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What? No Crystal Ball?

Updated on September 29, 2012

Beautiful Crystal Ball

What? No Crystal Ball?

It humors me, the visuals that come to mind when one even mentions a crystal ball. You know, the thick accented “Gypsy Lady” wearing a bandana, big hooped earrings, you get the picture. It’s a pretty common belief that crystal balls are necessary for an accurate reading. While not necessary, they do have properties beneficial to the reading. Just not in the way that it appears, or is easily explained.

Crystal balls, when used for readings, are done so by using a method called “Scrying”, or “Seeing”. Truth is, when a reader (fortuneteller, psychic, or otherwise) peers into a crystal ball they “See” nothing more than you do. Knowing that, the crystal ball becomes useless, right? Not so fast.

A traditional crystal ball would normally be made of clear quartz, and come in many sizes. Quartz itself, has very high vibrational properties. Basically, amplifying whatever charge is being sent to it. Think of the “Gypsy Lady” with one hand on each side of her crystal ball. She is charging it with the intent to amplify the power of her visions. Keep in mind, those visions are NOT inside of the crystal ball. Quartz amplifies the intent to “See”. These visions are images or information received by tapping into the Higher Conscience of the Universe.

In a world of symbols and brands, we understand the power behind them. Think of the Caduceus, and how it immediately brings medicine to mind. Our brains are trained to recognize it as just that. Same goes for the crystal ball, some use it just for the symbolism behind it. Still others use it for a focal point, a way to clear their mind to receive the information needed for the reading results.

Even though crystal balls are not required for an accurate reading, I prefer to use one myself. In fact, I love my crystal ball. If nothing else, it serves as a great conversation piece. Now if I could just remember where I put that Majick Wand.


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