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What a Tarot Card Reader Is Not Allowed To Tell You

Updated on August 23, 2021
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Sylvia Sky, astrologer and Tarot reader, is a widely published author of books and articles about spiritual and occult matters.

What We Promise Never to Reveal....And What We Promise to Tell You If We See It

Student Tarot-card readers read many classic books, attend seminars and associate with experienced professionals. Thus the ethics and values of Tarot reading are passed down through generations. Every reading is unique, but our ethics remain the same, and every Tarot reader (and astrologer) who wants to be known as ethical:

  • Never, ever predicts death. This is our number-one taboo. The "Death" Tarot card that scares so many people does not mean anybody is going to die. It means a cycle or situation is over and The Seeker (that's you) will make a fresh start. I have seen this card come up when Seekers are about to retire, change careers, or lose an election and return to private life.
  • Never, ever says "The Hanged Man" card (in some decks called "The Drowned Man") means somebody will be hanged or drowned or that the "Devil" card means the devil is after you. You see that only in movies scripted by ignorant people who think the cards are literal. Tarot cards use symbolism.
  • Never, ever says there is a curse on you. The cards will say if you're troubled or overburdened, but any reader saying you are "cursed" or beset by "dark forces" is usually trying to trick you into paying them to "remove the curse." Buyer beware.
  • No legitimate astrologer or Tarot reader claims to be able to create or remove "spells" or "curses." Tarot has nothing to do with spells and curses.
  • A real Tarot reader never does another Tarot reading on the spot just because the Seeker didn't like what the cards said. The Seeker came for truth and it is our job and our responsibility to give you truth. The Tarot is truthful and we respect it and do not second-guess it.
  • Never tells you what you "must" do.
  • Never denies that you have free will, meaning the ability to create and navigate your own future. Cards, like a weather map, show conditions and trends, but what will actually happen is not written in stone or "fated."
  • Never tells you there is no hope for your business, love life, or whatever. There is always hope.
  • As a rule, we never sugarcoat your reading except in the case of a Seeker requesting positive news only. We will tell you if your reading indicates turbulence ahead, or that a certain course of action will not bear fruit. Most times, the cards in the reading show ways you can avoid or mitigate difficulties.

This Card Means: Take Time to Reflect on Your Life

Even in very old Tarot decks, The Hanged Man hangs by his foot. In suspension, he has time to reflect on all he has done. This Italian deck is called the "Piedmontese" deck. The modern Tarot reader equates The Hanged Man with a retreat or vacation.
Even in very old Tarot decks, The Hanged Man hangs by his foot. In suspension, he has time to reflect on all he has done. This Italian deck is called the "Piedmontese" deck. The modern Tarot reader equates The Hanged Man with a retreat or vacation.

Your Reading is Focused on You, and Confidential

  • Never tells anyone what your reading revealed. It is confidential. You can tell your spouse what your reading said, but we will not unless you give us explicit permission. If we want to use your reading as an example for an article or a class, we get your permission and then never reveal identifying details.
  • Never relays "messages from the dead." That's what mediums do. We aren't mediums. Tarot and astrology are tools for navigating life.
  • Never tries to scare anybody. Tarot readers want to help people, not scare them. If at any point you feel scared, say so.
  • Never claims or advertises 100 percent accuracy. Readers are human and have off-days. We read the cards and charts to the best of our abilities, but there is always the human factor. This does not excuse us from our responsibility to always do our very best.
  • Never promises or guarantees to "reunite lost loves" or otherwise manipulate situations or other people. Your reading is about YOU and what you can do for YOU.
  • Doesn't make stuff up, give feel-good readings without saying they are feel-good readings, or instant readings that tell Seekers what everyone wants to hear, like "You will be happy, healthy and lucky," or "You will marry rich and live long." A Tarot reading is not like a fortune cookie. It goes into depth. It's more like a counseling session. Electronic Tarot might give you a "card of the day," but that is for reflection rather than a guide to action. A single card can't tell you much.
  • Never says, "This is your only chance to..." or "You have to act now before your luck runs out," or otherwise indicate that you have a narrow window of time or "just one" chance to do right or do well. We will, however, tell you if the cards say the time is not yet ripe to take decisive action.

Sylvia Sky does not sell or endorse any products that might be advertised on the web page.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2012 Sylvia Sky


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