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What Of Preachers Who Write Books To Supposedly Explain The Bible...

Updated on December 2, 2012

What Of Preachers Who Write Books Supposedly To Explain The Bible…

My brother who is on his way to be a preacher says that he believes that I will eventually write the Foreword for his biography - I told him that I do not mind doing so as long as it is not one of those preachers’ books explaining the Bible. Long ago in Law School, I came across the word Penumbra, which means shadow; from the Constitutional gist of things, it meant anything that can protect our rights or act as a buffer between anything that would want to take away those rights. The question that begs itself is that if the shadow (penumbra) can create such protection… what of the “thing” creating the shadow? In the same vein of thinking, if the Bible is the Word of God - and for me it is - then why would someone, no matter his or her pedigree in the faith, be able to explain to myself or others what I can plainly read in the Scriptures? I am of the humble opinion that God, through His Son the Christ, is beyond any wisdom I can fathom and can make and has made it so that everyone who reads His Word can do so without anyone needing to write a book to explain the Bible. Every time I hear of books that were authored by preachers to explain portions of the Bible… it is akin to my example used above… whereby the ‘shadow’ (whoever it is that has written the tome to explain the Bible) is providing more protection more than the very Spirit (God) that created said shadow.

Most of my charitable giving goes to many of the preachers I watch on TBN or Day-Star who do not compromise the Word of God… and many of them do much with the money by spreading the Gospel, drilling water wells for the poor, providing food/shelter, and even buying Black brothers and sisters out of slavery; however, many of those preachers have sent me countless books I have not read - though my wife has read some - that supposedly explain some portion of the Bible. I mean no disrespect to those men and women of God and I know that there are concepts in the Bible that are difficult for me to grasp, but the most important aspect of Salvation through Christ Jesus needs no one to explain via another book. I must say too that writing books explaining certain aspects of the Bible is a lucrative, cottage industry… but I say to anyone if he or she desires to know about the Christ and he or she asks Him, He is faithful to open he or she Spiritual mind’s eyes to know what he or she needs to know about Salvation.

I supposed my brother’s pending book will explain how he was delivered by Christ Jesus from ‘the streets’ and came to Salvation and there is nothing wrong with that… but do not come and tell me about how to get Jubilee blessings or how to tap into Heavenly riches or the like. What is so difficult for me to read Malachi 3-10, which explains what God commands that I may do to receive His blessings or why I cannot adhere to the Lord’s dictates by reading the 41st Psalm for those same blessings? Again, I am not saying that men and women of God should not author books and even use scriptures that provided their respective inspirations - but not to explain the Bible and to sell it. For even if these authors were inspired by the Holy Spirit like those who wrote the Gospels - did Peter, or moreover, the Apostle Paul sold his Epistles about how to attain Salvation through Christ Jesus? For those seeking the knowledge of God/Jesus… simply pray and ask Him to reveal it before you start reading your Bible and I guarantee you He will do so. There is another mystery those of us who read our Bible know or should know… that every time we read our Bible, even though we have read given passages several times, God sometimes reveals more meaning to those same passages. Like always, I end with an apt passage: “For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart (Hebrews 4:12).”


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    • ForEverVirtuous profile image

      ForEverVirtuous 4 years ago from St. Louis

      Well, I don't know anything about your blog? What's the qualification you mentioned? But what if their church could care less about what their writing and don't want to support it just because honestly..SOME black people are just gonna act like they are..crabs in a barrel. Does that mean they shouldn't publish their writing if the church doesn't compensate them??

    • Verily Prime profile image

      Verily Prime 4 years ago from New York

      Thanks - but I made a specific qualification in the blog... such as writing a book to explain the Bible and men and women of God who are preachers should be paid by their churches because the Levites were in the Bible, as commanded by God via Moses.

    • ForEverVirtuous profile image

      ForEverVirtuous 4 years ago from St. Louis

      I see the point in what you're trying to say, or either I'm not sure. Do you feel it's wrong for people to profit from making commentaries (books) about the Bible? If that is the case, then one could also make the argument that preachers and pastors of churches should not profit or make any money at all for the labor and time they put into a ministry, in giving insight and commentary on the Bible and most importantly preaching salvation and repentance. However, there was a passage of scripture where God instructed his disciples upon sending them out not to reject the help that people would offer them for they were worthy of the compensation they received. ['And stay on in the same house eating and drinking what they provide, for the laborer is worthy of his wages..' Luke 10:7 AMP]

      Personally, I'm not opposed to it. If what's being written is truly given by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and is not hypocrisy by not diluting God's word, then I don't have a problem with it. I'm a avid reader of the Bible and God gives me insights that I don't mind sharing with people. But I also don't mind picking up a book authored by another believer who has been given a revelation on a particular subject for my edification (although I can do that myself with the Holy Spirit).

      Nothing we ever write will get more glory than God's word standing on it's own. However, gifts of wisdom and knowledge are given to edify the church as the other gifts are.