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What to Put in a Money Spell

Updated on November 11, 2019
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Gemini Magick, practicing witchcraft for more than 10 years with a wide range of knowledge as an eclectic modern witch.

Getting started

Every money spell has a host of different ingredients and no two spells are the same. With the many different combinations of herbs, spices and other ingredients it can get very confusing for someone starting out on their witchcraft journey. So I have decided to try and make it a little easier for those of you who have just started to delve into the never ending rabbit whole of witchcraft and magic spells.

A good place to start is by doing some research into the ingredients in the spells you come across. You don't just want to know what to put in a money spell, you also want to know why to add the different ingredient.

An example of this is whether you should add honey or sugar to a money spell. Honey is a great ingredients to attract money, but just as honey is slow moving, the outcome of your spell would be slow to manifest. If you want things to move a little (or a lot) faster, you would use sugar. The reasoning behind this is the grains of sugar fall fast, therefore speeding up the results of the spell.

After doing some research into the ingredients you may choose to disregard some and add others to suit your needs. This is not to say that you can’t refer back to tried and tested spells you’ve found in books or on the internet. But instead of taking everything at face value without any explanation, use the information to help you think critically about your own spells and how you want to craft them.

If you are adding an ingredient to a spell, it would serve you well to know a little bit about it. Not just for money spells, but for any kind of magic spell that you want to craft. That chilli pepper you added to a love spell to spice things up might be a little too hot for purpose. You could end up arguing with your lover over trivial things or they could become hot tempered and hard to handle. So spending a bit more time learning about your ingredients beforehand will serve you well and help you get the results you‘re looking for.

Because of this kind of thinking, I tend to use herbs and spices that have some historical trade value. Many of the items listed in the table below were traded and held in high value. Some of them still are today. A good starting place would be to investigate what your ancestors used as trade in their lifetimes. I often work with my ancestors during rituals, so I know what feels right for me. Failing that, trust your instincts and book smarts.

This list of ingredients is by no means exclusive

Real Money (Coins, Paper)
Mace (Plant)
Bell Peppers
Precious Metals (Gold, Silver etc)
Fine Textiles (Velvet, lace, etc)
What to put in a Money Spell
What to put in a Money Spell | Source

Extra Ingredients

Something else you can do is add some candle wax from previous money spells you‘ve cast. Doing this adds some already built up energy to the new spell, making it a little bit stronger each time.

If you're making a charm bag you might like to think about the colors and textures of the material and thread you're using. Gold silk and green thread are a great combination as they both represent financial wealth.

If you use money drawing oils in your spell casting and rituals, you could also add an oil soaked symbol or sigil as embroidery to your charm bag for even more energy.

Some other things you can do to increase the power of the spell are:

  • Use rich fabric scraps as stuffing for your charm bags (silk, lace, pure cotton)
  • soak the bag in full moon water and charge it in the sun to dry it out
  • Add magnets or magnetic sand/chips to attract more money
  • mix all your money drawing herbs into an oil and soak your coins in it

There are no limits to amount of ingredients you can use in a money spell. There are also no rules on how much you have to add either. You can use two ingredients if that's what you have to hand and your spell will work just as well.

Remember it is all about focus and intention. That's where you draw your power from.

Do what feels right for you and start attracting more wealth and prosperity.

Have you tried casting a money spell?

What ingredients do you use for your money spells?

See results

© 2019 Gemini Magick


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