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What We Believe

Updated on December 30, 2012
Scary from mattdanzico Source:
Scary from mattdanzico Source:

What We Believe

By Tony DeLorger © 2012

We are delivered to earth with no conscious choice, each a separate soul, with not an instruction manual in sight but a capacity to learn and to understand from our life experience. We are the sub-total of our genetic make-up and the nurture and experiences we encounter in our growth from child to adulthood and beyond. There are no secrets divulged, no epiphany of knowledge gained nor any omniscient guide or favour from anywhere. Yet knowing all this we seek to form dogmatic ideologies to separate us both physically and mentally. And instead of appreciating one another for our rare and individual differences and potentials, we segregate ourselves because of our own created beliefs, that in every way judge what is right and wrong.

Every ideology has its merits, but in all sincerity, how can one belief structure be more right than another with no more than arrogance to back it up. There is no proof for any esoteric ideology or religion, the centre of which is for all intent and purpose un-knowable. Yet we choose to divide ourselves based on these narrow minded, arrogant stances of so-called knowledge, which is based on a faith or a baseless belief.

Human beings on the whole are insecure and need to find place, where they can feel worthy of the life that has been bestowed on them. In that path of finding place there is a gathering, where people find others of common belief and indeed find solace in a group mentality. The more we can relate to someone, the more we feel of value and appreciated. Common belief is a fundamental process of being accepted and therefore upholding a sense of self-worth, where individually one may well have found that difficult to achieve.

This striving has nothing to do with intellect but emotionality and deep-seated need. In life we all strive to be recognised, appreciated and loved. Often this pursuit requires more strength than many individuals possess, and therefore they seek collective strength through common belief and groups who fulfil needs by indoctrination and redefining the parameters of living. Whether religion, sect or political ideology the phenomenon is the same; the individual gets lost within the enormity of the belief, feeling the sacrifice is worthy and honourable.

Unfortunately, like all ideologies, there needs to be leaders, autocracy and structure. In the case of religion there is ritualism, sacrifice and commitment to a higher force, with very definite laws and a hierarchy that must be adhered to and respected. In all beliefs there are parameters, rules and governing bodies and leaders that must make decisions that affect all followers. In this regard all systems can be corrupted and nearly always are in some way or form. This is where ideologies can be manipulated to affect control, power and directions that may have nothing to do with the original ideology. In the case of religions, it is often interpretation that divides followers and fanatics, creating not just division but harm to non-believers.

All this we do with certainty we are right. What anyone bases that on is ludicrous, but the state of our world is unchanged because of these often strange and baseless belief structures. Human beings have taken morality and good concepts and turned them into justifiable genocide in some cases. That is ridiculous.

We have the potential of greatness, the potential to love and nurture, but we spend our time dividing ourselves over limiting ideologies that give us permission to find fault with other beliefs and therefore segregate ourselves culturally and emotionally from our own.

I hope one day common sense will prevail and we learn to love ourselves and one another for who we are, without judgement or bias.


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    • Tony DeLorger profile image

      Tony DeLorger 5 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia

      Thanks for dropping by Karen, glad it took your eye.

    • Karen Hellier profile image

      Karen Hellier 5 years ago from Georgia

      Fantastic picture that you found to go with this hub. At first I thought your hub was going to be about birth/abortion based on the picture. I bet the picture itself will get people interested in reading more.