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What am I - Do our intentions define us

Updated on June 30, 2012


Former family member who gave unconditional love - Penny.  Who says you can't buy love?   Try a pet shop or an animal shelter.
Former family member who gave unconditional love - Penny. Who says you can't buy love? Try a pet shop or an animal shelter.

Beware the man who knows it all, for his mind is now closed.

Welcome to What am I - Do our Intentions Define Us.

On reading another writer’s Hub it occurred to me to not only reply to him, which I have done in brief, but to write a Hub of my own to clarify to myself – and hopefully to my readers – what I believe is something very important. But before I can do that I need to put some of my ‘knowings’ before my readers. I say knowings rather than beliefs because these things are based on personal experience. When one has experienced something one knows it. When one has learned something, but which has not been personally experienced, we come from belief. In most things we come from belief.

I have had - by the Grace of Something I cannot describe - an epiphany. That is a knowing. I can only ask that you take my word on this.

My soul is reflected in my character, my character in my intentions.

I now realize that the man other people see, hears, and can touch – the physical me – is but a very small part of Tustitala Tom. I know that my conditioned mind, the way I act, my personality and even my character are but a part of me. By way of explanation, my character I label here as my soul. But even my soul is not the all of me. My soul – and I will refer soul as “I” for the sake of reader understanding, is what I will be writing about and coming from in this Hub.


Another former family member.  She brought love and affection for nine years before her untimely demise.
Another former family member. She brought love and affection for nine years before her untimely demise.

I am a centre of consiousness with a will.

As the famous Roberto Assagioli, MD has stated, and I know as true to me is that I am a centre of conscious with a will. (Please let’s not go into what a ‘centre’ is) The will is integral to the consciousness. Without it, I am without direction, one might say a conscious void; awareness without any chance of action. So my will is very important. I generally identify myself (when I’m not coming from my usual reactive self-image conditioning) as a conscious will.

I believe, as has been stated ad nauseum by others, we humans have free will. We have choice. We individual centres-of-consciousness-with-a-will have the freedom to use our wills as we wish, desire, think fit. So what comes into this identification of what and who we are can be summed up in a word. That word is INTENT. Our souls are defined by our intent.

Young and old human souls - we're all just passing through.

Another belief of mine is Reincarnation. I’m of the belief (once again, belief is not knowing) is that we are Life. That is, we are a part of this great all powerful thing we call Life. We don’t lose our lives. We lose our bodies when we die. We cannot lose what we are – the life.

In Reincarnation each of us has evolved through a great many different life forms to eventually manifest as an individual human being. We start off as very simple, immature humans (you might note how some humans have the immaturity of a child when they’re seventy, whilst others have the maturity of a seventy-year-old when they are seven) Not all souls were created at the same time. Moreover, some advance faster than others. Some of these fragments of this great thing we call Life have yet to have their initial experience as a human: other individuals lives, much older, have already moved onto to higher dimensions. This is all theory, of course’ a sort of hypothesis I work with to make sense of my life. Oh, and I didn’t make it up myself. It’s mostly New Age stuff.

..and Cindy

Our new baby only four months old when this photo taken.  The rowdiness, most rumbuctious cat we've ever had he pleasure to own.
Our new baby only four months old when this photo taken. The rowdiness, most rumbuctious cat we've ever had he pleasure to own.

Our intent changes as we mature as human souls.

After all, those of us who do not possess ‘blind faith in a religion’ need to evolve a philosophy we can live with and this is part of mine. Quite likely you have your own theories. But to continue.

Our INTENT changes as we mature as human souls. Put very crudely, when we’re young souls it’s all “Me, me, me!” A few incarnations go by. Next comes me and mine: my wife, my kids, and my family and my close friends. More lives: then: my community. Then my nation – right or wrong! But gradually, as we mature we begin to realize that we are not separate from the rest of humanity at all. There has begun a feeling towards ‘service.’ The gradual realization that we ARE the life not the thoughts or the physical, impels us towards this ‘belonging and wishing to serve the human race and later, perhaps, All Life. But our overall intent towards an ideal is what defines us. You could say that, deep down, at our soul level we are our intent.

Don't take my word for it - test it out for yourself.

Those who are still predominantly new humans souls won’t be reading a Hub like this. Those who have moved forward but not enough to comprehend it, will pooh, pooh it. Some who have advanced to a certain point will say, “Well, there could be something in that. Still, I won’t take what is said here as being right. It could be wrong. So I’ll take old Guatama the Buddha’s advice and test it out for myself.

This I hope you do. And when you have then…maybe you can write your own Hub on this subject.

I hope you got something out of What am I - Do our intentions define us.


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  • myownlife profile image


    6 years ago from london

    I believe what you believe is believe for you whether you can make someone understand on your believe, what I believe may not the believe others as I fail to make them understand but it's my believe that is me and the believe, and I believe everything exists in this universe. Awesome job

  • eHealer profile image


    6 years ago from Las Vegas

    Very interesting approach on spirituality. Thanks for the hub.

  • anusujith profile image

    Anoop Aravind A 

    6 years ago from Nilambur, Kerala, India


  • thumbi7 profile image

    JR Krishna 

    6 years ago from India

    Very interesting!

    What happens to those realised souls?

    What will they become in their next birth?

  • jennzie profile image


    6 years ago from Pennsylvania

    I don't know whether I believe in reincarnation or not, but I still found this article to be very thought provoking.


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