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What a world we live in

Updated on January 24, 2013

End Times

Oh My what a world

My gosh, what insanity has been released? It is incredible to be witness to what 2012 was and 2013 is turning out to be.
Gay marriages, the push for legalising marijuana, war with Iran, recession pushing near to depression, and so on.

While sitting at my computer, I just read a news articles, and having spoken with friends of mine in the military, I become ever-more concerned as to what the future holds.
Our world is spiralling into an ever-degrading pit of immorality.
We will be seeing more people rising up in an effort to fight the powers that be. In the United States we see people fighting the government on gun control and states wanting to secede from the union. In Canada we see the First Nations people standing up to the government for yheir rights.

The downfall of society is well on its way. Politicians are selling out their own nations, making back room deals. Leaders are lying about other leaders, dictating to nations. Building Nuclear weapons while forcing other nations to not be allowed to have any. And the list goes on.
We are living in evil times. No politician or any political leader can be trusted, they are-without a doubt-controlled by evil, selfish desires. They want to fulfill their own agendas and this is done on the backs of the citizens.
Leaders that spoke of hope and change have brought nothing but hopelessness.
Believe me when I say the end of the life that we once knew is gone, but this does not mean that we just lay down and allow this to happen. We all should fight the best way that we can.


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