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What You Do Not Know About The Christmas or Xmas

Updated on December 9, 2015

The Yule Day

Christmas which sometimes spelt as Xmas is a day which most Christians (not all) have designated to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Although, there are controversies in the date, but more that 80% of Christians all over the world still love to stick with the December 25 date as the anniversary of the birth of the lord and saviour. Christmas period which are days around the December 25 is well glorified with different activities such as decorating of public places with Christmas lights and other forms of decorations, visitation of or by Santa clause, exchange of gifts among friends, colleagues and family members, etc. Other activities that usually take place during the festive period are singing of charismas carol, planting Christmas trees etc.

As being said before, Christmas is regarded by the majority of the Christians as the day designated to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and the question is: was Jesus Christ actually born on 25 of December?

To answer this question, let us examine the works of these three scholars:

Dionysius Exiguus tried to investigate the period of the birth of Jesus Christ. He calculated from the period when the Roman Empire was established which was put as 1AUC. From his investigation, Dionysius Exiguus discovered that Augustine who reigned for 43years was followed by Tiberius. It was indicated in the book of look that when Tiberius was in his 15th year of reign, Jesus Christ was 30. He then interpolated that if Jesus Christ was 30 at the 15th year of the reign of Tiberius, then Jesus Christ would be 15th at the last year of the reign of Augustine. He then concluded that Jesus Christ was born at the 28th year of Augustine reign. However, Dionysius Exiguus did not indicate the month and day of birth which is our bone of contention right now.

An Alexandra bishop, called clement, thought the birth of Jesus Christ should have been around November 18 while The DePascha Computus places his own date as march 28.

Is Christmas Regarded as The Birthday of The Son or Sun?

Yule day was given birth to by the activities surrounding the festival which the Babylonians observed; this period, in Chaldeans, was regarded as the infant day or the day of rebirth and was observed during the winter solstice. The winter solstice is the period the sun symbolizes death because it hit the lowest point. After the sun hit the lowest point, it starts to rise again. The rising is toward the spring and so, it is regarded as a symbol of rebirth. Because of this, the December 25 was regarded as the day designated to celebrate the birth of the invincible sun and the night that proceeded that day (December 24) was regarded as the mother’s night.


Celebration of Christmas that Existed before Christ

Christians should bear in mind that the celebration of Christmas has not biblical basis as related to the birth of the Jesus Christ and that the day December 25 has always been observed at a time that preceded the birth of the messiah by the pagans. The pagans have been celebrating their Yule day before the advent of Christianity. In other words, the December 25 has got nothing to do with the actual date of birth of Jesus Christ the son of God but has a lot to do with the birth of the god of the sun. It will be very difficult to know the actual date Christmas was first celebrated by the Christians. Some historians said it was not until 300 years after the death of Jesus Christ Christmas was first celebrated. The December 25 date was conveniently chosen to replace the already existing pagan festival which the pagan used in honouring their god of the son. In other words, the rebirth of the god of the sun's celebration was replaced by the birth of the son of God celebration.

How did The Word Christmas or Xmas Come into being?

It should be noted that the styled way of spelling of Christmas is Xmas. That is, they are both pronounced the same way. The question now is how did the word Christmas come into being? Christmas came into being during the medieval era of the Roman Catholic Church; when mass was celebrated at the eve of December 25. Since mass was allowed to be celebrated at such period, the roman catholic church now regarded it as the mass of Christ or Christmas.

Should We then Stop Celebrating Christmas?

The birthday of Christ should not be celebrated on the December 25 only. By virtue of his sacrifice to humanity (that is, laying down his life for the atonement of the sin of humanity) Christmas should be celebrated every day, at home, at school, at your work- place, in the bus and most importantly, in our heart. Whether a day was designated to celebrate certain god or not, Christmas day is the day chosen to celebrate the birth of the son of God who laid down his life for us to be saved; nothing is worth more than that. Anyway, that was my opinion. what do you think?

Celebration of Christmas

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