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What Saibaba taught his devotees?

Updated on October 24, 2011

Saibaba Teaches!

It was his fourteenth year. The year was 1940. Saibaba slowly disengaged himself from the family atmosphere and he was moving towards his devotees. It was a very humble beginning. No announcement. He started living in a old hose(old mandir is the name given) and from that moment, he started giving valuable lessons to the devotees who gather there in small numbers. He was particular that their domestic problems are resolved. Ill health restored. It is not a magic wand but purposeful counselling. Saibaba mildly corrected the mindset of devotees by turning their attention more on God and god ward path. He made them to realize that the life on earth is ephemeral and beset with many problems. The more attachment we have for our kith and kin, the more problems will surround us. Yet he had not advocated them to leave their families. He said, "Remain in the house, Do your duties to husband, children, in laws and others who come there. Be polite with all. Help others as far as possible within the domain of family. Never consider the family as an hindrance to your spiritual aims. In fact, doing our duties without much attachment will lead us to God in due course of time. Saibaba has said that the Bagawat Gita, is relevant even in the present age and circumstances. It teaches us to involve in actions without anticipation of the fruits thereof. Help others since they are none but your own Self. Whatever help you render to others are in fact help to your own self. When you see somebody in hunger on the road, your heart misses a beat. Yes, compassion arises in our selves since the other man is none but you in a different vesture. Treat every body as your own self and render all possible help. His dictum, "Help Ever, Hurt Never is thought provoking. He says, "Even if you are not able to help, at least desist from causing harm to others. All are ONE, Be alike to every one. Some times I feel that the teachings in Bible too emphasize these very same points 2000 years ago. Yes Truth is One and it never changes due to time. These are fundamental Truths. Jesus said, "Love thy neighbor. Forgive seventy times seven. If you are slapped in one cheek, show him the other cheek. I am thrilled to read the Truths in every religious scriptures. Islam talk of 'surrender'. Yes none really preached violence. It is those perverted minds which attribute different meanings to the words written in all holy scriptures. The supreme teaching of Saibaba is LOVE. This love should not be equated to the human love we generally talk about. Human love is far inferior and it is selfish in nature. The nearest to God's Love is a mothers love to her baby. Other love are sensitive, expecting something in return. But Saibaba loved even his critics. He said, "By using my name, they invent false stories and publish them so that they can sell their paper or books quickly. I am glad that it fetches them few rupees to feed their family. Even those who construct stories about me always take my name as "Saibaba has done this, Saibaba has done that. In this way, they always remember Me. While the devotees worship me in one way, these are also my devotees doing a different kind of worship. He never got angry with the false stories circulated in the media and net. Neither he permitted his devotees to counter each and every such allegation. He has said, "It is their nature born out of jealousy that they stoop to such levels. There is no dearth such people in the world. Even during the advent of Rama, Krishna, Jesus, Allah and Buddha, there were people who criticized them and abused them in the worst language possible. But incarnations are intent on the work for which they came. They are indifferent to such insinuations. Jesus was crucified. Prophet Mohammad was engaged in war. Buddha was poisoned. Rama sent Sita to the forest due to the allegation of common public. Krishna's parents suffered imprisonment at the hands of Kamsa. Likewise, no incarnation is free from worldly abuse. There is a prominent saying. Only a fruit laden tree will get the 'hit' from stones hurled by passers by. They have come in this world to illumine the minds of ignorant beings. Hence the incarnations never bother such behavior. His emphasize was Love and Service to the poor. Until the last breath, Saibaba strived for the welfare of humanity by his service projects and teachings. He said, Love All, Serve All" There is no conditions attached for Love and Service. He exhorts his devotees to feed the hungry, cloth the poor, give treatment to the ill. Every year, Village service is undertaken by the students of His educational Institutes. They supply to each house hold in each village, dresses, eatables and sweets during the Dasara celebrations. The villagers too anticipate the arrival of the "Love brigade from Saibaba and they welcome them with all adoration to Saibaba. Though Saibaba is physically absent now, He lives in the hearts of all people and bless them to acquire human values and shed the bad qualities. It is a silent transformation which will continue for Ever. Rest in next hub.

Among the students and devotees.


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