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What a Few Preachers Have Had To Say : TB Joshua , Myles Munroe , and TD Jakes

Updated on August 27, 2018
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What a Few Preachers Have Had to Say ( TB Joshua , Myles Munroe and TD Jakes ) :

What a Few Preachers Have Had to Say ( TB Joshua , Myles Munroe and TD Jakes ) :

TB Joshua of Emmanuel TV, Myles Munroe and TD Jakes will be discussed in this hub.

Famous preachers have had their voices heard by audiences throughout the world.

  • We all need preachers that really speak to us.
  • We all need to hear talks that really resonate with us.
  • As Christians, we might belong to one denomination of Christianity but still be willing to listen to effective and motivational preaching from another denomination. If you are like that, then you might have been introduced to the talks from a wide variety of preachers. I know that I have been introduced to the talks that many different preachers have to offer.
  • Here are a few examples of those preachers: Myles Munroe, TB Joshua, and TD Jakes.

At times, life can be a real challenge for many of us, much like being backed into a corner or running into a brick wall. Christians will often turn to prayer and reading scriptures in the Holy Bible to navigate troubling times. Those who have studied the Holy Bible in depth and have received training to minister can help to guide others on their spiritual journeys. These three well known preachers: Myles Monroe, TB Joshua and TD Jakes have all received both enormous praise and much criticism for their messages. They are definitely not immune to the saying, “Not everyone is going to like you.” They have at times faced accusations of spreading false doctrines. On the other hand, they have at times offered tremendous inspiration and motivation to people that are not simply troubled but truly in despair. The works of all three preachers: Myles Monroe, TB Joshua and TD Jakes definitely have their merits. They have all been famous leaders in offering motivational talks to the masses.

Myles Munroe was a preacher from the island country of The Bahamas. He died at the age of 60 in 2014 in a plane crash alongside his wife and others who also perished in the plane crash.

Myles Munroe struggled with faith as a young boy. He grew up in poverty and could not understand it. He could not understand why his family was not prosperous. His father was a preacher too. Myles Munroe had to attend segregated schools until The Bahamas became an independent commonwealth under British rule. Then the schools were integrated. In an interview, Myles Munroe discussed struggling with his faith until the age of around thirteen. Then he read the Gospels in the Holy Bible several time over. He was motivated to study to become a preacher himself. Admittedly when Myles Munroe became established as a preacher, he did not preach like his father did. His way was different, he said.

Dr. Myles Munroe offered many sermons and motivational talks to large audiences during his lifetime and video clips of many of his speeches can be found on YouTube.

Marriage advice is one category that he has spoken in extensively.

  • He has advised women to maintain their attractiveness. “A man needs an attractive wife.” he would say. He would say that ladies, if your husband comes in late from work and you have rollers in your hair and are looking very homely & if this is the only way he ever sees you because of your opposing schedules, then that is not good. Try your best to ensure that you are looking good when you are expecting to see your husband.
  • Do not nag. / Maintain the peace as much as possible.
  • He has said that a married woman really should take her husband's last name and she should not hyphenate it with her maiden name because that can give her husband a complex.

TB Joshua of Emmanuel TV

TB Joshua of Emmanuel TV

TB Joshua is a preacher that is very popular, especially in the countries of Nigeria and Ghana in West Africa. TB Joshua is a Nigerian preacher and the founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), with a branch of his ministry also in Ghana.

TB Joshua is an interesting preacher. Droves of people attend his sermons. All manner of people, some of which profess to need demons and unclean spirits cleansed out of them. Many people have given testimony to finding healing and cleansing upon attending a TB Joshua event. Of course, there are many naysayers and people who believe that much exaggeration and acting goes on by the attendees of some of these events but watching YouTube video clips of TB Joshua on Emmanuel TV in Ghana, West Africa is indeed interesting. At YouTube, many people in the world have the access to watch TB Joshua’s sermons and the video clips of his sermons on YouTube are very popular, with lots of views.

TB Joshua’s sermons showcase the reach and extent of the forgiveness that people must sometimes have for one another, especially in the example of marriage situations. Examples of marriage advice that TB Joshua has given includes: encouraging one woman who had already divorced her husband and had the divorce decree in hand at the event. TB Joshua encouraged this woman to forgive and everything ended with a tearful hug with her ex-husband. This is a man who had chronically engaged in adulterous behavior and had even given this woman a sexually transmitted disease.

Another example was where TB Joshua encouraged a good intentioned but meddling mother-in-law to step aside for the sake of having her daughter and estranged son-in-law reconciling. When the son-in-law had been given a chance to speak in this situation, it was clear that his resentment for his mother-in-law’s meddling was running deep. This mediation in front of the preacher TB Joshua and his audience at large also ended in a group hug, among the mother, her son-in-law and her daughter.

Some of the reconciliations facilitated by TB Joshua on Emmanuel TV were very heartwarming to watch. Some of them were very thought provoking. Sometimes, information that came to light was disturbing. Overall, the majority of the overriding themes surrounding TB Joshua’s sermons and mediations were redemption, transformation, reconciliation, forgiveness, and spiritual cleansing.

All of the video clips that I have watched of sermons by TB Joshua were definitely interesting to say the least.

TD Jakes

TD Jakes

TD Jakes- I have watched many of TD Jakes’ sermons on YouTube. TD Jakes is a Black American preacher whose sermons have resonated with audiences worldwide. He always has pertinent information and advice to share. He offers many personal anecdotes about what he has been through in his own life including having a daughter who became pregnant at only thirteen years old. How does a family deal with that in a faith filled manner? TD Jakes has offered prolific advice to the masses.

TD Jakes is a very famous preacher. He has had associations with both Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey. He has been interviewed at length by Oprah Winfrey.

Marriage advice:

“Marriage is a commitment. It’s a commitment!” He says things like you might be crazy and your spouse might be crazy. You might get on each other’s nerves but you have made a commitment.

In addressing miscommunications between men and women and why/how men might run out of patience when speaking to women,

“Women talk in circles like planes circling the runway coming in for a landing” and men “get straight to the point.”

TD Jakes has offered a lot of advice to women trying to understand the emotions of men and trying to understand certain things that men say and why they say them.

If you are looking for advice about how to rebuild a broken marriage of how to keep a marriage intact, TD Jakes has offered a lot of information in this arena. He has spoken about the importance of forgiving your spouse with a Divine authority that comes from God. Sometimes you have to forgive that much. Forgive your spouse as much as God himself forgives you for things that you have done. This level of forgiveness might be the only way to get past certain issues and allow that marriage to continue as it should.

TD Jakes is a very passionate preacher. He screams, yells and sweats profusely at times while he is preaching but he gets his point across and he moves his audiences tremendously.

I have appreciated watching all of the video clips that I have watched of sermons and motivational talks by TD Jakes. It was not time wasted. Christians of all denominations can learn important lessons from TD Jakes’ talks.

© 2018 Nyesha Pagnou MPH


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