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What Really Is The Word Of God?

Updated on March 1, 2011

What really is the word of God? Is the holy bible the word of God?
I know a lot of folks are not really bothered about this issue. We keep hearing the word of God; people proclaiming what they believe is the word of God but in the true sense not the word of God. We have others who argue about the fallibility of the holy bible as being divinely inspired, hence can not be accepted by them as the word of God because they lack a proper understanding of what the word of God really is.
I would like to share from my little knowledge what the word of God really is, and I hope many out there will become enlightened after reading through this write-up.

The word of God is the whole body of revelation of God's eternal plan and purpose for all of humanity irrespective of their race, beliefs and what have you. This is made available to all of humanity by virtue of the redemptive sacrifice of the the Lord Jesus. This word of God may be a scripture, a word, a message, a thought, a picture or vision. It reveals God's loving heart concerning you in particular, and all of creation in general. It is God's will (intention, desire, thought, purpose) for everyone at a particular time.
The book of Hebrews chapter 1 verses 1 to 3 shows us something about the revelation of God to humanity all through the ages.
The only way to know God with an understanding of His plans and purposes is for you to make contact with the Word, a personality- Jesus Christ. He is the embodiment of the revelation of the divine purpose for creation; that is why He is called the Word of God or simply the Word. ( John 1:1-14, Revelation 19:13 ).

The books of the holy bible from Genesis to Revelation help you to see, as you study, the intention of God for humanity all through the different dispensations. Everything God desires for mankind is packaged in the Word, and it takes diligent study to get acquainted with them. One reason why the Holy Spirit came is to enlighten us, giving us understanding of the scriptures to help us experience God's eternal plans and purposes.

You can now get a clear picture of the word of God and see why everyone needs to become acquainted with it.
No one has to live in the dark as regards the word of God. It is the knowledge of the word that illuminates one ( Psalms 119 verses 105 & 130 ), and causes such a person to understand the reason for his/her existence on earth. If only a lot of people are acquainted with the word of God concerning them our world would be a better place; the evil people do to others would not be as acquaintanceship with the word of God has the ability to purge a person of all kinds of evil.

I want to state here that my acquaintance with the word of God has made a remarkable difference in my life. There is no fear or worry that can overwhelm and control me because of the word that has entered me. Every issue that I face in the journey of my life makes me to become more acquainted with the word of God, for therein is my safety and victory.
There is the word of God concerning every issue of life: sickness, diseases, poverty, bondage, hunger, war, epidemics, success, safety, promotion, fruitfulness, disasters, death, depression, frustration, oppression, setbacks and so on. Take time to locate that specific word of God for that specific issue in your life that is of concern to you, today.

The first step towards a real experience of the word of God is to be connected to the WORD Himself, Jesus Christ. It is only in Him that every plan and purpose of God for mankind is realized, not in or through religion.
And for those of you who have believed in Him- accepted Him as your Lord and personal Savior , never accept anything that is not consistent with God's desires and plans for you which was unveiled through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It doesn't matter where you heard it from or who said it. If it is not the word of God concerning your life ( spirit, soul, and body ), reject it! Don't settle for less!

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