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What Would Jesus Do If He Were In America Today?

Updated on November 17, 2011

And if He encountered the occupiers (and other poor) and those who the occupiers are protesting against

Although I have asked Jesus Christ to forgive my sins and to come into my life, I don't really think of myself as religious.

That is, I have never gone around like a pushy salesman, getting in strangers' faces and telling them, "You're gonna go to hell unless you accept Jesus right now!" like some folks do on college campuses - that has happened to me - and I have definitely not gone around knocking on people's doors like the Jehovah's Witnesses are famous for doing.

In fact, what I've always liked to say was...

"I've accepted and believe that Jesus Christ is my personal savoir.

I also believe in religious freedom, and that it's not my place or my business to tell people how to worship God, or to force others to believe what I believe."

Having said that, these days I have wondered what Our Lord would do or say if here were in these United States today, how he would be dealing with what's going on.

First of all, it's my view that would absolutely not be hanging around with the Wall Street guys that these occupiers, the 99%, are so passionately protesting against in their tents and campsites all across this country.

As a matter of fact, I have a good idea of what he would say to Donald Trump, Herman Cain, or pretty much any other rich man if he encountered them:

"Go and sell everything you have, and give the money to the poor, and you shall have treasure in Heaven."

And after Cain, Trump, and all the rest of them walked away after giving him a look that said, "I just can't do that!", Jesus would then say:

"It is easier for a camel to go thru the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God."

I've forgotten where exactly in the New Testament did He say that, but I'm sure that that's what He would say.

Which is proof positive that Jesus was the original Socialist; as His creed while He was on Earth was, in a nutshell, (besides believe in Him and you will be saved, of course) Share The Wealth and Help The Poor.

Kind of like what Karl Marx advocated in the 1800s.

He would then go into the Bank of America and, like he did with the money changers 2,000 years before, do a clean sweep and clean house, saying forcefully, "You have made (this) a den of thieves!"

And then He would go right among the occupiers and be with them; the lowly, the humble, the rejected and despised.

Along with the homeless on the street and those who were forced out of their homes due to foreclosures - you think He would go among those folks who were doing the foreclosing?

Oh, and before I forget, for years I have had an excellent idea of what Our Lord Jesus Christ would say to ministers and people from the religious right who have no compassion for anyone not like them, who condemn Gays, so-called "minorities", and anyone else who's less fortunate, who advocate policies that would make those people I've just mentioned suffer:

"I never knew you."

I know that there's a lot of other stuff that Jesus would be doing if he were in this country today, but this is just something that I had to get out there.

And something that I hope will do something to at least comfort those folks who aren't having it so good a little bit.


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