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What You Expect Tends To Be Realized

Updated on October 10, 2009

Perfect Manifestation Formula

When you expect something to happen, it will get manifest into the reality. So when we think about something to manifest into the reality we must have to expect it.

Cool mind is the key to achieve anything you want in your life. So first of all make your mind cool. Cool minded person can control his thoughts. Thought control is the most important thing when you want to achieve something like magic. If you want to change any situation in your favor, you must have to control your mind. And if you want to control your mind, keep it cool.

Cool mind has no any doubts. The mind without any doubt can see whatever you want virtually with perfect confidence. As virtual images are very essential for manifesting whatever you want into reality, you must have to visualize with fewer thoughts. Concentration is the most important thing when you do anything in your life.

Expect What You Want As Your Second Step

When you want to read a book or want to watch a T.V. at night, you don't have any doubts within your mind regarding you can or you can't. You expect with full confidence and without any doubt that you can watch or read. Also when you are walking on a street, your second step is already considered within your subconscious mind after your first step. So your second step gets manifest immediately after first one.

From this we can say that what we expect in our subconscious mind tends to be realized into the reality. Consider what you want as your second step. It will get manifest immediately as soon as possible. After all faith has a power to move the mountains.


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