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What You Should Know Before Sitting with Psychic Medium

Updated on April 3, 2014
Psychic Medium
Psychic Medium

There are several people across the globe, who are interested in “supernatural” powers, and it is getting popular due to the mainstream media. The “supernatural” word has created interest, and fascination from centuries, and the research is still going on. Additionally, every individual finds some faith in such powers. There are several reasons for which an individual can seek the professional medium. In this hub, I would share ideas, which you should follow and aspects you should avoid. At the beginning, I would share the experience between a Psychic and the medium.

Psychic and Medium

Lower Level
Higher Level
Listen you Energy Field
Communicate with Spirits
All Psychic not Medium
All medium are Psychic

Difference between Psychic and Medium

Initially, Psychic is never considered as a medium. A medium would work on much higher level than a Psychic. The primary motive of Psychic is to listen to your energy field and pick your ideas on you and your life. Alternatively, a medium would try to communicate with the spirits on a much higher level. These are totally different tasks, and work on totally different levels. It is facts that, all mediums are psychic, but it cannot be guaranteed that all psychic are medium. An individual religion cannot play any important role, and so if someone tries to introduce your religion; it means he is not honest. The gift given by the Almighty to an individual, should never be used for false means.

Psychic Abilities
Psychic Abilities

Do and Don't Before Sitting with Professional Medium

  • Waste of Time- You must not have any sort of doubt before consulting the professional medium. The faith is primarily important. If you are lacking faith; you would end up wasting your time.
  • Time Discipline- You must come to the appointment at proper time. There is no profit in wasting anyone time.
  • Test- It would be unwise to test the knowledge of a professional person. A smart person will immediately understand, and inform you.
  • Be Honest- Your session would typically depend on your judgment. Hence, you should be honest, and properly answer “yes” or “no”. Additionally, your results would totally depend on your answers.
  • Communicate with the Spirits- It would be a good idea to communicate with the spirits, before the date of the appointment. This would give you a feeling of self satisfaction. Additionally, you can choose your own comfortable methods like mind talk or meditation.

DO you Trust Psychic Abilities

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  • Earned the respect- Majority of professionals have earned their respect by working hard. You can search your nearby area to find such quality professionals.
  • Understand that the Session is Over- You would have to figure it yourself that the session is complete. When the medium has “came back down”, the session is over.
  • Find the Correct Person- It is important, that you have found the best person for the job. As mentioned above, medium would work on much higher level than psychic. You would need to understand your motive, before consulting any professional. There are several type of professionals, who are expert in their field.

Lastly, the word “supernatural” can be related more than just psychic medium. It is related to all sort of sizes, shapes and faucets. It would be great if you can educate yourself on these topics, and take advantage of these energies.


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