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What Is Witchcraft When Stripped From Religion?

Updated on May 3, 2012
A circle laid out for what I can remember a spell for eloquence.
A circle laid out for what I can remember a spell for eloquence.

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When practiced within religion, witchcraft has differing uses and the way it is seen varies greatly depending on who's looking at it. The Catholic Church see's the craft as working with demons, whereas those practicing Wicca see it as a natural means to heal the world and their friends and family. The simple truth behind these differences of belief is that it is all born from truth. Witchcraft is the employment of the built-in powers of the Earth, and as such can be worked in many different ways, from subtly mixing together herbs for their magical properties to the contractual agreements between humans and the spirit world.

The way one uses Witchcraft is entirely up to them, although a lot of Esoteric religious structures believe in some variation of karma to avoid the negative uses of magic. As said previously however, many religious structures use these Universal powers and see the workings of them differently, and so ethics and morals vary greatly between them. The absolute truth is that these powers exist, and there will always be those that use them to suit their own needs, no matter how politically incorrect and unlawful their methodologies may be. When looking from this angle, the crusades attempting to wipe the Earth of this knowledge would be born from viable concern, but as always not everything is that simple. By attempting to wipe out the exploiters of Witchcraft, a lot of innocent life was lost, and those that worked the natural powers of herb, tree, crystal, animal, sex, healing, energy and ritualistic magic were wasted, and a lot of the knowledge was lost.

Now however, that knowledge has been rediscovered, and the relationship between those using Witchcraft and those who don't is better than ever, and very rarely do the powers of Witchcraft cross paths with those that wish to exploit it. Because of this new found peace, spiritual healing, divining and mediumship between the human and spirit worlds are met with many religious structures and traditions, and once again the world is growing into a state of spiritual connection with its residents. Those religions under the Esoteric category are now only half of those that use the universes natural powers, with the acceptance into many traditions born from Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and more.

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How Does Witchcraft Work?

Since the universe has been in existence, so too has witchcraft, the only difference now is that people are here to use it. The process of us and trees being completely dependent on each other is a perfect example of magic that works itself. Small animals live off of plant life, those small animals feed larger animals, those larger animals feed humans and even larger animals, and so the circle continues. This is the web that connects us all and is connected to the source of power at the center of the universe.

When one works a spell, they either gather specific materials that relate to their goal and send a coded ripple along the web, or they outright ask a spirit or external entity for its help and offer something of value in return for their efforts. Some even sit in quiet contemplation and visualize themselves acquiring their desired goal, by doing this informing the source of their needs through a sub-conscious medium.

Herbs, trees, crystals, animals, colours, symbols, images, Gods and Spirits are all examples of things in existence that have specially coded messages and properties that relate to specific goals. But behind all of that, all that truly is necessary for spellwork is yourself, and a mind completely set on the outcome you wish for. The human body, being as it is connected to the web, is the embodiment of every element, property, or item you could possibly collect in a lifetime, all that's needed to become a Witch is for you to understand that principal and unlock it within yourself.

An assortment of herbs kept in our garden, ready for when we need them.
An assortment of herbs kept in our garden, ready for when we need them.
A wonderful spell centre piece that we created, one of my personal favourites and perhaps the most elaborate and well thought out spell we have worked as a coven.
A wonderful spell centre piece that we created, one of my personal favourites and perhaps the most elaborate and well thought out spell we have worked as a coven.
A simple make-shift altar set up in five minutes just with what was at hand. We used it as a canter piece while we meditated.
A simple make-shift altar set up in five minutes just with what was at hand. We used it as a canter piece while we meditated.

How Can We Use Witchcraft

Witchcraft can be used in a number of a ways for a number of reasons. A Witch is somebody that takes control of their own fate, and takes it upon themselves to bring opportunities towards them that results in an increased chance of acquiring their goals. These opportunities can come in the form of job offers, a new romantic interest, the opportunity for travel and so on.

Nowadays, the most common uses for Witchcraft is the opportunity to gain an increase in the following subjects: Love; protection; money; strength; courage; healing; mediumship; divination; a closeness to divinity; and change in circumstances. Basically, Witchcraft can be used for anything. It exists because it exists and is an entirely natural process of the universe.

The way of conducting spells differs greatly from religion to religion and so it is very difficult to generalize 'ways' or 'methods' of practice. For an example, Catholics pray to the Creator God and have faith that their requests will materialize, however other Christian groups and sects perform ritualistic magic that will result in the increase of money, business and other gains. Because of the variations between religious structures, their sub-structures, and all that's in between, the question "how do we perform magic?" cannot be answered in an article stripped of religious preferences. The best advice is to research the different practices, experiment with many of them, and do what 'feels' right to you.

So, Without Religion, Withcraft Is...

Put simply, a craft. a lifetime of lessons. A constantly evolving practice that is in the Universe because it is the very workings of the Universe itself. Humans didn't invent it, we just began using it, doing what felt right and learning the lessons of the witch from the Earth itself. Throughout history, every single race and culture has either embraced, or scorned it's practice, but either way it has been there, waiting to be adopted by those that wish to live life instead of letting it happen to them.

The truth is, when stripped of every ounce of religious influence, Witchcraft is just a science, void of its art and imagination. And this is why 99% of those interested in witchcraft start out by researching religious structures such as Paganism, Druidry and Freemasonry. Other Witchcraft using religions include Voodoo, both New Orleans style and Haitian, Wicca, certain sects of Christianity, Taoism, Shinto, Shamanism, Odinism, Helenism, Hedge witchcraft, Spiritualism and many, many others.

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    • WitchesMIX profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      My practice of witchcraft is very, very hard to pin down. This is because my belief has no label, and I actually believe in everything. Because of this, Witchcraft of many traditions has worked it's way into my practices. But when stripped of religion, and I mean 100% stripped of religion, Witchcraft is just a way of expressing your will with strong thought, symbolism and props/psycho-drama/in-tune items of the Earth. Pick one of those words depending on your view point.

      Oh, It's important that I point out that I am not speaking from the opinion of WitchesMIX as a whole, but as Gary Holdaway :) It's more a recognition that you are a part of everything, and everything is a part of you, and so change is possible through will, I guess.

    • JosephumCarissimi profile image


      6 years ago from Wisconsin, U.S.A

      "when stripped of every ounce of religious influence, Witchcraft is just a science, void of its art and imagination."

      Interesting; I had never looked at it quite that way before. So, if I follow here, your practice of witchcraft is a form of self-expression and actualization? A way to personalize your physical interaction with the meta-physical?

    • Hawthorn profile image


      6 years ago from Albion

      Fantastic! =D x


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