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What Is True Freedom

Updated on January 9, 2010


 Starting the New Year on the right track is the goal.  The most prevalent thought on my mind lately is I want to be "Free".  First I had to come to terms with the reality of this world and that is like it or not there are material bonds that compel us to do things that if we truly had our way we may not choose to do of our own accord.  In addition, there are many things that we would like to do, however, we are unable to because of either lack of physical ability or lack of resources.  I was meditating on this notion of "Freedom" in a material world and my conclusion is there is no such thing as "true Freedom".

Upon going deeper into meditation, I began to think Hmm, the above conclusion is not very pleasing.  I am a happy go luck person, there must be a better answer than this conclusion.  We have choices that must be a form of freedom. I then thought about what is the real goal of life.  I am saying the real goal of life is to be happy. In my mind there can be no other goal, everything else is a means to the goal.  Following this line of thinking I began to feel warm inside and I thought, I am happy, I need nothing more than food water air shelter peace of being and like minded people.  This is how i found my freedom, despite any obstacles that my confront me, my resolve will be to remain positive know the truth. 

The key is the choice is to be happy.  This is the freedom!.  Sharing this joy with others is the duty and honor that we have as human beings.  As conscientious member of not just the planet, but existence itself, we all have the ability to be happy by letting go of all negativity and allowing a new day to be just that a new day.  Seeing the beauty in all that is is critical to keeping a blissful state.  Sharing this mood and way of being with others is how to fortitude an environment where being happy is no longer just a choice, it is a way of life, thus we can all be free.

This is my fisrt hub for the New Year, I wanted to wish all my reeaders an awesome New Year. I hope you all have good health and good fortune.



I am a Champion, We are the Champions

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