and book suggestions!